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4th Oration // Voice

What would you do if you could control the Porter?

[The deep, rich voice that asks this question pauses to let it sink in before continuing.]

I ask you that consider this topic carefully. The Porter does far more than govern who comes to this world and who departs. It can both grant special powers, and remove them. It can alter bodies and memories. It can even affect the passage of time itself.

The Porter is the reason we are here, and the reason that we leave. It dominates our lives, while we have so very little influence over it. Yet we all hope that this will one day change, do we not? That some revelation will unlock the secrets of the great machine, so that we can come and go as we please from this world.

It is said that this was how it once was with the imPorts who were here before us: that the government controlled the Porter then, and was able to simply send them home. Perhaps those days shall come again. Maybe it will be through the whims of the Porter itself, or the policies of the government, or even through our own actions.

Regardless of how and when it happens, I believe we should consider what we will do if the Porter is ever brought under control. One thing is for certain: it would be a great change in the lives of all imPorts.

[Just an innocent conversational inquiry from your resident Sith Lord. If this post is your first time tagging the Count, you may want to take a look at his permissions post!]

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