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Shrine 001 | Video

[The face on the feed is certainly a new one, as a sort of puzzled, blond boy with pointy ears looks on without saying a word. He seems like he has something on his mind, but his lips aren't up to the task of saying what it is. Not for a while, anyway, as he looks away from the camera uncomfortably. These are all things he isn't used to. His hair has a bit of stiff dampness to it as well as having dirt on his cheek and his clothes, like he had just been rummaging out in the rain.]


This place is very different...I'm needed somewhere else, though. There's this person that I...And Hyrule... [A pessimistic tone slowly fades into his voice with a sigh.]

I'm not leaving here any time soon, am I?
I have...many questions. [Link runs his hand over his forehead and through his hair, as if attempting to relieve pain.] And a...damaged memory, so excuse my confusion...

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