Jul. 4th, 2017

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[The feed opens up to a redhead teen tossing a red-and-white ball up and down with one hand. He's around the Heropa housing, numbers one and two to be exact.

Meaning he's probably just arrived.

Hmph. 'S about time someone saw I'm the Hero. [That is the biggest smirk in the history of them, that then twists into a nasty scowl.] Yet, two of my pokemon - including my sneasel- are missing, and no 'powers' will make up for that.

[Pot calling kettle black here, Niko.] Whatever. I can just replace the weaklings. There's gotta be pokemon around here; what kind of place doesn't have them? Where are they? Outside this Heropa?

Same with feeding. I doubt the local meat and blood's going to be enough for active battlers, never mind a Ghost-type. [By now the ball's in a tight, angry grip. Feeding his 'mons normally isn't an issue, what with most of them being predators and carnivores (save for berries etc because game mechanics), but now... Hmph. His haunter will just have to deal with it.

How long his attempt at being polite/civil lasts is anyone's guess, though given he wants to keep that Registered Hero Status because Perks... he'll at least try.
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[ It's only a voice that erupts over the network - clearly male, and deeply accented in what most could probably tell is Chicagoan, and if not, at least Northern and urban. That, and not terribly impressed with the state of things. ]

Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to use your limited amount of magic teleporting knick-knacks to link up to three bumfuck goddamn nowhere towns in Shitsville, Fuckyou Falls, and De Bullshit, USA? [ He only remembered the 'Falls' and the 'De' part, okay, he's improvising. You know what he means. ] I never even heard of these backwater trash dumps. They're probably run by hillbilly cannibals, and you know anything that ends is 'Falls' is gonna be a place where you lure dipshit teenagers to get the fuck murdered outta them, then probably stitched into a nasty skin sweater for ol' Billy Bob Psycho to wear to the family reunion, like that's gotta be horror movie law by now, anyone feel me on that?

[ Like 'Silent Hill', anything that sounds like it would make a nice landscape portrait is probably, most definitely, trying to kill you. That's what pop culture has taught Mickey, and he's sticking to his ghetto, thank you very much. At least no one there is a cannibal. Well, outwardly. ]

No one thought of, I dunno, New York? LA? Chicago? [ emphasis there, because that's the one he's really missing. ] Any of those places people actually give at least two almost-flaming fucks about? I dunno, maybe four, maybe some of you assholes have an excess of fucks to spread around, good for you, 'cause I'm all outta them at this point.

[ You can hear a snort, and it's easy to imagine Mickey shaking his head on the other end of the line. A brief pause, a reprieve from Mickey's stream of profane consciousness, and the last bit comes more sobered, almost bored. ]

That said, who do you gotta blow around here to get a lift to Chicago? I know a hot, ginger twink lookin' to arrange some travel plans.

Also got like a suitcase full'a knives up for trade. Hit me up.


Jul. 4th, 2017 06:38 pm
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[When the feeds starts and opens up, Jotaro is sitting at a desk. There’s a disorganized pile of papers across his desk, none of which can be read from the video feed, and the background is clearly some sort of posh office space. There’s also a faint sound of music in the background, though very heavily muffled by the doors of the room he’s in.]

I’m not sure what’s conventional for when imPorts leave, but both Jonathan Joestar and Josuke Higashikata left this world a few days ago. If you knew them and think they may have something you want, let me know and I’ll help get it for you. ...I understand they were both here for a couple years. The nature of this world doesn’t allow anyone to say goodbyes, but don’t be concerned for them anymore - just remember their presence. That’s all they would ask from the people they met.

[Jotaro is personally not concerned at all, but he feels like pre-empting anyone who might be upset about their friends leaving. He’s dealing with this in his own way, mostly by burying himself in work. Speaking of which:]

That aside, Jonathan was in charge of a couple clubs and left behind documentation to transfer ownership to me in the event of him leaving. Krakatoa in Heropa, and the Iceberg Lounge in Maurtia Falls - both these clubs will stay open under my ownership. If you’re interested in ditching your government job and being hired in either one, contact me here or elsewhere. Krakatoa is open as a restaurant during the day, and a nightclub after 8pm. Iceberg Lounge strictly operates in the evenings.

