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[The video feed cuts in to show a desk piled high with books and notepads filled with a scratchy looking scrawl—the one or two pages close enough to the camera to be read are filled with what look like journal entries about someone's sightseeing experiences. The screen jitters briefly while someone adjusts the camera, and then Edward steps into view, dropping smoothly into the desk's chair.

For a moment he squints at the camera suspiciously.]
...This thing better be on.

[He huffs sharply and settles back in the chair, apparently deciding to assume that it's working for now.]

So I think Mustang asked how many people here are scientists a while ago, but I've got some more specific questions for you. How many of people here have done work in neuroscience? Specifically the way memories are formed and recalled. I've become really interested in it since arriving here, but I can only do so much research by myself.

I'm also pretty curious about wormholes and...teleportation I guess. I've heard that some people have technology that can do that at home, so if there's anyone here who knows about how things like that work I'd love a chance to talk with you.

And... [He pauses here and clenches his right hand, frowning down at it for a moment before turning his attention back to the camera.] This is a question for anyone. Has there been anyone who had a power sealed away at home that they got back here? If there is then what... What was it like for you?
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[Teleportation u say. Well, that's one way to get this guy's attention.]

I invented teleportation. What are you trying to find out?
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[Raising an eyebrow] Aren't we all. And it's not a claim, just a fact. I can show you if you like.

[You'll have to pardon the curtness; it always annoys him when people doubt his accomplishments.]
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All right. Where are you located?
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On my way. [And...]