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Do imPorts get medical benefits?

[It's a strange question to ask the network, but none of his research is really helping, and he figures that if imPorts have been here for at least three years, they've had to have regular medical checkups. After all, he certainly doesn't know where to start when it comes to actually going out and asking doctors.]

I don't mean injuries, but more like...

Vision. Dental.

[A pause.]

Does anyone have recommendations for an eye doctor?
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I don't know about any eye doctors. But if you're Registered, health insurance is covered. You shouldn't have any problems.

People who are Unsettled are another story.

[He's seen young imPorts struggle with hero-related medical bills before because they weren't Registered. It's not something he's happy about.]
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The government probably has one. But those files are always kept classified.

What kind of help do you need, anyway? Do you just need new glasses, or is it something else?
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Sounds like your eyes might be getting weaker. Maybe you've been straining them, or maybe it's just one of those things that happens.

It's not something you need to worry about. You can get lenses, or corrective surgery. Just as long as you can pay the bill.
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[Jacob nods.]

Nonah's a good option. They've got lots of businesses there, so you'll have plenty of options. You could also try De Chima. If any city has new tech that could help fix the problem, you'll find it there.

[He's quite familiar with the De Chima tech scene. He used to live there, and misses it sometimes.]


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Are you still registered? I think we can do like, everything.

[Maya says, not particularly bothered as she eats candy on screen.

...And then, after a moment--]

I wonder if you can just. Call the government and ask?
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But they're the government.


But yeah, I'd probably stick to Nonah. I mean, I could probably get my manager to call if you don't wanna...
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I mean, she wears glasses. She should probably know a good doctor.

[...Is J.J.-- does J.J. wear real glasses???? Whatever, it's the perfect time to ask and find out.]

--Oh, I bet someone could help you over the internet!

[She's pretty sure 12 year olds aren't allowed to handle that alone, though? Why on earth aren't import kids placed with families or something!!!]

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Action, probably, or a video from the kitchen.

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Has it been that bad lately?

[She knows he's been squinting more lately, but...

Maybe it's time for another haircut.]
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[Reina turns the dials on the stove to bring the fire level down to low before stepping away from the stove, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a couple of her favorite star-decorated bobby pins. Those are used swiftly to sweep some of those long bangs out of Hiroto's eyes, clipped out of the way.]

You're right. We had health checks a lot more when we were younger, but after...

Were you able to get any answers?
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America's health care system seems complicated enough as it is.

... If you need any help, you know you can ask me, right?

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Registered imPorts, yes.

Do your eyes hurt, or is it bad eyesight?
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It could be myopia, but it's better for the doctor to tell.

Maybe you'll get to wear glasses.
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Oh, it's- near-sightednes. Distant objects appear blurry while close objects appear normal.

It's very common.

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