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[The boy who appears on camera could be no more than sixteen, if one were to judge by physical appearance alone. At best, the sober expression and conservative haircut might cautiously elevate him to as old as twenty. It’s the eyes that reveal the lie in that assumption. The eyes and perhaps a quality to his presence, something still and weary and aged that he makes no effort to conceal.]

My name is Godric, and I am newly arrived here.

I do not doubt that many of you have heard every possible question that could be asked in regard to our arrival, so I will be brief.

[A faintly wry expression crosses his face as he says it, as if in apology. But it passes as he pauses for a few heartbeats, unhurried, taking the time to consider his words.]

I am not altogether comfortable being proclaimed a hero, nor am I necessarily comfortable with the hand the military has taken in all this. For those of you who chose to register, if you had doubts, what swayed your opinion? For those of you who chose to abstain, or indeed took any other path, what convinced you it was for the best?

[His eyes wander back to the camera then, his gaze steady, focused wholly at whoever he may be addressing on the other end.]

They say the Porter is sentient, but I wonder over the nature of its intelligence. Do you believe our presence here is as deliberate as they imagine? If so, is it punishment or providence? Or is all this merely chance?

[Another pause and he shifts, eyes going distant and unfocused, considering whether to ask more. Deciding against it, he smiles politely. There’s no real happiness in it.]

Thank you for your time.
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I mostly think it's all a little too organized to be chance. There's too many people from the same worlds who know each other.

[a statement with some irony, given that Sam doesn't know he's staring at a vampire from his own home. He's never heard the name "Godric".]

And not that I'd risk tryin' to speak to purpose, but I'm not sure there's any good sayin' this world's meant to be some sort of heaven or hell for us. Feels more like... purgatory.
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Not really. I'm probably not the person to anyhow, and there are people who've been here three years and still have no clue. Porter seems determined to stay a mystery.

Maybe you'll have better luck.
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Or even half understood.

Sam Merlotte. It's good to meet you, Godric. You think this world's gonna be a lot for you to adjust to?
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No big differences? That's definitely gonna make it easier.

Well, if you end up needin' a drink to deal with it all, imPorts get their first one free at my bar in De Chima.
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[he has another guess. ]
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That was my second guess. [he doesn't sound particularly thrilled.] I've met a few before.
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Shouldn't really be a leap to assume, unless the vampires in your world are a whole hell of a lot different than the vampires in mine.
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[his sympathy sits oddly with Sam; he's not used to that from vampires. His answer comes awkwardly.]

Well... that's all right. S'nothin' to do with you. And relations were always gonna be a little harder with me - vampires and shifters get on particularly badly where I'm from.