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kyoichi saionji. ([personal profile] rosegroomed) wrote in [community profile] maskormenace2017-08-07 11:26 pm


[It's actually very difficult to place exactly what's going on in the broadcasted video--it's very dark, almost pitch black, but there's enough vague shapes to sort of discern what's happening. The camera appears to be pointed at a pair of very nice--but slightly muddy--shoes, quicky making their way across dimly lit grass. Honestly, it's kind of alarming, especially since it takes the cameraman about thirty seconds to actually start talking.]

I don't like any of this. I don't trust any of this.

[Somehow, his voice strikes the exact midpoint between petulant and paranoid.]

Is this some--I don't know how this works. I was told that this would be visible. Very generally--"visible". I don't know who all is here or what joke you're trying to pull, but I frankly find it annoying. If this is some kind of...I don't know, some kind of prank, you're all going to regret it.

[After another few seconds of voiceless footage, it may become apparent exactly what's strange about the video of the ground: the grass moves away from Saionji's feet like it can sense his footfalls, leaving him only empty dirt to step on. If he notices, he doesn't address it.]

I'm looking for a red car. Convertible. New model. White leather interior. That, or a mall. I sell knives, now. I guess? I guess this is what I do. I sell knives in a mall, but I can't find this mall. Or this car. If you're going to pull a prank, make it a good one.

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