Aug. 4th, 2017

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So I have mixed feelings on the whole black light tattoo thing because on the one hand it's cool, sure, but on the other it's a bit - can we say c r e e p y ? was consent a little too hard to ask for? Jeez, if I ever see my mom again she's going to hit me with a dish towel or a broom, and I didn't even get to pick the design. It's like someone gave me a glowstick IV. I feel like I'm going to turn blue soon, turn into a real mutant or something.

You ever stop and wonder why all the mutants and superheroes are kinda blue, anyway? it's such a popular color. I mean, if I could turn a color, I'd choose something a little less mainstream. Am I alone? am I just overthinking this... No offense to any blue friends out there. Guess you can't help who you are or what hue you happen to be. It's just hue you are?

Anyway, the actually important thing I had to say is that I work for a pizza joint here now and I'm not gonna boast but... actually I am going to boast, you ask for Quicksilver for delivery? You'll get that pie faster than you can pull out your change to tip me.

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Aug. 4th, 2017 01:19 pm
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So, first of all: for all the new imPorts, hi. Welcome to America. Or welcome back to America if you were already there in your world. If you need clothes, I can get you started. [She's going to systematically infect these new imPorts with an appreciation for the '80s, so help her god.] Just swing by the Second Time Around Vintage Clothing Shoppe and ask for Veronica Sawyer. I'll even get you a discount.

Second, has anyone seen my housemate? He's not so tall, speaks Spanish pretty well, and he's from space. We're worried about him, he just up and disappeared one day.
[Jyn's already said her piece on the subject, so Veronica's bit on this is quick, and here the benefits of text come in handy—no one can hear her voice cracking with worry.]

Third, does it count as a birthday if you celebrated it maybe less than six months ago? Because I turn 18 in two weeks, but back home, before I came here in May, it was early November, so really this year I'd be 17 and a half on my birthday. Probably.

Keeping track of this is a lot harder than it should be.
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[ When clicked on, the above image expands to take up the entire page, accompanied by a quick animation of the stars circling around, which loops every thirty seconds or so. The following text can be scrolled through at any imPort's leisure, but the backdrop isn't doing anywhere. ]

Good evening, imPorts.

We are the Constellation. We have addressed this community once before, in an attempt to make us all aware that the government that has allowed us to be stolen, injected us with their technology without our consent, branded us like cattle, and coerced us into pledging loyalty is not our friend. They do not care for us or our well-being any more than they care for the natives that the unsavory among us choose to hurt with minimal consequence. They care only about keeping us under their thumb, keeping us placated through hero worship and shiny things so that they may find a way to weaponize us.

The evidence only compounds, bigger, and brighter, and harder to ignore with every turn around the sun. We will not stand for it. None of us should.

We want to thank the upstanding imPort that shared his information regarding Heaven Scent and their connection to DARPA and OTO, organizations that have been determined to hurt and defame our community for some time. Heaven Scent, not content to simply spread chaos, has gone one step further by stealing our DNA, either outright or under false pretenses, cloning us, using our own bodies and our own powers to sow dissent between our community and the natives, and even cause conflict among ourselves.

Unfortunately, there is more to it than that.

Native activists have been fighting Heaven Scent for some time, particularly their plastic surgery division, who have been fixing problems that are not there, taking "flawed" people and making them "better". We now know that they have been using imPort DNA to do so. This comes from a geneticist that used to work there, and was swiftly transferred to another department after her relationship with a high-ranking law enforcement official in De Chima came to light.

Where, of course, they have a separate cloning facility from the one in Richmond, a stone's throw from where we sleep.

Files and communication extracted from their computers indicate that they consider our DNA to be "remarkable, even GODLY." They have no intention of stopping their invasive and dangerous research, into our biology, or that of the metahumans, in order to create their own soldiers to sell to the highest bidder. They are not the only ones planning to do so. Only the most successful, and the most profitable.

The clones, as far as our research can tell, are perfectly normal, but subjected to technological interference similar to our own nanites. Physiologically, they are as we are, but we all suffered because of their inherently violent nature, even those of us lucky enough not to be cloned ourselves. To create life, only to use it as a weapon or a means for profit, is despicable, especially such incomplete lives with such extraordinary abilities.

We are not weapons to be used at anyone's whim. We are not reservoirs of earth shattering power to leech from to feed anyone's greed. We are not tools, not of the government or any loosely affiliated vanity projects.

I hope that the rest of you agree with us.


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