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{It matters not where he travels; Thranduil stands out. Every inch of him screams Elven and King if one has some experience with such descriptors. His expression is grim and his voice is heavy, measured:}

There are dead to bury and rifts to mend. I cannot tarry long or I will add to their suffering.

{The Greenwood should never be without a King.}

I am Thranduil, son of Oropher, and King of the Greenwood. {More commonly called Mirkwood now, sadly.} Show me the path I must take and I shall set my feet upon it before the sun sets on this day.

And I do not wish to hear that I am in "another world". There is only one Arda and though I have never seen structures of this sort decorating her lands, I have not traveled the full length and breadth of her. {Yes, it must be nonsense. He scowls to put off those who might give him said explanation, but deep down he is frightened it is true.}

<1> video;

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[The video clicks on, displaying an older man in a deep blue skintight suit, the red edging of a cape draping over his shoulders. A slightly raised sinuous 'S', shaped not too much unlike a deformed pentagon is visible on his chest, the color glinting yellow in the light. With the backdrop of a modern American living room- one of the houses in De Chima, for those familiar with their style and the street outside- he doesn't look so much ill at ease as he does thoroughly out of place, and somewhat distracted for a moment, before giving his full attention to the camera.]

It came to my understanding that the majority of us are from some version or another of this planet. [The words are spoken almost wryly, given his attempt to find out where he was when he first arrived. 'Florida' as an answer isn't particularly useful when you don't know what a 'Florida' is.]

For the ones who aren't, did you know anything about 'Earth' before you did? Or was everything here new to you?

As for those of you who are, how does this world differ from your own 'Earth'?

[He isn't particularly dying to know— once was already unpleasant enough— but he's still curious and is interested in learning what others have to say to these questions. He needs to be.]

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[The video turns on to a scrawny guy with reddish-brown hair, black sunglasses pushed up into it. He's frowning at the device, though it may be more accurate to say pouting, but as soon as he notices it's recording, the pout breaks away into a cocky grin. Most noticeable in this video is the moving, furry orange-and-blonde shape behind him, which once the camera is rolling produces a canine face attached to it, blinking into the feed. A loudly barking one.]

--ARK ARK! ARK! Okay, okay, calm down boy. Sheesh.

Hey there, shmuks! The name's Blue- Blue Oak. Yeah, that Blue Oak. Looks like I'm sticking around this new backwater region for a little while, and I got a real important question for you all:

Where are all the Pokémon!? Since I've gotten here I haven't seen so much as a Pidgey or a Pikipek flyin' around, and these chumps that dropped me off at my digs looked at Arcanine like he was gonna eat them! Like my Pokémon aren't trained better than that, peh.

[...Of course, that was only the start of the questions he had about this place, but he's still in denial about the 'got transported to a new world' talk they gave him. Give him some time.]

...Anyway, anyone seen a quiet guy called Red wandering around? Probably has a Pikachu crawling on him. He'll probably get lost without me babysitting him... So if you see him, tell him to stay put and call Blue's Pokégear, will ya?

[He gives the feed a little two-fingered salute as he reaches to shut it off.] Alright, that's it! Smell ya later, losers!
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[The video feed cuts in Major, sitting in a park of some kind. The lightning indicates that it's sometime in the mid to late afternoon. Ambient noise of birds,
wind, insects buzzing, and people chattering can be overheard. The man in the video glances around and then shifts, holding the communicator out at arm's length at about face height.

He offers a friendly sort of smiled - more a lopsided tug of the lips and uses his other hand to give a right-to-left wave of his hand before letting it fall somewhere out of frame.

Uh, hey. [He pauses to think.] So, I've been here a couple days now. The place isn't so bad, overall, though - I mean, aside from the fact that I'm in some .. alternative universe from what I'm used to? - I have to wonder why all of the cities these teleporter things can go to are on the East Coast. What happened to the West Coast? I'm .. sort of curious what Parallel Dimension Seattle looks like. I wonder if it's still full of Starbucks and hipsters.

[He opens his mouth like he's going to start saying something, thinks better of it, then decides to go for it, anyway.] I don't suppose anyone's seen a British guy of Indian descent walking around? Beard? [He makes a "C" with his hand that he holds near his chin, in case .. anyone doesn't know what a beard is or where it goes.] Sarcastic? Funny? Or if not him, then - maybe a short white girl with really, really pale skin and white hair that comes down to here? [He points to his chin.] I haven't been able to find them anywhere, so I'm beginning to think they .. didn't end up here. For whatever reason. If anyone's seen either of them, I'd appreciate the help.
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[A couple days after arriving, Steve decided it was time to introduce himself. Reasons for that were varied, but intentions for this broadcast seemed to be an attempt to get in contact with anyone who might know him from his world.]

Probably good I got acquainted with these things before I came here, or this call might not have happened.

Name's Steve and I'm curious -- is there a master list on these phones of everyone here? I'm looking for someone who goes by a few names and not sure if they'd use her real name or one of them. Or can you edit that information yourself.

[Cap might be looking to see if a certain redheaded assassin is around.]

I also see you got an election going on. Maybe someone would be nice enough to fill the new guy in on the popular vote?

Appreciate the help, thanks.


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