Jul. 11th, 2017

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At lot has been happening these past few days it would seem...I would worry that we might be too distracted to notice those among us that have gone, especially has new arrivals make their way here.

I am not sure who all might have known him, but Link--a knight from my world--seems to have been...Ported out of here. I cannot find record of him in any directory so it is the only assumption I can make. There is a...record I have begun to keep, noting those that have been, those that have been Ported out...but I am not so sure that such a record would be of used to anyone at all...It provides to patterns, no answers.

For those of you that have had people close to you leave before you were able...what have you done? It is...I am not sure wat to do with myself now that I am essentially alone in regards to knowing people from home.
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[The message comes through showing Eda in some sort of hotel room. Someone is out of town, out of the country during all this clone chaos. It's at night, because timezones, and Eda would be going out but her handlers are watching her closely. This 'free vacation' has a catch, it seems.]

I'm in London for a 'goodwill' mission for ImPorts. And I'm hearin' crazy ass rumors coming from over the pond, also I've been banned from coming back home until stuff has been handled back.

[She comes up closer to the camera, an actually concerned look on her face.]

Guys, what the hell is going on?


Jul. 11th, 2017 11:21 pm
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Sure is an interesting place you've got here. Filled with many interesting people, human and otherwise.

[It's pretty obvious by this particular being's appearance that he's one of these 'otherwise'. He's clearly some sort of alien. This time Bane isn't hiding his face.]

I'm hearing a lot of talk but what are you all doing?

Tell me about yourselves.

[More than wanting idle chit-chat, Bane will be paying attention to what people say - and what they don't. Sizing them up on who might be useful in the future.]

[Private messages are sent to the following: Raina, Newton Geizsler, and Tony Stark. The same message but separately.]

I've been told that you have scientific research that might be of interest to me.


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