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001 | Renew and Refresh | Video

Well, that was...something. [The feed comes alive, showing a rather perplexed looking Lance--and someone might want to note that the Lion at his side is not the old and familiar Blue. No, no. This Lion is a vibrant, deep Red--and it's hovering rather protectively at its Paladin's side.]

I know I'm not the first to be ported out and back again--won't be the last either. It doesn't seem like I've been gone that long as far as the calendar here goes but uh...Someone care to verify that for me? Because it's definitely been more than--[He pauses, counting off "days" on his fingers before looking back at the camera.]--a few quintents back home.

Speaking of. Looks like I have a lot to talk about with everyone from back home--if you all are still around? Seriously guys, check in so I know I'm not going to be some lone warrior in this place.

#003 (Venusaur) | Text

thngs r rlly gud rn

tell me smth gud

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003 · text { locked from that elena fisher lady }

[ crap crap crap ]

I shouldve posted this earlier when I had time and now it might be too late

I got a date tonight. It's a fancy date. I guess. Is it fancy? I don't even know where I'm taking her. Anyway I don't do fancy. Where the hell do I get a good suit? Last date I went on I might as well have worn jeans and vans or whatever the cool kids are wearing today since I didn't know what I was getting myself into

Also what do you get someone you ditched but got a second chance with? Flowers? Don't say ring. So flowers? What's the point of flowers though if she'll have to carry them everywhere?

She likes chicken plants, where do I find chicken plants in this place??

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002 → text

when i arrived here they gave me a job and that was cool, but... don't think i'm really cut out for writing kids books. especially not about monsters.

[ just the word brings up way too many bad memories. ]

then again i don't know anything i'm actually suited for...i've never had a job. i don't have any special skills, or talent with people or anything...i can cook, and i like doing it, but that's nothing special. even college i only did for a little while.

[ he was pretty much a shut-in at a standstill in his life. if Strade hadn't come along, where would he even have ended up...? his parents had already been at the very end of their rope with putting up with him. He would have gone into the world with no abilities or experience, and now it's happening anyway. ]

what can you actually do when you're like that? if anyone could recommend something...

[ ooc; like i said in the cr meme, i'll be getting back to ren's intro!! i became very badly sick and then went out of town for a few days. ]

video x 004

[Catelyn is somewhere between bemused and just confused. She is smiling, but in that polite way you do when you're not quite sure what's going on. It's not that seasons don't change in Westeros, but she's never seen anything like pumpkin spice life or Halloween.]

My fellow imPorts, can any of you explain to me why pumpkin spice is everywhere right now? And what is a Halloween?
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Guard. {A large dog moves obediently to stand at Thranduil's front door, sitting down only when his new Master gives him permission.}

You know who to keep out. {But to reinforce his point, he walks over and allows the dog to sniff a blanket.} He is not welcome.

{The dog gives a faint growl and Thranduil smiles.}

I do believe I have made a fine investment. {No, the dog was not cheap nor was he easy to find. But the effort and money will be worthwhile as long as he keeps up the dog's training.}

For once, I am looking forward to the day. {He strides into the kitchen and lifts up an apple, examining it. Then his attention shifts to those who might be watching.} Can you say likewise?
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O6 👶 TEXT;

when they say > never meet your heroes, what the hell do they actually mean?

i feel like there are 500 sitcoms or movie clips or whatever where there's like, somebody all knowingly shaking their head, and saying "this is what they mean" to some kid who just got his/her soul crushed by his/her hero, trail off dot dot dot. sometimes it's because the > hero was a dick, sure, but other times it's because > worshiper is legit annoying, maybe creepy, maybe just had too much paunch overflowing their jeans to make it as a starfucker, right? ??

are they just saying, don't tell the mother of dragons all the butt stuff fiction was pre-psych rehab? or after you write this semi-autobiographical best-seller about that one time heisenberg murdered you and everybody you knew, maybe don't call him up for coffee? be a lawyer, abandon all idols and ideals. or a famous singer. because you can't have heroes when you, your mic, and the narcissism taking up the whole pedestal.

come on. half of you get advertised as > heroes. what is up. not like $50/a pop for autographs is a deal you'd turn down, right?
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The serial murders of the past week have seemed to have died down -- no pun intended.
Nevertheless, citizens are once again reevaluating potential imPort involvement, and the inherent risk assessment that must be done during trying times.
Don't be too surprised if your neighbors give you a raised eyebrow or two in passing. In the meanwhile, there's a mayoral matter for Maurtia Falls around the corner -- stay tuned.

