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Is it just me, or does Easter feel more and more like early Halloween every year?

[ The video comes on late -- or at least, late for normal people used to working the nine to five circuit, but he's sure that for some people on the Network, this is just about their time to wake up. Bradbury's not normally one of the night owl crowd, but he feels uncharacteristically restless, so here he is, in what appears to be one of those little 24/7 convenience stores, panning the camera over an aisle packed with chocolate rabbits, eggs, and generally enough sugar to make a few small, hyperactive children practically explode. ]

Not that I'm complaining, but I don't remember having any of this growing up. 'Course, that might've just been because grandma thought kids ought to have more, uh, spiritual fiber instead of egg hunts. [ He snorts, muttering quietly under his breath, but the microphone picks it up anyway. ] Bet she'd just love knowing angels are real.

Anyway, uh. [ He seems to realize the clock's ticked over into midnight while he was talking, and he clears his throat. ] Happy Easter. If you celebrate. If you don't ... [ The shrug's practically audible; more so is the huff of soft laughter. ] Just enjoy the rest of the day.
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[If you've seen Sam's previous communicator message, then you might recognize the room in the recording. The walls are still sparse and the entire room feels empty, in a way that might seem pathetic to anyone else but Sam who has never understood the point of decorating a home, much less ever had one. What is different, however, are the books and texts of all different sizes and quality scattered around - at the foot of his bed, on desk, even his chair. Most of their spines are cracked and their covers weathered, and if you look closely enough, you'll notice that most of the titles aren't in English. Some might be in a recognizable language, and others might only be squiggles and markings to the eyes of most.

Obviously, Sam has taken to his new job as a Religion Professor's assistant quite vigorously. It's a topic that will probably show up in future recordings, but he leaves the subject untouched today. The towering man sits at his desk, hunched over somewhat, but with a firm expression on his face.]

Most of you probably heard of Gabriel and Lucifer. [Here's this gem if you don't remember.] Since I'm from their universe, I felt like I had a responsibility to clarify some things and hopefully help. For those who weren't sure - yeah, they're angels. [He makes a bit of a face.] Not the fluffy kind, either. They're archangels. In my world, they're pretty much invincible and unkillable. [Well - two out of four ain't bad. But Sam isn't about to bring that up, considering he hasn't uncovered a single angel's blade or holy weapon in this world.] I don't know the extent of their powers here, but frankly, I don't recommend testing them. It's probably best just to avoid them, to be honest, until we can figure out how strong they are.

And then... [Sam swallows, something that might be guilt in his eyes.] Well, for those who don't know, Lucifer has been killing a lot of people recently. [It's hard to notice the Devil murdering people, but in case you didn't. He shifts in his chair, opens his mouth to say something, then - seems to rethink himself. He purses his lips, shoulders stiffening, voice tight.] Listen. Don't go after this guy. Just - don't. It won't end well for you.

[He's quiet. Then - ] But if you want to discuss him further, please lock your response on your communicator.
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[ From the perspective, someone's got his communicator propped up on a shelf or a windowsill.

The view encompasses Aoba, his desk, and the remains of four computers, four tablets, three smart phones, three remotes of nebulous origin, and a...toaster oven? From the organized chaos of metal, plastic, casing, wires, tools, and junk food, someone's been working at this a while. ]

Okay, I just have a quick request. If you have any computers or electronic devices that you don't want or that you're going to throw away, can I have them?

I need them for something.
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Before I get into anything else, if anyone has any healers and/or narcotics handy, I'd appreciate it if they could be delivered to this [ insert .pdf attachment ] address. Thanks.

Now that's out of the way, let's get to the real purpose of this broadcast. I suggest you drop whatever vastly unimportant rubbish it is you're wasting your vastly unimportant time with and pay attention, as this greatly concerns all of you.