Simple jobs like bartending, bouncer or waitstaff are open for both. If you’re an entertainer, you can perform at the Iceberg during nights and get paid per performance. If anyone likes attention, Jonathan mentioned that Krakatoa patrons tend to be obsessed with imPorts. You could probably get them to give you free things if you play to the spotlight. No interview necessary for any job, but I can’t hire anyone with a major criminal record. Or minors. Not my rules.

...Good grief. Guess I’m going to need to quit my own job to take care of these places now. [He breathes out a little from his nose, the realization of everything he explained just hitting now.] That’s all I have to say. Let me know if you have any questions. Or if you think one of my relatives may have something you want.

[And normally before he was more cagey about admitting to having family here, but with them both gone he’s a lot less worried about that. Kind of a relief really.]

[ooc: the thread with dio is chronologically last.]

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Jul. 4th, 2017 07:14 pm
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[The camera is clearly sitting on a shelf or something, judging by the perspective the feed opens up on. It was the best way to get a steady feed, and besides, Sakuri is 4"9, this is the only way to frame the shot so she doesn't look tiny. The twelve year old smiles for a brief second before her expression settles into a default sort of wariness as she clears her throat and begins.]

H-hello, everyone. My name i-is Sakuri Kunikai, and I just, um, arrived. I h-have some questions... things back h-home were, they were... [she trails off, looking stricken, but sucks in a deep breath and tries again, fists clenched at her sides as she struggles to keep calm and keep talking,] they w-weren't going well. Demons w-were involved. I, I think I need a therapist, m-maybe. But I don't really know h-how that sort of thing works, or how to f-find one.

Also, I want, well, I'd l-like some time to think about the, [this will never get less surreal to say,] the superhero th-thing. Registering, I mean. C-can we take some t-time to figure that out? I, at home, things, things went really wrong a-a-and now I get, I get these big flashes of panic, and I cry a-and I don't know why, and I just don't want to b-be a bad superhero and g-get somebody hurt. But I d-don't want to sit around and not h-help anyone, either. People sh-should help each other, it's just the right thing to do... [Despite her voice shaking, she nods to herself, as if reminding herself of this fact, and her voice is a bit more even as she finishes speaking.]

Sorry, if th-these are stupid questions. And for my stutter, I, I was going to speech therapy but, but it'll take a while t-to go away completely. A-anyway, thank you all f-for your time.

[She cuts the feed, shoulders still visibly tense, clearly not any less nervous than when she began.]

[voice] One

Jul. 4th, 2017 07:26 pm
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[There's the sound of some shuffling at first, mostly fabric over fabric and the odd squeak and scratch as Yosuke gets himself settled. Which he thought he already was but he hasn't actually attempted to you know address a huge host of people like this before so thinking he's ready and being ready are really two different things. Finally he clears his throat after the worst of the shuffling and scraping ends.]

So question how do they determine what your job here will be? I mean I'm not unfamiliar with retail life, I've only been doing it for a couple years back home, but I was kind of hoping to escape selling televisions. Or you know having really anything to do with them at a department store. I have literally worked in every job from unloading to stocking shelves to produce and I'm selling TVs. Or helping sell TVs. It's just so boring since TVs only really change a couple times of year and it's the same models in between and normally the customer isn't really looking for your advice on which one to get they just want you to take it off the shelf and ring them out and help them put it in their car, so it kind of makes having a couple of us in the department that actually know what we're talking about sort of dumb.

And before anyone asks I do actually mostly like my job. It's kind of nice not having anyone know who I am beyond what my name tag says. It makes things a lot quieter than I'm used too, but in a good way.

Oh and for those in De Chima, what is there to do for fun around her if you're under the age of like eighteen? I haven't really gone out exploring since I got here, just kind of trying to get familiar with my immediate area and where the various conveniences are. And if anyone knows where I can get a decent bike for a fair price I'd be grateful for the pointers.

Thank you.

[And with that the voice post ends with a click after a little more shuffling.]


Jul. 4th, 2017 10:35 pm
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Why are terrible books popular?

Look around, I'm sure you'll find examples of bad writing. Books that are an agony to force oneself to keep reading. Books that tell you nothing you didn't already know. Shockingly dreadful novels can become classics, to boot. The most popular works suffer from pages of bad writing, yet are regarded as saving reading.

That's hardly true, is it? Not if people don't expand their horizons and cling to their, ah, fandoms.


Now. Might you name the books you love and hate? I would also like to hear examples of literature from this world that you enjoy or consider dire, if you would.


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