Mar. 25th, 2017

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[There is a lot going on in all the cities. Exactly the kind of event that certain buildings were brought into creation for. Not the Hole. Not this one (unless it went on a little longer), but Helix Station? Well, at least it had thick walls going for it.

Daryl's in the air above the station, camera aimed down past his feet where he's hovering over the scene.]

Any ya'll need ta hide from this shit and you got the people ta help you get there, Helix Station's holding out. Civilians, registered, non-registered, you need a spot to hop a squat and lay low, you get your ass over there. And do it fast.

Any ya'll feelin' like helpin' protect some souls that needs it, get yer asses up there, too, and hold the damn walls. Place is taking it hard. It's standing and it's gonna stand, but it's gonna need help.

[The sound of a plane getting closer and then guns opening fire are the only warning Daryl has before his legs curl up and tips of his wings come into view as he starts to plummet. The camera spins as he does, showing the war plane following him down and the bullets bouncing off the invisible shield around him. Unfortunately he can't fly and keep the shield up at the same time, so it's a good 30 seconds of him just falling before the plane pulls up and he's able to twist back around, snap his wings open, and just barely brush past the heads of a few mounted cavalry already scrambling in anticipation of his hitting the ground.

Ain't happening this time, but it's a close call as he swings back toward the station to find a landing spot.]
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[The video begins recording amidst a spray of shattered brick and a cloud of dust from which Josuke immediately emerges. Behind him, a gaping hole in the front entrance of a pharmacy mends itself back together again, brick upon brick sliding back into place, dust rising up and disappearing off the sidewalk. He looks as though he's seen better days. So has his cadet's uniform. But Josuke pays none of it any mind. He adjusts the strap of a bag he's got slung over one shoulder, and then turns his attention to the network.]

I've got no way to get to the other Porter cities quickly enough unless someone can shuffle me around, but for anyone in Heropa—

[He cuts off suddenly, something in his line of sight catching his attention — and prompting him to move with great haste. A quiet curse escapes him as he drops his phone in the process...but as it tumbles along the sidewalk ultimately landing face up, lens toward a smoking sky, the device captures Josuke's figure reaching for a red and white sign that was knocked to the ground. With a legionnaire rider practically on top of him.

Only a booming clang gives any indication of what's happened next. Someone has been struck, but it isn't clear who until a riderless horse whizzes on by and Josuke's voice returns. Loud, clear, and irritable.]

The sign reads yield, asshole.

[Hurrying back to where he'd dropped his device, he scoops it up off the curb and leans against the steel sign he's adopted for now as a weapon.]

As I was saying...I'm making rounds. For anyone in the Heropa area that needs medical supplies or someone to heal them, or even repairs made to whatever you got to defend yourselves with, just let me know. I got your back.


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