Most imPorts operate under the assumption that when you leave here, you go back to your native universe, resulting in the never-ending wave of newbies telling us that, no, really, the world is at stake, person nobody cares about is going to suffer a fate worse than death only I can prevent in approximately point three seconds, I left the stove on, my problems are unique and more important and time sensitive than any of my predecessors have ever been, so please, make history by making me the first imPort to ever be returned to the sorry butt crevice I crawled out of just through asking.

Most people will tell you that nobody decides when you go back. It just happens. It's random. No one can predict it. But you will go back! And, conveniently, it will be at the exact instant you left. With no memory of ever having arrived here. Sometimes you might come back from a different point in time, after a few days or years, with an influx of memory from your time here upon arrival. Sometimes you come back without it. That's random, too.

But nobody can prove that.

I've been over this before, but the gist of it is, your options in "going back", are either to be effectively erased from existence through having your memories of here erased, or sent back to a dead or dying timeline to await your inevitable doom. There is no going back. It's just a lie we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better when one of our friends blips out of existence. Nobody goes back! Nobody is ever going to go back!

[ There's a pause, where he seems to catch his breath, something close to a groan, before he goes on. ]

I was serious about the healers or drugs. Sooner rather than later.
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[When the feed comes on in the afternoon, it shows Violet glaring at her camera phone. The past few days have been nothing short of irritating. Her stance on ghosts has been to ignore them but with the number of murdered growing, it's been getting harder and harder to. (That and they seem to have discovered she can see them)]

All right, asshole! I don't care what kind of underworld angel you are. Just quit killing people! I'm sick of seeing dead ghosts wandering around with blood on their faces and their guts hanging out.

[She brushes her hair from her face in agitation]

If you've somehow been living under a rock, Lucifer's been going around killing people. Publicly. Google it. What I want to know is why he hasn't been caught yet.

[ video ]

Apr. 13th, 2014 04:14 pm
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[The video opens with a view like this. Jesse walks across the balcony, filming the scenery rather than himself, but he's narrating:]

Ugh, oh my goddd... Look how blue that is. Just, like, really blue. That's insane.

[He's not paying attention to where he's going, apparently, because he bumps into a table and knocks over a few empty beer bottles. It's not visible, but the sound's unmistakable, really.]

Shit - haha.

[He turns the camera around on himself, waving and smiling around a hand-rolled cigarette that's stuck between his lips. He's not wearing a shirt, so enjoy the view of his bony, blinding white chest and the horrible Chinese dragon tattoo over his heart. On the bright side, his burns from the museum fire are long gone?]

'sup, Heropa. Just wanted to let you know I'm totally not coming back. I'm staying in Miami for, like, ever. Have fun with the creeps and the psychos up there. It's been a pleasure. Except not.

01: text

Apr. 12th, 2014 12:15 am
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[ Somewhere around two in the morning: ]

stepford houses and glowing tattoos are pretty sweet deals as far as bagging and tagging goes, but it doesn't matter how well it's dressed up- nothing good ever comes from being in someone else's pocket. the dupes might have been assholes, but at least they were on the level.

but that's probably already been said on here a thousand times, right? morality this and conspiracy that, shut up already. getting to the point:

if you're registered, save the speech. if you're not, did the government keep their promise and leave you alone?

and for anyone who would rather shoot themselves in the face than talk about registration one more freaking time, i'm taking suggestions for superhero names. smoke theme required, bad puns preferred, winner earns my very sincere gratitude.


Mar. 31st, 2014 10:00 pm
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Alright, that's it.

[ there's the click of a lighter, and a wisp of curling smoke that obscures the camera before her hand waves it away, letting her face (and her cigarette) come into view. ]

Given my very sad fucking lack of a spaceship right now, I'm gonna take the second best option, which is rooftops and couch-surfing. It's better than living with a bunch of strangers I don't give a fuck about.

No offense, zero-zero-three. Enjoy the fucking sausage fest. I'll dunk Eridan's toothbrush in the toilet before I go for old times' sake.

