Jul. 30th, 2017

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Has anyone seen Archie? [Nikolai, you're jetlagged. And, from what can be seen other than one furious teenager, somewhere in Heropa.]

That Furret of a coward had the gall to go and steal my pokemon! [Language, Niko. Language.] Took the 'balls right off my belt - all three o'them - then ran away to go hide like some useless spineless coward of a 'goon that's not even good for anything!  

Hmph. Think what you will about pokemon here, but they are classed as property in my world. He stole what's mine, and I want it back. Now. And no, I can't summon them back. I tried that already.

((OOC: Niko will be getting them back in three days, but we don't know how.))
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You guys! Oh my gosh, you guys.

[The voice is breathless, shaking somewhat along with the video feed as it tries to focus on the person in frame.]

Feel free to ignore me after this, but for the next few seconds at least, you have to see what I'm seeing.

[Finally the blurry figure focuses into a grinning woman in hiking clothes, her hair in a ponytail and a bead of sweat rolling down her cheek, who chuckles once before turning the camera around. It's a little unclear where the video is being recorded from, other than somewhere hilly outside of any of the porter cities, and it's a little unclear what everyone's meant to be focusing on as well. Until the shot zooms in a bit, framing about a dozen big, furry puffballs huddled up near a stream, including a few smaller ones playing together on the edge of the water.]

Capybaras! I'm, like, 90% sure they're capybaras, which makes no sense, but there they are! I, um- I know things have been... especially rough in the porter cities the last couple weeks-- [Including something about zoo animals that have been released or something, though that obviously isn't relevant to anything going on here, why would anyone think that??] --but maybe for a second we can all just chill and watch some baby capybaras play in the water?

I'm pretty sure this is the definition of therapeutic.


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