May. 26th, 2017

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[Cue Doc, wearing one of his usual luau shirts. He's leaning against his latest creation: almost reminiscent of the car he's famous for, but with a few modern concessions. Like not hitting his head on the gullwing doors every time, to start.]

Evening, everyone! Dr. Brown here. As the school moves to the summer sessions, I'll be shifting my attention to Maurtia Falls part-time. Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Ambassador Baelish, I'm able to host a basic course on everyday automobile repair. I find it's often a helpful skill in tight spots, and with the proper tools and training...

[He steps forward, reaches into his pocket and presses a button. The engines rev up, and the car switches into hover mode. It worked this time! He looks pleased (and a little more relieved than perhaps he should be).]

Almost anything is possible---though that might take a few courses. I'll be teaching Thursday nights at the Maurtia Falls library starting next week. Formal signups are unnecessary, just RSVP and I'll have everything prepared. I hope to see you there, and that we can continue the sessions with advanced courses!


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