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Jun. 30th, 2017 12:12 am
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how far has space travel advanced where you're from? and what's the environment for that kind of thing look like?

it seems weird, being in a world where there's not this constant, concentrated push. I think they've made it to the moon here, but nowhere else? which isn't wrong for the year, I guess, but... wow.

I mean, I'm from the future and I was totally abducted by an alien robot cat and now I live in a castle-ship that carts us across the universe fighting evil, but that's a whole other THING outside of where my world's at on the human side of things.

I was just wondering where everybody else is coming from. anybody else feel especially sci-fi around here?
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So some of us didn't hit up Fanport for as long as they probably should have because domestic matters were more important. Anyway, looking to purchase missed opportunities from the con, namely imPort related comics.


  • Doc Brown x Gold
  • Daryl and Mako but in a PG sense please and thank
  • Miles Vorkosigan x Anyone but especially Greg
  • That cute blond chick with the southern accent
  • Something with Ambassador Mustache (asking for a friend)
  • Kang stuff but in a non-romantic sense. Come on, guys. He's taken. Seriously, there has to be some awesome Draconian art out there.
  • And of course anything literally anything - comic or otherwise - featuring Hermann Gottlieb - but be forewarned, I already have most (if not all) of it.

Anything else you think might be of interest, if you have extras you're willing to sell from something you liked - anything. Especially old fandoms, if those ships/fandoms still sail. Did that artist ever continue The Adventures of Qubit and the Doctor? I was digging it. Or that one slow burn with Jo and Ruby? Maybe something G-rated with Joaquin, Manolo, and that girl friend of theirs? Or whatever happened to those cute comic strips about Hiro solving mysteries with his brother and meeting other imPorts?

Sell me on your ships, man. Intro me to new ones. I got money to part with and its burning a hole in my pocket.

Related Question: What imPort ships do you sail? relationships do you follow in the tabloids/majority report/news?

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Jun. 30th, 2017 03:14 pm
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In my country, we are ruled by a king. His subjects need not vote for him because he came by the crown in some way or another. The king selects his Hand, his Small Council, holds his court, does all the business of ruling. Household positions are filled by stewards. Lords and ladies swear fealty to the crown. Trade goes on.

Without popular elections, what we are truly free of is a great deal of pointless speech-making. Is the position of ambassador truly so coveted that everyone must spend so much breath on it?

I mean nothing against those brave men and women competing for the title, of course, nor the fine speeches that have been made over this network. Conveniently, we can go back and listen to them anytime we wish... if anyone has ever wished for such a thing.

[Oh, wait, an afterthought:] And nothing against any of our current ambassadors either, I suppose. Will they begin to make speeches to compete with the speeches made before them? It's a horrible thought.

Unfamiliar as I am with such elections, I wonder how long we must suffer this process. Another fortnight? A year?
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It's a holiday AND a birthday party! This Tuesday, the 4th of July, come celebrate the 4th and both Daisy and Sookie's birthdays!

Please show up at [Insert Sookie's address here] @ 5pm with one side dish in tow. There will be fireworks, a crawfish boil, cornhole, and more.

Dogs more than welcome! BYOB.


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