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[ The guy onscreen looks low-key excited just to be here, face-timing a mess of strangers in a wacky alternate universe. He smiles, easy but a touch sheepish, dressed in a bright blue and gold letterman jacket. If small-town were a way someone could look, that'd be him all over. ] Hypothetically, if someone needed a superhero outfit and a mask and stuff, where would they go? Are there like, stores for that kind of thing? [ Does he think he's fooling anybody? Maybe a little. But it was either this or googling "how do I be a superhero?" (Actually, he probably should have done that instead...) Archie runs a hand through his messy red hair, looking like he realizes how lame this post is a little belatedly. Oh well, too late now. ] Or, I don't know, tailors? Tailors who work for really cheap? I mean, hypothetically.

... Also it has to go with a jacket.

[ Archie's gonna be great at this. Nailing it already-- and speaking of nailing, it's about at that moment that a football comes flying into view and hits Archie in the head at the exact same time someone from off-screen shouts "Hey, Archie, think fast!" Too little too late. Suddenly there's another person beside Archie; tall, dark hair, and shirtless, though there's a hoodie tied around his neck -- vaguely cape-like, though not intentionally -- by the sleeves. ]

My bad, I always forget how thinking fast isn't really your thing. But bro, you are so out of practice... or is it this jacket that's slowing you down? Dude, take it off, it's like 100 degrees out here.

[ Archie sighs, but doesn't look nearly as put out as someone who just got a football bounced off his face and then lightly insulted for his troubles probably should. He just turns the camera's focus more fully on the newcomer. ]

Say "hi" to the Network, Reg.

[ To which Reggie responds by just squinting warily for a moment. Then in true Reggie fashion, at least to those who'd recognize it, he mugs briefly for the camera and throws up hand-horns. ]

'Sup? Okay, yeah, let's crowdsource this-- someone back me up and tell my boy here to strip already before he gets heat-stroke.
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[The master copy that he'll update with their additions/corrections/notations stays for now between himself and Kay—who'd calculated the LY -> BBY equivalences. They'll distribute it after collating everyone else's. For now, he doesn't want anyone's writings influencing one another's, so they'll all get the same draft: Cassian's overview based on his eidetic recall of Alliance Archives and news sources, which he attempts to not personally embellish. Sent in individual sets—chronologically, sheesh; hard not to now—with personalized addresses:]

[to Revan:]

Sorry my knowledge pre-3245 so sparse. Alliance Intelligence education cause-centric. We're on a different scale now. Your insight will be valuable

[to Count Dooku, General Grievous:]

My Lord; General; please find attached my preliminary report. Updates to follow as I incorporate additional accounts, including your own?

[to Anakin Skywalker:]

Jedi Skywalker; I'm compiling a master timeline of our galaxy's history, as sourced from its representatives on this world. My goal is objectivity and balance. Your perspective would be valued.

[to Jyn Erso, K-2SO:]

J - hit me
K - dont hit me

[to Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo:]

interested what you know re: any time period not just your own

[to Armitage Hux:] [ooc: GAH Cas has failed to meet Ren!! Hux can show him copy if he wants to respond anyway?]

Not an express condition of our neutrality, sending as gesture of transparency. Interested in your input but won't hold breath.

[to all:]

If prefer not to respond here, can meet in person. /c_a

[ooc: plurknotes & commentary
Document appearance IC will leave sources by default anonymous
Colorcoding is OOC for players to enjoy tracking biases/agendas in who provided what info/notations
Key e.g.:
• Cassian Andor
• K-2SO

an imPort history of far, far away )

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Jun. 1st, 2017 10:30 am
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Criminals. I need criminals.

[A pause as his brain is working too fast for his mouth to catch up.]

I need to know any ImPorts who have a criminal history, recent or otherwise. Anyone who's had a history of violence, and/or theft.
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[ Hello, imPorts! Hope you're ready for something as obnoxious and loud as it gets, because that's Magnus to a tee, and this time, his appearances matches. He's dressed in an outfit that includes an extremely well crafted bear mask, and a poorly crafted everything else - it's tight, there's a cape and claws involved, and everything is decidedly furry. If Magnus is self-conscious about this, it doesn't show on what you can still see of his face. ]

Hey, fellas! This seems like the place to advertise, so here we go - I'm officially announcing my breakthrough into the wrestling scene! We got matches goin' on every Friday night this month in Maurtia Falls - [ it's a publicity stunt, and Magnus is there mainly to fail, which he signed up for ] - and I'd be real happy if some of you came out to see my debut as I'morko enters the ring!

[ He does a bear claw gesture and a low growling sound, because godsdammit, you stick to a theme. He flexes while he does it, which works surprisingly well. He then picks up a gaudy flyer that reads:


It's gonna be a great time, so everyone should come on down. Tickets are cheap, and who doesn't want to see some guys beat the shit out of each other for an hour? Oh, and thanks to Taako for the idea. I think this is gonna work out great!

[ He peels off his mask, leaving behind some foolish looking helmet hair and a wide smile. ]

Wrestling's not going to be paying all the bills for a while - [ he seems pretty confident in his ability to become a star wrestler, but then again, with his enthusiasm and commitment to a bit, he'll fit right in ] - so I got a secondary reason for advertising on here. You need any freelance carpentry or bodyguarding work done, you just call Magnus Burnsides. Or, like, any other work. I'm flexible.

I'morko out!

[ NOTE: linked art is from HERE. ]
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[So. There's something a little different this time, when Yuu turns his phone on and records. He's paler than usual. His eyes are still that same vivid green that probably stand out all the more amid his dark mop of hair, and it might be debatable if his now slightly pointed ears can be seen underneath said mop of hair. But it wouldn't be so easy to hide his fangs as he speaks.

Which is precisely the reason he's addressing the network. Not the least because it's sort of meant he's been a bit of a homebody/hermit during the day for the most part while he's been adjusting to the 'now being a vampire' thing. There's a possibly familiar head of blond hair next to him, Mika sticking close as usual, but moreso recently in keeping an eye on Yuichiro in all this. But there's a wave, possibly a little faster than Yuu intends, not to mention the glimpse of his fangs as he smiles almost sheepishly.]

So ah, hey everyone?

I guess this is kind of half an announcement and half...I dunno, questions time or whatever. I kind of took up an offer from someone and. Well, now I'm a vampire myself. So if people have missed me at school or work, that's why. If people want to ask questions or lecture me or whatever, go ahead. But I was just wondering, if anyone else had changed too. Either here or back home. Not necessarily with being a vampire, but. How you guys adjusted? I have Mika helping, and I already knew the basics. It's just the little things that keep tripping me up. Not to mention my hearing now, but it's mostly my strength.

[He rubs a hand through his hair at the back of his neck, glancing to the side for a moment. This isn't easy. Nike already knows. But none of his other friends. He figures this being the easiest way to go about letting everyone know. Even if he's keeping quieter about the other development from the previous month of May.]

I was figuring, I'm almost finished with school anyway. But there's those ah, what are they called, correspondence schools? That might be a better idea for now. I....I think that was about it. I'm not sure if I want to ask what I've been missing while I've been mostly adjusting to all this yet or not.

[Because there's likely been one or two things. At least. If not more.]
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Important question:

Do birthdays still count if you're dead and don't have Calendar Man hanging around reminding you of important dates anymore?

Asking for a friend.


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