As read on the political insider's blog STATE OF DISUNION:
CAPE CANAVERAL DOWNSIZING? It sounds almost unthinkable, given the routine influx of imPorts who immigrate in through the colloquially named "Porter", but an unnamed Washington insider source has anonymously leaked that certain members of Congress have been in unpublicized talks over that very matter.

"The idea is the bottom line. American citizens have suffered funds intended for education, health services be redirected for the exclusive use of imPort security."

No details were given on what that resource redirection might entail. The source also claimed that other ideas were in discussion, namely: reclaiming Heropa as a native citizen zone and allowing imPort Ambassadors more economic control of their respective cities. This reporter was not able to reach Senator Mitchell Hundred for his insight on these so-called discussion.

As seen in adverts at imPort city bus stops and newspapers:
Are you an imPort? Do you have loved ones here? Do you fear the random cruelty of EXPORTATION, being ripped away from all your multi-dimensional friends and family?

We might have something to ease your mind a little.

Settle your WILL AND TESTAMENT with FENIX LAW FIRMS. Sign up for our one-time-fee Legendary imPort Package, which includes:

- The delivery of a farewell letter to ten (10) beloved imPorts
- Option of a funeral dirge to be sung
- Accurate distribution of your worldly goods and items, as you have willed explicitly in contract
- Floral delivery
- Service animal rental

As seen in local ads near your televison:
EFFOS! Buy some EFFOS! Waffles shaped like a FIST and a MIDDLE FINGER sticking up like a RINGER! Effos! Eat them with "effoection"!


As read in the Maurtia Falls newspapers:
On October 10th, many of the schools around Maurtia Falls had a field trip to the Maurtia Falls Memorial Library. There, current Ambassador and Mayor Hopeful Petyr Baelish and his team (both human staff and mockingbirds alike) handed out school supplies to those in need. Students were then invited to take part in a special virtual reality simulation. The task was to create their ideal Maurtia Falls. Class members would work collaboratively in order to build their own versions, which could then be downloaded and viewed on the school's website.

The end results were astonishing. While some held fantastical elements such as waterfalls of chocolate or candy houses, an overwhelming majority simply wanted a safer place to live -- from more updated and lively housing to friendlier citizens to a vastly increased number of imPorts.

Ambassador Baelish commented: "The sheer number of students who simply wanted to change their own homes and family situations was both astronomical and heartbreaking. These are children. Their ideal place to live should be one of imagination and wonder. They shouldn't have to wish for a normal life because they should already have one. This is the generation I am fighting for in all that I do for the city -- so that they may have a better future."

As seen as a side story in local papers and republished in imPort-focused blogs:
Two young men turned themselves in to police in Nonah last week, confessing to participating in a wave of anti-imPort vandalism in August. Lucas Mitchell and Jonathan Burns, angry over imPort-related violence this summer after a night of drinking, ransacked an imPort-owned shop in Maurtia Falls before fleeing to Nonah. "We're sorry, and we'll give whatever we have to so we can make this right," Mitchell said in front of cameras, his voice trembling as he read from a statement. The owner of the shop has had their name withheld for privacy reasons, but has accepted their offer of compensation and restitution.

The shadowy imPort criminal organization 'Constellation' has released a statement claiming credit for tracking down the two vandals and convincing them to apologize and confess. "While the government wastes time with empty talk of forgiveness, the Constellation acts to bring justice," the statement reads. "We hunted down these criminals and convinced them to repent. All enemies can expect the same fate if they continue to target imPorts."

