Aug. 5th, 2017

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[The voice on the Network is deep, portentous, and elegant. Like a Shakespearean lead speaking from the bottom of a deep, dark cave.]

There are questions I have been pondering, my friends. I have been learning more regarding the history and future of the Galaxy I hail from. The same divisions and mistakes seeem to occur and reoccur in a repeating pattern. Lasting peace and stability appear to be rather... elusive, shall we say.

[Count Dooku sighs for a moment at the tragedy of it all.]

Corruption. Conflict. Ignorance. Incompetence. Injustice. These and so many other challenges are inevitably found in any universe, and they often persist regardless of how strongly they are confronted. Which is why I am curious to hear stories of what you have done to change things for the better, whether in your own world or here as an imPort. What problems did you face? What successes did you achieve? What failures have you had to endure?

[The Count's voice becomes notably lower on that last question, intoning it like a ritual. It's called the Dark Side after all, not the Optimist Side. He pauses for a moment before adding, in a lighter voice:]

I am not thinking of these things purely for abstract reasons, of course. As some of you are already aware, I am organizing an... alternative event outside this month's Swear-In, in Maurtia Falls. While the government offers us the usual frivolous bribes and distractions in exchange for accepting their agenda, imPorts will show what we can accomplish with our Swear-Out. This rally will be a festival for those who desire another path, made possible through imPort food, imPort security, imPort entertainment, imPort organization, and imPort vision for a better way.

I urge all of you to attend, and to let your voices be heard. I am available to answer any questions you may have about this gathering.

[OOC: If this is your first time tagging the Count, check out his permissions post! Plotting for the Swear-In/Swear-Out on the 15th is here.]
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For all of you new arrivals and even for some of the older ones, I have a bit of a public service announcement if you will.

[ It's Maeve's voice, but the video is focused on her walking through imPort housing unit Nonah #005. The house is in various states of pet disarray -- shredded furniture, curtains, and carpeting come into view. There is pet fur all over that roombas can only do so much about. And there are a large variety of toys strewn out across the floor. The video focuses on the six cats in the room -- a calico, a white bengal, a munchkin, a havana, and two indeterminable breeds. ]

Think twice about getting a pet in this world. I know it may seem like a fine idea at the time, but this is the sort of thing you leave behind. And what becomes of these poor animals? How many of them wind up displaced because imPorts went back to their homes? We are temporary in this world. These creatures are permanent.

[ Maeve moves on from the room, heading out the sliding glass doors to the koi pond, focusing in on it. The pond is clean and well kept, but it's still more animals that are here that need to be tended to. ]

I had the misfortune of inheriting all of this after the port out of my housemates.

[ Going back inside, Maeve heads upstairs and pushes open a door in order to showcase a fish tank with a red-tailed shark and three imProcreats -- a dragprawn, a lamabama, and a blickablake. These things are essentially pokemon without the demands of having to be fed. ]

If anyone was friends with the Iron Bull, Ken Amada, Kaneda or Tetsuo and wants to adopt any of them, it would be greatly appreciated. Hell, even if you weren't friends and can offer them the attention they deserve, then take them. I'm keeping them fed and cleaning up after them, but I don't have time for much else beyond that. I'm a busy woman, after all.

[ Maeve leaves, heading to her own room and closing the door behind her to turn the video to herself. ]

To end this on a more upbeat note, I work as a manager at the bar Merlotte's in De Chima. As a warm welcome on behalf of new imPort ambassador Sam Merlotte, I'd like to offer any new arrivals a drink on the house. But if you're an older imPort and you sweet talk me well enough, I might consider offering you a drink on me.
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[ When Nate appears on the screen, the communicator is lifted and angled with someone talking in the background. He looks to be seated in the back of a vehicle. Any cuts and scrapes he'd received before he'd arrived were either tended to by a nurse (heeeelllloooo nurse) or had healed on their own. All that remains is the dirt and blood caked on his face and neck, darker stains both his own and belonging to another stuck in the fibers of his shirt.

He makes eye contact with the camera and it's brief, the view of him slipping suddenly, and then the image jerks as the communicator loudly hits the floor. Oops.

Oh crap—

[ His image cuts out just as he's seen reaching down for it. ]

- - - -

So what's a guy get when he saves the world from a power hungry raging maniac? A folder with a sheet of paper of stuff he already knows.


[ Nate needs more than that. ]

There's gotta be something I'm missing here. A little help? Anyone?

I'll even buy you a drink if that's what it takes.


Aug. 5th, 2017 09:07 pm
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[The com video opens to a man in his thirties; clean cut and in civilian clothes, smoking a cigarette. He seems to have avoided the throng of fans and news reporters looking to interview new imPorts, and has instead sequestered himself alone somewhere. He touches his hand to his ear, as if it'll help him hear the communicator's audio better, and keeps a suspicious eye out for any passerby.]

Can anybody read me on this thing? My name's... David. Sorry if I kept you waiting, huh. But I want some information first.

I'm looking for someone who's been involved in this exercise from the beginning. What do you all want from me? And since when has the government run a covert op under the old CCAFS base? What the hell is this place exactly?

Whoever's running this thing, you've got the wrong guy. I'm no hero. Just an old war vet. Not that I'm complaining about Florida, but if it's all the same to you, I've got fifty dogs back home that I've got to take care of. I don't work for the government anymore. If it's all the same to you, I'd like to get back home to Twin Lakes.
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[Private to Luke.]

I might be onto something for your lightsaber. I didn't really want to say anything until it was a sure thing, but - [He's excited and he wants to share it with him.]

I'm working on it.


How long can a person go without sleep before it starts having a negative effect on them? I mean, I do sleep. Sometimes. But it's definitely not a full eight hours.

[And his slumber is filled with horrifying nightmares.]

I don't like taking anything, but I'm not sure what else to do.


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