Jul. 6th, 2017

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Recent arrival here. I'm looking for information - apart from that which the government has so kindly provided [sarcasm ftw] - about this upcoming Swear-In Ceremony. What does it entail and how much coercion is involved? The unofficial version, in other words.

Also, a decent Indian restaurant.
[If there is such a thing in this backwater.]

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Jul. 6th, 2017 03:20 pm
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so hey is anyone else super weirded out by like
your home not existing here
your town not existing here
I mean what do you even do with that kind of info
it's enough to give someone an existential crisis
or maybe this is that crisis?


ever noticed how golf is the only sport with a miniature version?
what's up with that???
OMG can you imagine miniature MMA
guys all beating the sweaty crap out of each other inside of like a giant musical clown head
all other sports are officially cancelled forever
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[ Sarah and Cosima are seated on a couch at Sarah's place. For those not in the know, the two of them appear to be sisters—twins—but they get right to the point as Sarah leans forward to speak. Her accent is working class London, whereas Cosima's is distinctly American. ]

So with all this clone shite happening lately, we've been hearing a whole load of bullshit rumors and we decided it was time to clear some things up. These are all questions we've gotten since we told everyone we're clones, mostly from natives but some from other imPorts, too.
[ Cosima adds, ] You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we've been asked.

[ Sarah sighs. Overall, she seems less than thrilled to be here and doing this, although she seems to be the one spearheading the Q&A session. ] Let's get going. [ She starts holding up pieces of paper with questions written on them in thick, black marker. ]

Clone Q&A session )
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Hello, darlings! I gather that I should make a statement about my candidacy for ambassador. Between you and me, I like to think that actions speak louder than words, but I don't want to be disrespectful to protocol!

Of course I do think my actions say plenty already. Why, back at home I've done quite a lot for the community—I organized fundraising event, charity dinners, charity bar hops, you understand. In this particular world I spend more time advising the lovelorn, but then love is very important to us all!

That's why I threw my proverbial hat in the ring! We may not all get along, but we're a community, and that means looking out for one another, and showing love to each other, and buying drinks for each other! If you feel the same way, vote Sadie Doyle!


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