As seen on the major Maurtia Falls News Networks:
Mayor Tony Cardelli of Maurtia Falls held a press conference on the 18th where he addressed some concerns about a variety of anti-imPort sentiments cropping up across the city.

"We cannot change the fact that imPorts are here in this world. And we cannot change that they are a part of Maurtia Falls. Closing certain businesses to them, leaving unwelcoming signs and posters across the city, and spreading messages of hate isn't going to accomplish anything. I, for one, think we need to accept them. But if I could influence people to behave the way I want them to, I suppose there would be no more crime in the city, would there? So instead, I encourage imPorts themselves to come out and prove themselves. I encourage imPorts to act out of kindness for our citizens and toward each other. These citizens see you as a threat, so it's up to you to prove how nonthreatening you can be.

If I am reelected as your mayor, I promise this term to work more closely with our imPorts and create a stronger relationship. And I hope that my example will pave the way toward further acceptance within this city."

Mayoral Elections for Maurtia Falls will be held November 14th. Polls open at 9am and close at 9pm.

As heard online, on all the best podcast-supporting websites, and discussed in metahuman-related conspiracy blogs:
This month’s episode of Count Dooku’s political podcast Counting Truths guest stars Utena, Tina, and Futaba on the topic of imPort youth engagement. The Count prompts discussion by asking his young guests how they think youth can get involved in issues of concern.

Futaba's contribution is marked by a "I'll try not to get too technical". She focuses on how young people should seek out opportunities to get involved in internships, or volunteer with their local campaigns--as well as participating in open forums like town halls. This isn't usually her deal, but someone has obviously talked her into a bit of an excited frenzy. She highlights how governments and people in power can encourage them not to get involved by presenting logical fallacies that play into their hands. Her point is that involvement starts with being educated on what exactly is going on and what rights they have to participate in the government. She ends on the note that imPorts are lacking in equal representation, and that while they have some rights there may still be some they have to argue and fight for--and they can't rely on the adults to do all the work.

This is far from Tina’s area of expertise, but she tries anyway. She feels like involvement is important, but it’s also important to not bite off more than you can chew, and to start small if you’re unsure. Getting to know the Ambassador of her town, Maurtia Falls, helped, and doing whatever she could to help after the damage done by the clone plot- in her case, by cooking meals for cleanup volunteers- helped her feel like she was contributing to society. Tina feels like imPort youth involvement doesn’t have to be huge in scale. Helping a friend or housemate can be valuable in its own way, especially if your powers don’t lend themselves to doing heroics.

Utena mostly agrees with the other girls, but she also mentions something another friend brought up: making connections with the natives. "Native or imPort, we’re all in this together, and it’s important to show the public that we’re people, too," she says.

With that lovely quote, the Count closes the episode by thanking his guests and encouraging concerned listeners to take action by organizing, speaking out in the media or Network, and lobbying their elected imPort Ambassadors.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from FALU to OPTIMISM PRIME.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.

[video] little shop, little shop of horrors

[Newt is walking around a halloween store. Having adorned and readorned himself with some of the props along the way, he's now wearing a aviator's hat with goggles on his head, so with his glasses on, he looks a bit like the child-version of Carl from Up. It's highly unclear if he intends to even buy the hat. But he's wearing it, because Newt has to touch and try on EVERYTHING.

You bet he's pushed every since TRY ME button in this place, tested ever demo jumpscare, and contemplated how to make every single prop more authentic and scarier. He can't NOT.]

There has to be some seriously NON-LAME couples costumes in existence. I mean, right? A pair of adults wearing costumes to a party or something--wherever we end up going, or whatever, on the 31st--like, two adults in thematically matching costumes is not, by default, a stupid-ass lame thing. Right?

So then why are all of these so incredibly STUPID?

[A broad gesture takes in packaging for commercially made costumes as he passes by the display. He grabs one for emphasis and pushes the phone's camera toward it dramatically.]

Ketchup and mustard? Plug and socket? They're not even FUNNY? I'm dying over here from the sheer lack of thought put into what has to be one of the most creativity-encouraging holidays in the history of mankind--don't quote me on that--but seriously??

