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[ Well this network post is a mess from start to finish. It opens on a blank ceiling, followed shortly by someone’s hands getting in the way of the camera. Clearly this belongs to someone who has gotten a crash course in how to use a phone but still doesn't really get the whole portable camera thing. For all that he’s clearly struggling with this damn piece of … whatever it’s made out of, he can’t help but look a little bit amused with himself. One thing he’s learned is to accept weird things as being possible even if they’re really weird. A blur of blond hair and blue eyes comes into view for a moment as he tries to line himself up where he thinks the camera is. ]

Look, this isn’t my first time waking up somewhere new and mildly terrifying. But last time I got a better welcoming party.

[ Focus, Steve. At least the swear-in helped him realize that there's basically no point to keeping most of his secrets, so he might as well introduce himself. And fess up to being super lost. ]

I'm Steve Trevor. And last I checked it was 1918, so - uh - this is all kind of overwhelming.

[ A beat. And just the slightest hint of longing. He knows it's a longshot, but he's got to ask. ]

Anyone know a gal named Diana Prince? Tall, muscular, Amazonian?


Jun. 11th, 2017 08:51 pm
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[ The video feed is just some extremely high definition footage of a bouquet of flowers blooming and then dying in what surely must be time-lapse. But no here come all the cute bugs at regular speed to munch on the plants. This is all set on black velvet and surrounded by what seems to be pieces of some small predator's skeleton cast in silver. ]

So everyone wants to know if your world has magic or space travel or- I dunno, pop-punk?

Here's the real question, is anyone from a world where there are doctors who don't constantly sound like they're trying to talk you into crawling up their ass to live with them in there?
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[Alfie Solomons is drunk. Not incredibly drunk, mind - more like slightly tipsy. He's feeling extra homesick tonight, and he doesn't feel like going out and doing anything or seeing anybody, but he doesn't feel like sitting around and staring at walls, either. The network is a good place to turn to here, because he can just shut it off when he gets sick of it.

And so tonight, everyone gets this.]

There was once a little village that needed a new synagogue built, and so all the strongest men got together and went off into the mountains to gather stone for its foundation. At the top, they heaved the biggest boulders that they could carry onto their shoulders and started walking back down. When, after many hours, they finally reached the village at the bottom, one of their grandmothers stuck her head out her window and called to her grandson: "Are you stupid, boy? Why didn't you just roll those boulders down the mountain?" The men stopped walking and looked at each other, and then, still carrying the boulders, they turned right around. They climbed that big fuck-off mountain again, and when they reached the top, they rolled the stones down. "She was right," one man said to another. "That was a much better idea."

[He pauses there, signaling the end of the story before he speaks again.]

There's a point to jokes like that. I'm sure it'll be relevant to one or two of you.

[He clears his throat, settling back against the arm of his couch.]

The prankster Hershele Ostropoler goes to peddle goods at the market. A man comes by his stall to have a look at a blank canvas he has on display. "Ah, see this here, this is a very nice painting," Hershele says. "Very valuable; very expensive. It's of the Jews crossing the Red Sea as they flee the Egyptians."

"Ridiculous!" the man says. "Where are the Jews?"

"Well, they've already crossed, haven't they," Hershele says.

"Then where are the Egyptians?"

"They haven't yet arrived."

"And the Red Sea?"

Hershele throws up his hands in frustration. "It's been parted, you idiot; you don't know the fucking story?"

[comment 4 more; he's in a Mood.]


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