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[Roy's addressing the network casually, phone propped on his desk and angled up to his face, smiling amiably.]

Since it seems to have come up a few times this month on the network, it's got me curious— How many other imPorts here consider themselves to be scientists? What's your field? Have you seen much change in it, here?

I suppose I'll count some forms of 'magic' for this as well. As long as it's an explicable phenomenon that operates on established, reliable laws. If the answer to "How does it work" is "I don't know", it doesn't count!

[So he's been a little crankier about magic since people keep comparing it to alchemy, which is a science. A real science, not a protoscience.]

I'll go first, for the sake of fairness. Back home, I was a chemist before I joined the army. Though in my time, there were only about ninety elements. I've been getting back into it now that I have the time; It's been interesting to see the developments. To think humans have reached the point where we can synthesize entirely new elements is astonishing.
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[did somebody say SCIENCE? are we having a science-off? we are now.]

See, now, that's a reasonable attitude. Magic defies explanation by definition - if there're provable laws involved, it's not magic. [beat] Granted, that magic exists in the first place is an eternal thorn in my side, but still. [he shrugs. what can ya do.]

For my own part, my specialty is quantum physics - more specifically, its applications in computing and teleportation. [You could almost say he wrote the book on it, if he had the patience to write a book.] Not by far my only field, but it's the primary one. Have they come up with quantum yet, in your time period?