[He stops, distracted by tower of jugs of blood on display, and turns a critical eye to them before snubbing it.]

Please. That doesn't even LOOK real.

[And back to looking at the camera in his hand, wearing the sly, boyish grin of a man who sees something very shiny, wants it, and knows he'll be sleeping on the couch if he buys it.]

A fog-machine is a great investment for any homeowner, right?

02 ▸ VIDEO.

[ Who's that on the screen? Why, it's Reggie "New and Improved" Mantle! Looking awfully... well, a whole lot surlier than he ever tends to look on the network. He's wearing a loose jersey tee and has a backpack slung over his shoulder, evidently in a school hallway. ]

Hey, so! You wanna know what's bullshit? [ He slams his locker door shut for emphasis, hitting his fist against it to make sure it closes. ] And I mean complete and total BS-- you ready? Okay, listen to this.

[ He raises his eyebrows at the screen in an almost matter-of-factly, mocking way, but it's clearly angry, not meant in good humor whatsoever; judging by his tone of voice, which is almost uneasily calm, he's only barely managing to keep his temper in check.

Or not even barely-- the locker is definitely dented where he hit it, and noticeably (perhaps he's a bit strong, who knew!). Reggie narrows his eyes slightly, jaw clenching, but then he continues animatedly:

Guess what we just found out in practice today? Well, apparently football season's ending a little early this year, cuz both Archie and me? Were just fucking suspended from the team, pending-- [ Cue the one-handed air-quotes: ] an "investigation of our powers." Which is obviously a load of crap, because by the time it takes to do all that the season will have actually ended-- and also because Archie and me having powers doesn't make us fucking cheaters!

[ That's about when he loses it, kicking something off-screen. Maybe a trashcan? Damn, he is so mad. ]

So don't bother trying to go see us in any games! [ There's another off-screen crash as something else gets kicked, or maybe punched. ] God! Son of a--

[ Aaaand feed cut, since he's mostly just yelling in frustration now. ]
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001 ★ VIDEO

[As the broadcast begins, it appears as though classes at Heropa High have let out for the day and Josuke has wandered off from his peers. Choosing to nestle himself comfortably beneath an indiscriminate tree, his school bag strewn haphazardly next to him on the grass, a bit of a discontented pout tugs downward upon his lips.

Something has been weighing heavily on his mind all day and, with a rather exaggerated sigh, the sort that one might elicit if they were being forced to do something they didn't want to, he begins.]

Alright, show of hands, how many of you have been here before but don't remember?

[Josuke raises a hand and then drops it into his lap again a moment later. Seems admitting that is like pulling teeth.]

I like the scenery, and there's been a lot of cool stuff to check out around town, but all these people acting like they know me is kind of...

[Exhausting? Frustrating?

He takes a few seconds to ruminate on that, but when he can't seem to find the word he's looking for, he shakes his head and dismisses the thought altogether.]


Instead of dragging this out, I figured I should just hit up everyone at once. Or try. That's what this network is for, right? So if you know me, or knew me, I guess what I'm trying to say is...sorry. I don't really know who any of you are — but I'd like to.

[There, that wasn't so hard, was it?]

The name's Higashikata Josuke. It's nice to meet everyone.

[Managing a small and friendly smile at last, he ends the transmission there.]


[ Video starts off with the image of the saddest looking, middle-aged man you can ever think of. He's already beginning to bald, and his beard is a thin, sad thing. Over all, he looks like a man who had seen some things.

He's also holding the camera upside down. ]

Is this how it works?

[ Someone off camera said, "Yeah, you had it turned on, so you can say anything now."

The man coughed. ]

'ullo. I'm Eddison Tollett. I'm from Westeros.

[ The other voice added, "hey, if you make mentions of your job from home . . . " and it became fainter, but the man named Edd seemed to understand his directions. He nodded in the way that one is still confused but managed to follow some of the logic. ]

Hash tag Night's Watch.

[ There's a pause. He looks up beyond the camera, confused. ]

So that makes it easier to find?

