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Apr. 8th, 2017 04:36 am
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[There is a hooded figure on the feed, his face shadowed. Except for his eyes. They alone glow a bright yellow-gold.]

I am seeking other Jedi. [His eyes dim and he shifts, arms crossed over his chest.] My name is Anakin Skywalker and I do not recognize this world or any of its cities. I will be traveling to each city in turn, searching for answers; searching for allies. You could save me a trip by giving me what I seek now.

[Anakin pushes back his hood at last, smiling. Instead of the expression being comforting, it is unnerving - almost like he is one step away from breaking.]

Are there any ships? I'd rather not have to build one from scratch. [Though, technically, he probably could.] You can't tell me this is the only planet in the galaxy that doesn't have at least one ship.
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Do imPorts get medical benefits?

[It's a strange question to ask the network, but none of his research is really helping, and he figures that if imPorts have been here for at least three years, they've had to have regular medical checkups. After all, he certainly doesn't know where to start when it comes to actually going out and asking doctors.]

I don't mean injuries, but more like...

Vision. Dental.

[A pause.]

Does anyone have recommendations for an eye doctor?


Apr. 8th, 2017 11:36 am
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[The latest post on the network begins as an audio feed, first with the rustling of paper and the low, unintelligible muttering of someone too far from the microphone. There's the squeak of a chair, and the voice becomes audible for a moment.]

—supposed to be a picture—

[But only a moment. The papers rustle again, and the muttering returns with a soft hum of understanding this time, and the video switches on to reveal a boy with brilliantly gold eyes sitting at a desk with what looks like a computer manual in front of him. He flashes a triumphant grin at the screen.]

Got it! Ah, that's amazing... [He sits back in his chair, sobering just a little bit. There were more important things to worry about than this new technology.]

Um. So, hello! I'm Alphonse, and I'm new here. I've got...actually, I don't think I can even put a number to all the questions I have about this place. I guess I'll start with the easiest one: Is anyone looking to hire an alchemist? I...I really don't know what they were thinking when they assigned my job to me. [He knows exactly what they were thinking, and they're jerks.]


Apr. 8th, 2017 09:35 pm
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[ There is a grown-ass man sulking in the cafe of a Nonah Barnes & Noble. Thankfully, some kind soul explained to Strange how to turn on the video function because he's still in his 1800s finest. Even in the background of the video, there's some poor student trying to study that just can't help but look at Mr. Period Drama here with a bit of confusion.

It's entirely possible that as soon as someone mentioned the word 'stipend' and the phrase 'no, I've never heard of Gilbert Norrell before' the first thought Strange had was go to the bookstore, buy out all the books before Norrell or anyone else could. Unfortunately, the selection sucks. Like, reeeeeeally sucks.

I know that at least in my time America is still a bit uncivilized, but this is ridiculous. [ Well that certainly is someone hella British. ] There's plenty of books about magic, but rarely any of magic. And what books there are show tricks more fit for street magicians! Look at this one, [ said as he holds a Magic Tricks for Dummies type of book up to the camera. ] 'Pulling a penny from someone's ear.' It's right behind a whole chapter on card tricks, of all things.

Has someone bought up all the books of magic already? [ who has two thumbs and doesn't know how modern printing works, hint it is this guy. ] Or are they simply hiding them from casual readers? I'd be happy to provide my qualifications if needed. My name is Jonathan Strange, magician to the Duke of Wellington as well as the king of England—surely that is good enough to merit someone either in the store or over this device to actually tell me where the proper books are!


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