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Hiro Hamada (浜田飛呂) ([personal profile] microbrobotics) wrote in [community profile] maskormenace2016-04-04 06:12 pm

video; locked from Callaghan

[ Finally, finally, here's someone on the network taking credit for this mess. Spoiler alert: it's Hiro. Again. The camera shows him in front of a badly damaged machine, with one arm in a sling (but mostly healed thanks to his brother). He look ... frazzled. To say the least. ]

Okay - okay. I messed up really badly. And I need some help. Trust me, this wasn't what I was trying to do. I think. I can't remember either ...

I really need some help fixing this machine. And - more importantly, I need help keeping Callaghan away from it. He doesn't know where it is yet, but I know he's gonna find out and come after it any time now. And if he breaks it again, none of us are getting back to normal.

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[Qubit watches the short video a couple of times trying to figure out exactly what that machine used to be... it looks suspiciously like an attempt at a Porter. A few of the responses confirm it, too. Suddenly all the pieces are clicking into place. Temporal displacements caused remotely, a uniform quantum signature associated with all the victims, a single event in the vicinity of De Chima... He guessed days ago that it was accidental, but beyond that...]

I can help, teleportals are my specialty. Just PM me the coordinates.

What's going on with Callaghan?