[ another exhale of smoke. ]

So. Anything fun for a seventeen-year-old reality alterer to do around here? And no, door-to-door sales with a fucking manipulative asshole is not my idea of a good time. So don't suggest that pseudo-Girl Scout registration bullshit.

If I get bored, maybe I'll have to try the military takeover of a foreign country again. Or make a big neon sign that says "YOU CAN'T JUST GO BACK" for the people that keep fucking asking.
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[ Please don't ask him why he's sitting on a park bench covered in a pile of sleeping children. He's not going to explain. Though judging by the bright orange HEROPA DAY CAMP - COUNSELOR t-shirt that matches all the tiny HEROPA DAY CAMP t-shirts surrounding him, the answer should be obvious.

He shifts slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position without disturbing them, and then sighs softly.

I mean, I get it. Free stuff and you get to work for the government, that's cool. But doesn't anybody ever get - I dunno, homesick? Do you ever miss your f- [ He starts to say family, but apparently thinks better of it. ] - do you ever miss people? Or your life back home?

[ He rubs the back of his neck, unusually subdued, at least it may seem that way to the few people who've already met him. ]

What do you do if you left the one thing that's most important to you back home? Do you just not think about it? Try to get back, even if it's impossible? Or do you just wait it out and hope maybe you'll get to go home one day?
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You know what universe? Okay, I get the point. That sleep-talking tape? I'll finish it tonight, if you promise to get me back home right now. That's how you make deals, right? Oh, god, I probably owe everyone such a big apology if this isn't dimension hopping.

Man, oh, man. Please let this be dimension hopping.

I think I've pretty much hit the definition of desperate here, so if I could get some confirmation, that would be great. I got the spiel but I'm...paranoid.

For, you know.


[And a pause.]

Also, calling number...24....number 24?
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[ the camera clicks on in a standard bedroom, though a bit empty. the focus is on rose lalonde, wearing an elegant purple dress. there's a sewing machine on a desk in the background, that and a few rolls of colorful fabric against the wall seem to be the only real objects in an otherwise empty room.

kanaya's voice can be heard from behind the camera.
] Let's just try a curtsy, or...something to that effect.

[ rose appears to be momentarily distracted, glancing down at the dress with a look of appreciation. at kanaya's voice, she glances up, startled and straightens up. ] Oh - are you already starting the broadcast?

[ she glances at the device and then gives an awkward, stiff curtsy. ] Like this?

No, it's - hmm. It needs to be more fluid. Turn to the right a little, maybe put your hand on your waist. [ rose hesitates for a moment, then turns to the right and places her right hand on her hip. she lifts her chin - tries to remember all the posture advice her mother used to slur at her fondly when she caught rose trying on a new skirt. back straight, chest out - she feels a little ridiculous. ] Are you sure? I’m not sure the right is really my good side.

[ kanaya laughs lightly. ] You say that as if you have a side that isn't! We could perhaps have traded your headband for a tiara, I think. But move to the other, if you like, I do want to get the various angles of the dress.

[ she turns to the left, however - tries placing one leg to rest just a bit in front of the other and smiles despite herself. ] I think a crown would be too much. Perhaps a head scarf and some sunglasses. I could be Audrey Hepburn.

[ kanaya lets out a small laugh. ] That is precisely what I was thinking, actually. [ the camera swivels around rose as kanaya hums thoughtfully. ] We'll want a good look at the back, too. [ rose turns with an absent nod. she pauses and glances back over her shoulder towards the device and then smooths her hands over her hips. ] Kanaya, you would tell me if my butt looked big on camera, wouldn't you?

[ the question is met with a few moments of silence, where only rose will be able to see the look of surprised embarrassment it's met with. the rest, all they hear is: ] Absolutely not.

