Mar. 11th, 2017

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[ Anyone who's been to Re: Cafe already will recognize the interior as soon as the feed starts going. There's a pretty good amount of people sitting and enjoying their food and drink visible, including a flash of a group of high school girls giggling in the corner. The video settles on them for a second as they watch something off camera, huddled together and whispering to each other. ]

Ah...the Kennibals finally came...

[ Hinami's voice is quiet, and finally the camera settles on its true focus and what the girls were apparently staring at: Kaneki. It's nothing out of the ordinary, just him going about his job while wearing the café's uniform.

Except Hinami apparently has no plans to let him remain on task and oblivious to the camera on him, because finally she's moving closer to him and calling out: ]

Onii-chan! Say something to announce the cafe, please!

[ Kaneki is a bit startled at first, turning to Hinami and looking absolutely awkward. ] Wait- ah- [ this was too sudden, Hinami! Kaneki clears his throat for a moment and decides to give this a go ]

Re: Café has just opened. I'm the owner, Ken Kaneki and we'd welcome your patronage. We are located in Nonah and the Café works like an urban museum of sorts. [ if anyone pays close attention, they'll notice the place is covered in many different types of acessories, decorations and other trinkets ] We accept many different items, so feel free to drop anything you'd like. [ he will point to the book shelves now ] We also work as a book café; we have all sort of books, which you can read or trade for yours. Or just leave some here, if you'd like.

[ and that's it. Kaneki has no idea what else to say, besides whispering back at Hinami ] I think that will be all, Hinami-chan.

Right! [ Hinami flips the camera to give a cheerful wave and show off her own uniform. ]

Please come by soon!

[ ooc; Re: Café is officially open! It's a café for everyone, however, it has a special section just for imPorts that have "special" needs (cannibals, vampires, and similars). It's not publicly advertised, but there are many rumors involving it since the owner is a known cannibal (feel free to come up with your own rumors, if you'd like). Kaneki is currently hiring. ]

001 Video

Mar. 11th, 2017 09:30 pm
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She's set the camera a fair enough distance away that no one's getting a close up of her pores. The screen shows a woman in casual clothing with a slight gothic flair, but nothing too outlandish.

"Right. OK. Brand new... resident, for lack of a better word, here. My name's Zatanna. Looking for a few recommendations from people who've been around longer, and maybe some potential business arrangements.

First off, a good vegetarian restaurant, or at least somewhere with a decent vegetarian menu.

Rabbit breeders- not a pet store. Somewhere I can maybe start looking into buying a few well-bred does and bucks for my own hutch, once I find my own place. Unless the roommate I haven't had a chance to meet yet doesn't mind the little critters. I'll take in rescues, too, if anyone knows of an organization like that. Heck, if there is one, I'll volunteer, too. I've got a lot of experience with all breeds of rabbit.

Venues- for the love of good, venues that might want to host a magic show- and any manor of theatre techs, carpenters and anyone else who'd be interested in the behind-the-scenes business.

I can fold in some burlesque aspects to bring in the 18+ audience, it wouldn't be the first time.

Since there's no way to prove I'm actually a world-renowned, second-generation performer back home, I am willing to audition. But if you pull casting-couch BS, I will turn you into a toad.


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