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01 Video | Arrival (Action for De Chima)

(As the video feed begins, Zoey seems somewhat apprehensive and yet inquisitive at the same time.)

Okay, I'm going to get right to it. If anyone knows of what Pokémon are, or know two people by the name of Ash or a blue-haired girl by the name of Dawn or even a brown-haired girl by name of May... Please contact me. My name is Zoey. Now on to bigger problems... has anyone been having issues with their new 'powers'? And another thing, I find the facts that the people who greeted me when I arrived to be a little...suspicious to say the least. Maybe I'm being a little paranoid? I don't know but I have this lingering feeling about this whole thing... And then there's this job I was assigned... Student, that I can kind of deal with even if it's a little against what I'm used to. But, part-time worker in a pet store? Ugh. Though I suppose there are worse jobs. Thanks in advance if you can help.
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[he is secretly very excited but makes an effort to hide it. the video shows archie sitting next to crobat.]

Pokémon? Nah, never heard of 'em.

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[yeah... why was he so confident in answering when he almost destroyed the world? good job, idiot. archie groans internally.]

No need ta be so icy, kid! Name's Archie. What about you, huh?

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Sinnoh, huh? I'm from Hoenn. Ain't that the place that had... wotsit... Team Galactic?

[team leaders gotta keep track of each other!]

Only three months.

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[they must be that region's version of the scamp. those poor damn fools...]

Years, kid. Years. Hey, ya got any Pokémon with you? Can any Sinnoh Pokémon mega-evolve?
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Yeah, I feel like the jobs we were assigned were a the bottom of the corporate ladder.

And sorry, no idea what pokey men are. I'm assuming they move very slowly?
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I'm not sure strange is the word I'd use. I mean, I'm a receptionist. That's not a strange, job, and I'm great with people and all, I just have experience in jobs that were a little more...high paying. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! I mean, considering the situation I got my--

I mean, yeah, this is great.
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Oh, I don't mind working a desk, either! I actually had a desk job when I was at my last job, too. It was a much nicer desk and I could drive it, but I already know all the basics of this one, at least.

So anyway, enough about me. I'm guessing you're not much of an animal person?
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I don't think you're being paranoid, but until there's some more solid evidence than gut feeling, it's probably best to go along with things. Not everything is what it seems but gut instincts aren't always right, either. Gotta give it some time to see how things shake out.

You wanna trade jobs with me, though, I'm all ears.
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I wouldn't call myself sane. Cautious is more like it. Can't make an accurate assessment of this joint this early in, no matter what vibe I'm getting from this whole setup - too little info.

'Escape Room Attendant'. No idea what that means so I'm more than happy to take your job. 'Least yours sounds like a thing that actually exists.
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A little paranoid is good. You need to be cautious here.

I have problems with my powers sometimes.

Do you get to work with animals? Or just pet supplies?
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I think a lot of us feel that way. Not everyone admits it.

I hope you get to work with the animals. They have me working in an art shop. It's nice to be around beautiful things, but I think I'd like being around pets better.
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[A look of confusion crosses her face].

Um, for what? I was talking about the art. It's nice to be around the art, but I think pets would be even better.
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Oh, Okay. I'm glad I could do that.

I'm an art print saleswoman.
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I know Pokemon! I have a friend that's a Crobat.
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Yeah! Archie's my buddy too!
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There's nothing wrong with feeling paranoid when you arrive here. It's all a little much.

For your job that you were given, you don't necessarily have to keep that one. I've managed to change mine and found something much more fulfilling.

I known some pokemon? But that's because of Archie, not where I come from.
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There might be a way for you to practice and hone your skills with your powers. I never had them back home and relied on technology instead.

I do. We got talking not long after he arrived. I've met Crobat and Sharpedo so far.
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[ Video ]

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Sometimes it's hard for new arrivals to control their powers at first, specially if they are new and you didn't have them back in your world.

And though paranoia is normal, they are telling you the truth.[ so far, there is nothing to prove otherwise ]

And you also may change your job if you wish to.
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It doesn't take very long, usually.
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Afraid I don't know anyone by the descriptions you've given, but - what sort of issues with your powers are you having?
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[Jyn offers a bit of a smile and a nod of understanding.] Been having much of the same issue myself. I've been looking into the options of how to learn how to control the powers; apparently, there's some sort of organization in Heropa.