Apr. 11th, 2017

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[The face on the feed is certainly a new one, as a sort of puzzled, blond boy with pointy ears looks on without saying a word. He seems like he has something on his mind, but his lips aren't up to the task of saying what it is. Not for a while, anyway, as he looks away from the camera uncomfortably. These are all things he isn't used to. His hair has a bit of stiff dampness to it as well as having dirt on his cheek and his clothes, like he had just been rummaging out in the rain.]


This place is very different...I'm needed somewhere else, though. There's this person that I...And Hyrule... [A pessimistic tone slowly fades into his voice with a sigh.]

I'm not leaving here any time soon, am I?
I have...many questions. [Link runs his hand over his forehead and through his hair, as if attempting to relieve pain.] And a...damaged memory, so excuse my confusion...


Apr. 11th, 2017 02:31 pm
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Hey so.

[ Crowley's face appears on camera for a moment before she turns it around, displaying the inside of a bar that seems to be in the middle of an epic fight. ]

I left a bottle of vodka in there? And like, half the jocks are kind of looking for me inside so I can't very well sneak back in and grab it, can I? I swear to god, it's like everyone's on a hair trigger around these parts.

[ The camera goes back to Crowley and now people might notice she has a small cut on her left cheek, as well as some glass on her hair. Wait, was that a broken window facing outside the bar? ]

Tell you what, first person that nabs it gets to drink half and I'll buy another one, because I know how to say thanks. Hmm? Any takers?

Also anybody knows any good bars? Asking for a friend.


Apr. 11th, 2017 06:45 pm
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Hey, is anyone awake for this?

[ A squint at the screen, and a deep frown, while Kaidan looks like he's contemplating something. ]

Actulaly, is anyone...not falling asleep a lot? I'm... I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few around here that hasn't fallen asleep much. At least -- no more than normal? [ This time, he looked to the side, off the screen, before looking back. ]

If you are, or if you're... waking up a lot, what's...going on? Anyone have any ideas? A culprit? Hell, I'd even take a place to start. [ Hell, he'll take some information about what's inside at this point. His fingers drum against the side of the comm, jostling it, before he stopped, realizing what he's doing. ]

Anyway, let me know. Uh -- especially if you're not asleep. We should probably start figuring out who's affected, and go from there. You can reply here, or comm me and let me know. We could divide things up, and start to resolve it. Normally these things work themselves out eventually, but... I'd prefer sooner, rather than later you know? I'm getting worried.

[ And then he moves to cut off the comm, a soft murmur as he does so, before it shuts off: ] Today, of all days?
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[ We interrupt your regularly scheduled network yammerings to bring you this super duper top secret important bulletin. Brought to you by an excited Chico Libre on the beach and ready for some cryptid investigations!!!

It starts with a poorly focused picture of some sort of creature that's breached the ocean's surface. Then it slooowly zooms in for dramatic effect as Chico starts his monologue. ]

For years, a secret has been swimming through the oceans of Heropa unseen. Until now. This is the only known photo taken of this so-called "Sharpedo"—Half shark, half torpedo. Apparently. Little else has been discovered, but what we do know is it is something like a familiar in service to a witch!

[ Then the camera turns around to Chico in his patrol cap and a plain drab olive shirt as he stands on the beach. Behind him is an oblivious Alfie Solomons who eventually slinks out of the shot to avoid being part of this nonsense. ]

I am Chico, and I will find out the truth about this legendary UMA that prowls the Heropa seas! Stay tuned for updates!

(( ooc: This entry will be updated in a few OOC days with the revealing truths behind Sharpedo and his trainer Archie. So keep an eye out! ))


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