Jul. 9th, 2017

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Jul. 9th, 2017 04:27 am
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Hello? Is this meant to be spoken into? There is no circular apparatus by which to dial a number—

Ah. The light says "recording." Good. I have a question: which of these cities is most in need of help? Eventually I'll see to all, but those most in need should be helped first. I've heard gossip on the street while strolling of riots, blackouts and a shortage of food. Is that everywhere, or simply in the place called De Chima?

( Diana repeats this messages in a dozen different languages, just in case. There's a long pause afterward, and then she says quietly: )

Peace seems to elude this world. I must wonder if he survived.

( He being her half-brother, of course. Though she doesn't elaborate. )
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( Now, the face might be familiar enough to the people here when it appears over the network, but Beth doesn't realise just how popular her face is here just yet. She's quite happy to bring it out for the world to see, tired as she might feel, and even if it feels like the effort of mustering a smile might just do her in completely right now she still musters a twist at the corner of her mouth that is, at least, a gesture close enough to pass. )

So, this place is wild. ( The voice is accented, but not heavy, Canadian if anyone knows to listen for it. More prominently, she speaks with a tight jaw, clipped with a slightly mocking drawl to the words. If nothing else, that should set her slightly apart from the other lookalikes floating around. ) Who've I gotta kill for a decent cup of coffee, huh?

( It's supposed to be funny - and she's smiling as if it was - but something is just...off. It's not quite far enough off of a grimace to be a real grin, the muscles twitch in her jaw like she's clenching her teeth, and she seems incredibly distracted despite the fact that she's obviously chosen this moment to make her post. Finally she gives up the act, face falling into a neutral expression as she huffs out a breath forceful enough to blow the sprawling hairs out of her face. )

Also, I could do with...another go of that arrival 101 if anyone's got a minute.

( There's another pause, another attempt at a grin, and then a weak wave: )


( And with that, she's out. )
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so I had this bizarre dream last night where tater tots and chunks of salt were falling from the sky, and nobody except me cared so I was running around trying to gather them

because who would waste good tater tots?

And this guy who kinda looked and sounded like my brother was there, too.

anyway long story short I ended up cooking a bunch of tater tots, sorry to my housemates but they taste really good especially with bacon and cheese on top

and now I'm wondering if the dream had some sort of meaning. Do the tater tots represent my unconscious desire to go back home and back to my school and have cafeteria tots? Does the appearance of that mysterious man that kinda looks and sounds like an older version of my brother mean I'm peeking into the future???

is there somewhere I can look this up? because I'm curious

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Jul. 9th, 2017 09:53 pm
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[ If there's one thing Phichit is good at, it's networking. The moment he’s left alone with his phone he starts poking through it to see what sort of goodies it’s hiding. ]

Hello everyone, Phichit Chulanont here! I’m still getting used to all of this but I’m trying to find my friends! This would be so much easier if I could just @ them, you know?

I guess if there’s anyone who knows me they should text me ASAP! Because I think I’m kind of lost??? ( ゚ヮ゚);;;;

I know I probably shouldn’t have gone off on my own but there’s so much to see! And so many pictures to take! Does anyone know where I am??

[ He helpfully includes a selfie taken in front of a local shop, smiling brightly as he uses a selfie stick for the best angle. Just because he’s lost somewhere in Florida doesn’t mean he’s not going to make sure he looks good! ]


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