Mar. 2nd, 2017

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[Newt holds up an image. It's...well, it's a wedding invitation of sorts, but it looks like it's trying to be a rock poster or a zine.

He leans in close to the camera and in a conspiratorial, hushed voice, with a glance behind him to see if the man he's referring to is anywhere nearby]


So. Hermann won't let me use this to advertise our wedding, but I'm letting you all know you're invited. Sorry for the totally short notice, but this world being what it is, we didn't want to jinx ourselves by planning too far in advance.

March 27th. Anchorage, Alaska. 4:30 pm -- Anchorage time. We're making plans to have transportation via teleportation provided and reception will follow.

Uh, if you can, RSVP or something, just so we know how many of you to expect. Not that I'd mind performing to a packed house, but you know. A headcount is always good.

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Mar. 2nd, 2017 02:06 pm
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[ Hello, Masks and Menaces! The guy who's looking right at you right now is, to be honest, sort of an eyesore of a man; he's huge, with absolutely enormous red sideburns, scarred, and wearing something that looks a little like a red spacesuit. At odds with the spacesuit is the fact that he has some pretty obviously medieval weapons strapped to his back (a crossbow and axe for the curious), mingling with (non-functional) robot arms that are also strapped to his back. ]

Hail and well met and all that junk, uh - not that I'm not into this whole hero thing, 'cause fuck yeah to all that, obviously, but I'm kind of in a hurry? I was in the middle of a... thing. A really, really important thing, actually.

[ The boy's got Rustic Hospitality coming out of his ears, but charisma isn't his strong suit.

Then, hurriedly, remembering his whole two manners, he rambles off - ]
Oh yeah, I'm Magnus Burnsides, you can also call me The Hammer if you want, this is Steven, and he's great, - [ he holds up a perfect sphere filled with water and a goldfish who stares vacantly at the screen ] - annnnnnnnd thanks in advance for your help.

[ There! That was polite as fuck! Except then his attention snaps to the side as he sees something not even a man on a mission can ignore. ]

--holy shit, a dog.

[ And the screen goes black as the communicator is duly shoved into his pocket. It's not turned off, but nothing more interesting is said unless you're really into listening to dudes espouse about how much he loves this dog in particular. Once someone pipes up, he'll remember the communicator again. ]

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Mar. 2nd, 2017 10:25 pm
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[Sookie is back! And surprise, surprise, somehow she's injured herself, if the sling on her left side is anything to go by.]

I guess I was gone about as long as I was at home. They said it doesn't happen like that too often? I guess I'm lucky.

[Said with the most put-upon frown one woman could ever muster. Hey, she thinks she deserves to be sorry and grumpy for at least for a few days.]

Since I missed Mardi Gras and I didn't get to ask, what did everyone decide to give up for Lent this year? I mean, if you do Lent. I know not everyone does even in my church. But I'm always curious to see what everyone else likes to do.

[She hasn't even had time to plan what she's giving up, so any ideas are gonna help. And also because she's just a little bit nosy when it comes to things like this.]

Also, anyone seen Sam? Sam Merlotte, I mean. He's not answering his phone or when I knock.


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