Apr. 7th, 2017

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[Crane sends the address out at 3pm sharp. He stands hunched against a wall with a bundle of files in his arms. Those with an eye for detail might notice math problems on a public whiteboard on the right; peppered with numerous red corrections that range from simple corrections to veiled insults.]

What affect have our ambassadors had on our lives?

[He turns his attention to the camera, eyes hooded. His tone is calm and polite but with a measure of boredom to it.]

Do we possess the same rights as native people? Does the government provide adequate care? Is it safe where we live? [In Maurtia Falls especially.] Who enacts the laws that rule our lives? Who legislates for education and social security? Ambassadors are our representatives - yet they are intimately acquainted with the culture of our hosts. Does this cozy arrangement mean they are politically trusted because they don't ask questions and challenge official stories? In simple terms, what do our ambassadors do for us?

[His fingertips grasp his chin.]

Also, one last question: who amongst us might earn your future nomination? Count Dooku, perhaps? Now there's a man with a political mind...

[Koma-san June 2016. Never forget.]
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[ Today, the Church of the Morningstar is looking a little different. It, and the grounds, have been decorated with thousands and thousands of pure white Easter Lilies. Some are planted, coming out of the ground, others draped in garlands and in wreathes. How did they do it? A miracle? Porter powers? An serious business event coordinator and an absurd number of day laborers? It is a mystery. There is also now a large banner reading: ]

The Wicked + The Divine Spoilers )
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Huh. Guess about now, I'm making it to the 'been here a year' club. Is that a club? Some of us have been here a while at least, from what I've gathered. So it wouldn't surprise me. But...you know, I don't even mind. The only thing that could make this better is having Guren and the rest of our squads here. This place is way better than things back home.

p[He pauses then, chewing at the end of his pencil as he glares down at some books and papers next to him at his desk, having turned his phone on in the middle of doing homework.

Ew, homework. He makes a face before sighing, running a hand through his mop of hair as he continues then.]

Still, I have a bit longer to go here before I'd finish school. I know a couple friends offered, but if anyone's tutoring or whatever, I could probably use it to get through these last few months at least. I was kind of more focused on....other stuff back home than classes and all.

[Like. Surviving living with the vampires, and then being more focused on learning how to kill them, to bother paying attention in class once he did get access to school again. Yuu has had rather an interrupted education, to say the least.]


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