[ "No, you have to type it." Edd now looks a annoyed in a morose tone. ]

How in the seven hells do you people write anything with these tiny things? I can barely pick the fleas off my coat, never mind make tiny letters with tiny words.

[ The messages here are smaller than the scrolls on ravens, and that's something. ]

How do I type it?

[ The anonymous helper told him to press the button to end the recording. Instead, poor Edd sent it to the network instead. ]
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It seems that having small, sentient companions is rather common here on Earth. Can someone explain why so many people seem to want and/or have them? Especially when they are incredibly small and seem to serve no purpose in terms of protection or strength?
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01 || Video

[ He has been learning as much as he possibly can about this world, the diversity in it and some of what is keeping the population, native and non-native alike, on a single planet. Assigning work seems to be meant as a demeaning tactic. The silly play on words isn't lost on him, but it wouldn't be the first time he'd had to start over at the ridiculed bottom.

He is not used to this kind of technology, but he has been learning about it quickly. So there is still a longer than usual pause between when the very distinctive blue-skinned face appears on screen and when he begins talking. ]


I had not intended to make an address so soon. But rather than floundering about on my own, it seemed to make more logical sense to see what others who have gone before me have done. While I have gathered there is no way to completely reverse the gaining of a 'power', what means have proven the most effective for controlling it?

[ The voice is calm, cool and always quiet. Everything about him would likewise be cool if not for his glowing red eyes. Red schlera and red iris. They make a sharp contrast to the rest if his skin. That contrast is what probably accounts for the optical illusion that his gaze is that much more penetrating. ]
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[ in the middle of the night, one barry allen sneaks out from his room and into the kitchen he shares with iris. keeping all the lights off, he uses only his phone light to keep him company. it's useless, though; the speed at which he types produces little flickers of golden light. ]


Raise your hand if you've ever been ported out and ported back in? o/

Keep your hand raised if you were ported out for a month and then ported back in? o/

Keep it raised if you were given a free burger because you were ported out and ported back in? o\

I was pretty hopeful with that one. Can we get that one organized? I can set up a and we can all sign. And get tacos. Spicy sauce, good meat, the lettuce that isn't crap. Anyone know a good taco place?

I'm getting ahead of myself. Midnight is not the perfect time for tacos. 1am is. #tacotime

I'm jw about anyone's experiences with being ported out. Did Beyonce drop another album while I was away? 🍋 Did Taylor finally get her revenge?💃🏻 Does anyone else feel like they've missed absolutely nothing but everything at the same time?

[ one of those questions is not like the other. barry has a very difficult time drilling his thoughts down to be very concise. what he wants to know: has anyone else been ported out and back in, and did they feel completely useless, too? ]

( ooc | fyi, barry is from mid-flashpoint and will be losing his memories if triggered to think back on an event in his life. please feel free to steer the thread to him forgetting something. )
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Dears, I have a question for you! Has anyone who has been here for... let's say, over a year's length of time, although I suppose I won't be too choosy, but has anyone had something about their abilities change from when they first arrived?

Specifically, something that worked one way for a long time, but now works differently?

Has it been a good change for you, or not?
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So this is totally normal, the whole being pulled from another universe to this uh.... Earth? Is that what it's called?

Yeah, Earth.

Anyway, I guess that's to say that I'm new here and trying to figure out how everything works. Otherwise just give me a ring at Your Future is Clear phone psychic service, and I will help you find your path in life.

[ He can't help but try so hard not to laugh. That sounds ridiculous. Jedi he may be, but he's pretty sure the Force shouldn't be used for cheap parlor tricks. ]

Jabba out.

5. Taako Thursday

[Tina is at the Adventure House after school on this day; there's a smidge of glue and some smidges of green makeup on her face.]

So is anybody else going to go trick-or-treating this year? I feel like I'm almost too old for it, but I came up with such a great idea, I couldn't resist...

[She proudly holds up a crude drawing of herself, in a taco costume, with a wizard's hat on.]

A Taako Taco. It's going to be great.