[ and she decides that's as good a time as any to actually acknowledge their audience, the camera unsteadily moving in on rose as she walks closer. ] This is the first dress I've completed in Heropa. As a Valentines gift, it's late, but one can't rush genius when she's working with limited resources. The reason it matters to the lot of you is because those resources are no longer so limited. [ the camera swerves to the sewing machine as kanaya rests an arm on rose's shoulder. ] A beauty, isn't she?

[ another swing of the camera and it's finally on kanaya and rose both, at an awkward upward angle that would look a bit more at home on myspace. if you've only seen kanaya in her native form, she looks a bit different: softer features, no horns, smaller fangs, brown skin instead of grey. but still close enough to be recognizable if you're looking. she's dressed much simpler than rose, just a loose slash-neck top and a high-waisted skirt, giving the camera a good, fang-filled grin. she's in a much better mood than usual. ]

The machine isn't bad, either, of course. It's the one that'll be putting me back in business. For those I have yet to be given the pleasure of meeting, I'm Kanaya Maryam, and if you've arrived in circumstances anything like I had, you'll be in need of better clothes. Lucky for you, as with numerous other obligations, that just happens to be my job. [ rose waits patiently for kanaya to finish her sales pitch. before she can, however, she tiptoes closer and then, enthusiastically: ] I can guarantee a perfect fit and a dress that will flatter, speaking as someone who has never received anything but perfection. No hamming it up intended. [ with a flash of her teeth, she takes a step back again and gestures for kanaya to continue. ]

Granted, we all have bills to pay, girlfriends to put through school, [ a pointed look at rose, while rose herself covers her mouth with the back of her hand and tries not to snort. ] but I'm sure some kind of arrangement can be reached. So leave me a message here, or give me a call at the number provided at the end, we'll see what can be done.

[ after the feed ends, there's a text link. ]

Kanaya Maryam
Designer Seamstress And General Aesthete

[ voice ]

Feb. 26th, 2014 06:11 pm
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[This guy sounds like a total hood, his voice rough and gravelly with a cadence that suggests he's straight outta Compton. (Or, you know, Albuquerque. Whatever.) Even so, he doesn't sound angry. He's excited, actually.]

Yo, so… Oh my god. This shit about -

Hold up. Lemme start again, sorry.

My name's, um, Jesse. Jesse Pinkman. ABQ represent. 'sup.

Anyway, so this shit about superpowers. Like, I get it, but… For real? They brought us here to be superheroes? With like the whole mask and alias thing and everything? 'cause it feels like - no offense, okay - but it feels like some kinda Punk'd thing and any second now some camera crew's gonna jump out and Ashton Kutcher or some asshole's gonna…

[He loses that train of thought, laughing to himself.]

Unbelievable. That's what this shit is.


Feb. 26th, 2014 01:02 pm
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[One teenage girl with long brown hair draped down the sides of her face is staring at her new phone incredulously. Her tone one of disbelief and sarcasm.]

"Don't worry, we're the [Insert air quotes here] 'good guys'"? Seriously? Talk about mega government conspiracies. I'm not buying any of that bullshit.

[There's a pause as she reaches for something off camera]

First thing's first, if anyone has a lighter I can borrow, I want to burn the shit out of this file. [she waves the back of her personnel file in front of the camera briefly] I don't know how they got my information but I'm not about to share it. And if someone can lend me enough cash for a flight to Los Angeles, it'll be great.

[she turns away from the phone, seemingly about to end her message before turning back]

Oh, right. If you're my roommate, I only have one rule: Don't touch my stuff.


Feb. 19th, 2014 06:48 pm
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[Cecil's had a rough couple of days. The giant bird attack wasn't pleasant, but hey. It happens. The near-drowning situation was a little more traumatic, but he's past that, too. He's trying to settle in.

Except -- he keeps hearing things. Seeing things. On the one hand, it's like being home again. On the other hand, it's terrible.]

Ah, hello, everyone.

[Still, he feels like he should introduce himself. For the time being, these people are his new community. If he wants to thrive here, he should get to know them.]

