Jun. 6th, 2017


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[He may not have the Stark name, but he has the Stark disposition. When a tragedy occurs, he bottles it up and shields it from the world, ruminating on it in private. For bearing such painful news, he's oddly composed, as grim as always. He's in the empty ambassador office, seated at his desk, not the one occupied by the now missing presence in De Chima.]

Ambassador Pevensie was ported out of the city. I don't know if or when she might return.

[Which is the crux of the matter in his mind, his entire focus and anxiety. However, he's a leader and been in a position of power. He knows how things manage when there is a sense of anarchy.]

Until there is an election, I'll be overseeing the work that she's left behind. She wouldn't want the city to be without aid...

[He honestly doesn't know what else to say and thinking about this any longer is starting to wear him down. Rather than try to find the words, he shuts off the feed.]
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[Richard looks like he wants to say something, but he hesitates and gets off to a few false starts before he manages to say what he wants to say.]

Hi, uh, my name's...I'm Richard, I'm from Palo Alto - some other world's Palo Alto anyways, I'm new here, I don't know anybody, and honestly I'd probably rather have used the texting function but I'm curious to see how clearly this video will come through.

Is there anyone here who's actually worked on this network, by any chance? It's really interesting and I'd love to chat about it. Or anyone who knows about tech here in general.

[He looks away for a moment, and rubs the back of his head with one hand.]

Also, is there anyone else here who has never ever fought crime, not even once? I'm not actually sure how we're picked for, uh, this, but I'm feeling a little underqualified right now.
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I'm curious.

[ Raina is seated in her living room, legs tucked up beneath her on the couch. It's a relaxed and casual position, best suited for a relaxed and casual conversation. ]

So many people come and go here. There are very few of us who have been static for years. Even fewer who have been here since the beginning. But the longer you're here, the more losses you tend to face. And the more time that passes, the more everyone else forgets about some of those people who were once here. So I'd like to hear stories of friends who have gone, lovers who have vanished, and people you'll never forget. The only way we can keep memories alive is to share them. I mean, who knows when you or I could become nothing more than a memory...and the least we can do is honor those memories by talking about them.

[ She sits up slowly, draping her arm over her knees. ]

But more than all of that, and perhaps a more relevant question to the newer arrivals -- if you had the opportunity to visit a lost friend's world just to see them again, would you? Even knowing that there's a chance they might not remember you? It is a painful thing to be forgotten, but perhaps there could be a comfort in seeing them alive and happy once again -- a sense of closure that we so seldom receive in this world. Or as always, perhaps it's best to leave well enough alone. I'm just interested to hear where everyone falls in their opinions on the matter.


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