Jun. 23rd, 2017


Jun. 23rd, 2017 12:45 am
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I am sure we have all had moments of feeling...helpless here. It wouldn't be too far outside the realm of possibility given the means of our arrival and what little warning comes with it.

Still, I must ask: How does one overcome it? This...listlessness is not exactly something I am used to. Back home I knew what my purpose was, my duty. It was a path I was not to stray from. But here...

Here there is so much possibility that I find myself overwhelmed with choices I would never have had before. And with that comes an uncertainty as to what I am meant to do here. I want to be useful, to help in some way...but what needs are of the largest priority?

I apologize, it must seem as though I am rambling. I suppose I am merely looking for opinions...suggestions if you have them...
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Hi! I signed up for the president thing. For a laugh, really. I suppose I should make a speech, though.

[great start.]

Uhh... my name's Riptide! I'm almost four million years old and I've been to tons of planets so I've seen lots of political systems. Most of them don't work very well because people get really obsessive about having money so I think my first call of order will be that if you're a weird rich person, you get sprayed with a hose until you stop being weird!

[he claps his hands.]

Secondly! More non-human stuff! I got forced into a human body! I mean, what?? If there's gonna be non-humans here then we should accommodate them. I think I'm going to encourage all this weird technology to go into the right place. We don't need hovercars, we need more food and more alcohol! Is there even any cyberweed here? That too! That calms people down right quick.

[the one intelligent thought riptide has had about all this is that he can't just focus on himself and that humans are actually the dominant species on the planet.]

Leading on from that, I want that technology to go into medical advances and stuff. Again: are hovercars really necessary?

I'll let you know more as I think of them and I'm for the people, so if you have suggestions then let me know! I've never really liked the idea of one person making all the rules. It's always gotta be a team effort, doesn't it?


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