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video - okay but PUPPIES

[ though may is the first thing that can be seen on the feed, it’s the sound of a high-pitched yipping that comes before she can speak. only a moment later, a small, gray puppy can be seen sniffing and investigating the camera. may giggles, picking up the dog(?) and plopping it in her lap. ]

C’mon, settle down a little. You’re gonna be getting a new brother or sister soon!

[ behind her, there’s a faint glow that she turns the camera towards. the source of it is a gray egg that looks not unlike the creature she’s holding. the light seems to be pulsing gently, as if reflecting the life inside of it. ]

Check it out, everyone! One of our Pokémon eggs is just about ready to hatch!

[archie's mightyena comes into the frame, sniffing at the egg then backing off and laying down near may, ears back and boofing gently. not long after, may’s delcatty walks daintily over to the egg and curls up near it. she made this!!!!!!!

a couple seconds later, archie himself pops in, crouching down and putting a hand on the egg.]

Is that a Skitty or another Poocheyna egg? [he asks, half joking. half serious. look, he's not a professor and he has no idea how cross-breeding pokémon eggs work.] Well, I got the food ready anyway.

[he waves at the camera.]

Yo. This is something from our world-- an' I think those of you who think you know how biology works are about to get a shock.

[archie isn't sure if may knows, but he's done enough research about actual dogs to know they don't come out of eggs.]

Oh, this is is so exciting! It should be any minute now…

[ and just as she finishes speaking, the egg begins to wiggle, and the shell is showing signs of cracking. it gets faster and faster, leading up to a large, blinding light. when it subsides, another poochyena is sitting in the egg’s place… but this one looks a little different. ]


I--Is that… [archie looks to may helplessly, shock clear on his face.] Is that a shiny?!

[he puts both hands over his mouth and honest to god just shrieks in excitement. this went in an entirely different direction than he expected!!!]


Mm, it is! [ she nods, and while her grin is undeniable, she does not girly scream like he does. ] This isn’t my first time seeing one, but these are really rare! Like, one in a bajillion!

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