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video - do you want to pick up some trash? of course you do

[what a lovely scene; the sun is shining, the seagulls are shrieking, and archie has a cool pair of shades on. observant viewers will note that the people walking past archie seem to be disturbed by something that isn't on the screen.]

Yo. Any 'a you lot know what Heropa's city council is doin' about the litter all around here? There's a buncha bins over full and every time I try and tell 'em I just get an automated message. You'd think they'd keep the bally public areas clean, right? They're a lot more on top of that in Hoenn.

[he snorts.]

Then again, if ya don't where I come from, ya get these hanging around. [archie moves the camera, showing his Pal: a very large, very sentient pile of slime absolutely going to town on one of the bins.

when it notices archie pointing the camera at it, it waves happily.]

Muk, muk!

Yeah, hi to you too, ya stinky bastard. See, these form. Not here, though. Anyway, you'd think they'd listen to an imPort, right? Ain't we meant to have some kinda standin'? Or is it because I haven't personally saved the world? [his lip curls.] Whatever. Anyone that wants to give me a hand wi' the government or this crap lemme know. Muk here is basically a living trash can, so it's good eatin' whatever. Those garbage trucks ain't got a foot to stand on with him around. I can't do much ta help those afflicted with the sleepin', so might as well make sure what they're wakin' up to ain't fulla garbage, right?

[this also may be a low-key way to find out who might want to join the new team aqua when he sets them up. archie's decided they'll definitely work on environmental issues, and this is just one of them.

the camera lingers on muk for a few minutes more, showing a brave passer-by tossing an empty wrapper to it with archie's encouragement, then them both laughing as muk enthusiastically devours it.]

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