Jun. 3rd, 2017

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[The video opens with a turtle on a skateboard. The turtle has an emblem on its shell, a lightning bolt in a white circle. It looks rather unperturbed by the entire situation.

A slight shuffle can be heard and then the turtle's skateboard gets a push. It starts rolling across the room. The turtle looks as nonplussed as a turtle can look. It's not very.

The skateboard isn't moving all that fast, but for a turtle? Pretty damn fast. The camera moves along with it, only slightly shaky. A hand can be seen stopping the skateboard before it hits the sofa. The same hand shortly thereafter produces a lettuce leaf and puts it down on the skateboard, something that gets more of the turtle's interest than the entire adventure so far.

While the turtle eats, the hand holds up a sign that reads: THE FASTEST TURTLE ALIVE!]

[The camera zooms out a little, showing a sleeping Mick Rory, stretched out on the sofa with a sign propped up against him.]

[Finally the camera turns, revealing the face of the mastermind behind all this, angling the shot so he can be seen sitting on the ground, leaning back against the sofa and petting the turtle's shell.]

This turtle needs a name for its secret identity. I take suggestions!

[He moves to turn the feed off, then thinks better of it.]

Rincewind, tell me if you want your turtle back. Just remember that it has the heard of a hero. [Wait, this is Rincewind he's addressing.] Metaphorically.

Also, Flash? You're on. My money's on the turtle.

Anyone else care to make a bet? Fastest Man Alive or the turtle, tell me your odds.

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Jun. 3rd, 2017 01:27 am
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[The camera turns on, a bit unsteady at first, though it gets adjusted to give a better view after a moment. The man operating the camera is older than the average imPort, with a streak of white in his hair that's clearly from actual aging as opposed to the normal white haired pretty boys of the imPort population. Though faint, the camera's audio picks up the rain of De Chima in the background, which serves as background noise when the man speaks with what is very clearly a Russian accent.]

Hello, everyone. I am Doctor Anatoly Eldarov, and I would like to start off by apologizing if this video is poorly done. I am still very much getting used to this. Not just this as in the States, though that is obviously a massive change in and of itself, but the technology. This place is a good sixty years in the future from when I am from, so, well - I know they say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but it seems to me a prudent thing to attempt to catch up on all that has changed, if only so I don't become a burden on other people or make egregious errors when attempting to operate technology or talk about modern current events. If anyone else has come from the relative 'past', and can advise me on how to proceed in learning about what I have missed, I would be incredibly thankful for that.

And if anyone could tell me if there's a synagogue in De Chima or near enough for me to regularly attend, that would also be appreciated. I tried but I am afraid I am still woefully unskilled at looking these things up on the internet. Hopefully I will improve on that front with time.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. [And with that, he carefully turns the camera off, smiling slightly, as if relieved that went well.]
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[here is archie again with another one of his weird dogs!! he's floating in the tide, hanging off a sunbathing sharpedo and holding onto its dorsal fin with his free hand.]

Yo! Alright, so apparently I can heal animals now! Sick as shit, right? I tried to get hired by the local vets but they said I have no experience and I'm a [finger quotes] disgrace to the profession and all higher education. Stupid, right?

[he can't imagine why people who had to study for years would be annoyed by some jackoff who shows up with magic.]

Anyway, if ya have somethin' that needs attention, give me a chirp. I'll come see what I can do about it and I'll charge less than those asshole vets.

...Don't call me if it's you that's got messed up, though. I tried, and I can't do shit for injured humans. Go to the hospital or call Angie or somethin'.

[the one thing he won't divulge is that he's actually reading vet books like some stupid nerd. awful.]
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[Crane's calm, polite voice says inquisitively.]

For those who believe in providence; does this world's existence solve any of your big questions? For those who repudiate the irrational, do your answers to life's mysteries remain written in stone?

[He musters all of his carefully-rehearsed self-control to question a topic he isn't fond of.]

My fundamental question is does this world affirm the existence of the divine? I must say; if you take the positive view because you are a member of a pantheon, then that's a strange way of attesting your strength. Divinity is given power by its worship, do you realize? What's divine here other than your celebrity? Well, leaving aside for a moment the Porter. Lucifer is no more powerful than anybody. Inanna is no more powerful than anybody. Persephone is no more powerful than anybody. And, funnily enough, Woden is certainly no more powerful than anybody.

Emerson said, "Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool." I think that makes the question of how a God feels about playing the part of the Fool quite relevant.

That's all I've got to say. I'm going to slip off to work. Thank you for listening.


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