I hope you all managed to survive the recent holidays. If someone stole your heart, I hope you took it back and re-positioned it carefully within your ribcage. If you stole someone else's heart, you should return it. Or you should bury the heart in a cherry oak box; whatever your god slash cabal slash gardener demands --

[Carlos's voice suddenly echoes in his ears. The words are unintelligible -- something about stir fry or centrifugal motion -- but the abrupt, impossible nearness of his words makes Cecil falter.]

-- and, uh, at any rate! I'm Cecil, and I'm happy to be a compliant member of this program. If the American government requires me, then here I am. Proud to serve my country. Proud to be experimented on by my country. Proud to be detained without suggestion of release. By my country.

[His voice is deep, sonorous, warm. And, by all accounts, entirely sincere.]

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
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You know what's fun? Exploding. That's a lot of fun. Watching your arm fly about ten feet and smack the guy who blew you up in the face is probably everyone's universal visualization when told to imagine a good time. Sarcasm aside though, that was pretty awesome. Call it karmic retribution.

What's also my idea of an enjoyable activity is missing an undetermined amount of time as a result of the aforementioned exploding, before finding yourself resurrected by an unfamiliar Porter, in an unfamiliar city, in an unfamiliar universe, with little to no idea of what went down the last couple of days before we were all apparently rescued? I love being ignorant, you know, it is almost to the point of fetishization. This broadcast could get pretty obscene if I'm left in the dark much longer.

I more or less get the situation here, before you start rehashing it, but I want to know what I missed while I was out. What happened to you guys?
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    [ At 8 PM, a gruff, nicotine-hardened voice can be heard broadcasting over the intercom system hung up a little halfhazardly -- clearly meant as a temporary function -- around downtown.

    It's a man's voice, not one imPorts have yet been subject to.

    Attention imPorts. My name is Captain Holiday. I've been assigned to be your liaison for matters of communication between you and the government; you need something, you come to me and I'll see about making it happen.

    You probably have a lot of questions. [ There's a pause as he takes an unseen but possibly heard puff on his cigarette. ] And we want to do our best to answer them. If you'll allow us to escort you to the seashore we'll get started and then you can all go on to your new homes and sleep in your new beds. Been through a lot, we know. We won't keep you long.

    [ And at 8:30 PM, at the Canaveral National Seashore, imPorts will see them: a stern looking man leaning on a cane and smoking a cigarette, and the soldier -- Lt. Ananke -- who drove them here. Holiday puts out his cigarette and immediately lights another. ]

    This won't take long. We know you're all probably tired. Don't want to hear a lot of bullshit, am I right? Me either. Luckily this is pretty simple.

    We know what you've been through. We want to help you. And we'd like it if you'd help us, too. It's not easy being displaced in another world and another time -- hell no. In exchange for helping us keep the peace around here -- there's trouble wherever you go, figure I don't even have to tell you that -- we're offering you all free housing, healthcare, and job placement. If you don't like your job you can come to us and we'll give you another one, we can't get it right all the time. Same with your house. We've got plenty of places to put you.

    This ain't a draft, and you don't have to put on a costume to work with us as a hero. People serve their country in all kinds of ways, you don't have to be a fighter. Help us out when we ask you to, we'll help you out, it's that simple. If you don't like it, you don't have to take it, but you'll have to forgive us for not putting you up in that case. The benefits have conditions like benefits always do, but we're not asking you anything unreasonable.

    Think about it. Are you with us?

( NOTE: This post will default to action for the sake of ease. Captain Holiday will reply to all questions, but other NPCs will also be tagging around at random unless a player requests one in specific in their subject header. Please do so if you'd like! Please also note REGISTERED or UNSETTLED in your subject line to indicate your character's choice, or UNDECIDED if they're still mulling it over. If the latter, they will be contacted by Holiday within the week for a decision if they don't contact him first. )


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