Jul. 5th, 2017

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[The audio feed goes for a moment before Anatoly says anything. He's not exactly snappy when he speaks, but his voice is clearly struggling to find an even keel, which is accented by a sharp intake of breath as, somewhere, an extremely loud firework goes off.]

Is. [He clears his throat and tries again.] Is this sort of thing a standard practice for holiday celebrations, here? I do not mean to sound self-centered, but it is late enough at night I do need to sleep and, perhaps a bit more importantly, these 'fireworks' sound remarkably similar to more than one battlefield I have served on. If this is something recurring, I would appreciate some sort of warning for future reference.

Also, if anyone would like to explain how colored sparks of fire relate to freedom, that sounds like a story worth hearing, as at the moment this is a touch nonsensical as far as holiday traditions go.
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Hey everybody, Mick here.

[ The bald man on camera is trying to be friendly but there's a part of him that's just wary -- he didn't want to have to do this but it's been a bit too long. ]

First off, if you know anybody that's hiring, lemme know. Been looking for a new job and can't really get one in the same line of work as my last one. Can't really blame 'em.

Before I came here I did lots of different kinda work but you can't really put it on a resume. Who d'you call for references? But I figured imPorts might be a bit more understanding so I'm including my previous work experience. I can include my "official" resume if you want, this is just the stuff I left out.

[ And he includes a text attachment: ]

- Fire-eater
- General labor at a Matchsticks Factory
- Production worker at a Glassworks Factory
- Superhero understudy at Cadmus Labs
- FBI anti-Rogue consultant
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[There's a whooshing noise before the video comes online, and it's immediately apparent why: Jacob is flying in the sky, crouched atop a new shield-shaped glider. He's telekinetically holding the communicator away from him using his biotic powers so everyone can get a look at his new gear: black-and-grey armour, with a translucent triangular visor over his face and a utility belt around his waist. He's above the rooftops of Maurtia Falls, judging by the presence of the Helix Station structure in the background.]

Check it out! The bad guys can run, but they can't glide.

[The view spins queasily for a moment as Jacob brings the communicator back to his hand, then there's a roaring sound as he brings the glider in for a landing. When the picture re-stabilizes, Jacob is standing on solid ground again- with the glider collapsed and stowed on his back.]

Pretty nice, huh? Take it from me: if you ever need new gear, Kanaya Maryam and her group do the best work around. Reasonable prices, too.

[He spreads his arms and does a little half-turn for a moment, showing off the costume's quality, then gets down to business.]

Anyway, I'm not just making this post to show off. My name's Jacob, and I work with RISE- that's Rogue ImPort Suppression Enforcement, if you want to get technical. We're funded by the government and based out of Maurtia Falls. Our job is to help protect people and enforce the law when it comes to special threats. If you're Registered, have a clean criminal record, and want to do some good, get in contact with me or Sabriel. We're always looking for new recruits.

I also want to give a heads-up to any investigators out there: keep your eyes open for anything about the Otherworld Technologies Organization, OTO. A bunch of us have been looking into them for a while. We think they were involved in a blackout and a breakout earlier this year. And word is there are scientists going around, paying local metahumans for experiments on their powers. If you learn anything about them, let me know.

[Jacob shrugs.]

That's all I've got. Stay safe out there, everyone.

[Jacob closes the post, but also attaches a link to the OOC equivalent of this post for people interested in RISE, and to this Network post for people who weren't around for the post-blackout drama. For OOC reference, this is the latest post about OTO investigations.]
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[After a series of texts early that day, Yuri spent the rest of his morning trying valiantly to figure out how to hide his name from the network. There was a very serious matter he needed to ask about, and he didn't want to think of the consequences he'd face if anyone knew he was the one asking.]

What the hell are you supposed to do on a date? A first date if that matters. Something like that has to be special, doesn't it? So...what do people expect? Do you have to dress up? How do you know who pays for everything?

I really don't know anything about this junk so I'll take any advice people have got.

[Viktor would never let him hear the end of this if he knew.]
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[There is a boy on screen. A teenage boy. A small teenage boy. His hair spikes straight up in the air, but he somehow has also crammed a baseball cap on it. He has various electronic devices clipped to lanyards he is wearing, or simply strapped to his body. He is wearing finger-less gloves. He is obviously extremely cool. You can tell by how bored he looks.]

Hey. Hello-o. Whoever you are?

[He is also standing in front of a police car. And a police officer, who looks mildly annoyed and slightly confused. Even as the boy broadcasts on his communicator, his fingers tap tap tap on another one of his devices. He doesn't even have to look at it.]

This game, or whatever? Sucks. One: it's totally boring. I took this cop car, and I didn't even get any bonus points, I just got this guy-

[He jerks his head in the cop's direction.]

-telling me I can't take a cop car. Uh. Obviously I can, duh, and if I wasn't supposed to, why did you program it in? Two: if I'm playing army hero, where's my gun, huh? All I got was this iPhone knock off that doesn't shoot squat, and some boring car cutscene. Two: kidnapping people for your immersive gaming experience is stupid, and if you thought you'd get publicity by using me, the joke's on you. Mike Teavee is nobody's click-bait, and I can't even log onto twitter and live tweet about how dumb this is. Hashtag: fail. Hashtag: you. Hashtag: you fail. And if my mom said you could do this to me... If it was after 5pm, her consent is dubious, at best. And two: I'm over it, so send me home. Not through your fake-news teleporter. That's not what they feel like. I would know. Just call my mom...and...have her...th-...

[His eyes have wandered to his tablet screen. His voice trails off, his attention on whatever game he's playing there, oblivious to the fact that his communicator is still on, and that there is an actual world around him. And then, without looking up:]

But I'll take more fake tattoos if you have any better ones.
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[ the feed flickers on to the image of a young girl, sporting her trademark red bandanna. unlike may's usual chipper attitude, her expression at the moment looks a bit uncertain and serious. ]

So... I have a question for you guys. You know Archie, right? The big buff Pokémon Trainer that wears wetsuits a lot? Talks like a pirate?

[ she'll even hold up a drawing to the feed for a visual - it's a bit of a simple, cartoonish sketch (she's 12, cut her some slack), but the blue bandanna, cross-shaped face shadow and shapely beard should be enough to give the right idea to who she's describing. ]

I kind of wanted to know if he's been... "up to" stuff here - like, crime stuff. I don't think you should be worried - I mean, he's a good guy! He just has a really extreme way of going at things, you know? And sometimes those extremes end up being super illegal.

[ she wants to trust his word that he's reformed, but there's a lingering worry in the back of her mind. some of the people here must have been talking to him since before she showed up, and she wants their honest observations to put her . ]

I just wanna know if he's behaving himself like he promised me back home. You guys HAVE to tell me, okay? I think I'm kind of responsible for him at this point. [ she reaches to click the feed off, but before she does- ] And don't tell him I asked!

[ yes, she's basically his tiny parole officer. please report any and all suspicious activity. ]


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