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I'd like to foster discussion about the combined application of imPort powers. Aside from a motley of crime-fighting (or crime-causing, as the case may be) teams, I don't think that imPorts as a group give enough consideration to the combined application of powers. Each of us has a limited scope of powers, but when strategically combined with the powers of other imPorts, our abilities can be amplified exponentially.

I'd like to discuss this hypothesis and the practical applications of such efforts.

For example, if someone with power over metal or mechanical systems were to team up with someone with the power to manipulate electrical systems, someone with the ability to generate weather systems (specifically, to create atmosphere, if only on a small scale), and perhaps someone with the ability to teleport, could we not--with four people of moderate ability and a reasonable amount of technical knowledge--create a colony on the moon?

What other accomplishments might we be able to create? I've got the ability to manipulate electrical systems and the ability to amplify the magical fields and abilities of others, in addition to an enthusiast's knowledge of engineering and mechanical science. And I've got a friend who can teleport. So we're theoretically halfway to a moon colony already.

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Aug. 8th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[ Skeets is floating in front of a mirror, using the network with his brain because he can't be bothered to hold the communicator today. Yes, he is a football-sized small gold robot. ]

Hello Network, if we haven't met already my name is Skeets. Professor Skeets, actually. I teach history at De Chima University.

Recently I have been considering teaching something else, so this post is meant to gauge interest -- are you from a world that doesn't have the Internet? Are you from an era before and after contemporary Internet culture? Are you too old to get it? If you're interested, I can explain the Internet to you.

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Aug. 7th, 2017 08:22 pm
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So how do the rest of you entertain yourselves when you can't have marathon sex to pass the time? Or whatever it is you normally do to keep yourself busy, I suppose.

I should have asked this a week ago, but it would be a good idea to have some suggestions in mind if I get stuck in such an unfortunate situation again.


Jun. 27th, 2017 02:15 pm
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[To slouch; a lazy, drooping posture or movement. Godric seems to have mastered the art of this form on a couch that appears to be in a quiet coffee shop somewhere. An untouched cup of coffee sits steaming on the table where he's propped his communicator. He lifts his coffee as he speaks, cradling it in his hands, but doesn't take a sip.]

Do you find that your life here is an improvement or a burden? Do you find yourself valuing things you have here that you did not have back home? Or alternatively, are there things you miss that you cannot hope to find here?

And if given the choice, would you stay or go?

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May. 2nd, 2017 09:34 pm
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Greetings, Network. My name is Skeets. As new imports come trickling in again, I have something important for us to discuss.

As you're aware, imPorts by definition do not come from this Earth and are instead from various alternate universes. Some of us come from the same or similar worlds to each other, while others come from vastly different ones. This has created an organizational problem for me in my file-keeping. I'd like to categorize known worlds but as of yet I haven't many records of names.

I believe it's about time we agreed on some names for our home universes to make things easier - not just for data collection but also to make it easier for us to talk about them.

Skeets has a survey, under the cut for your convenience )
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[Noah turns on the video feed, looking sort of like he has a joke he can't wait to tell.]

Hey, what day is it?

[It's simple data collection. He wants to know how many people here have seen the seminal film of his generation.

But behind the smile on his face, there's a slighter edge of hesitance, and after a few moments he leans in a little closer to the camera.]

Um, and for anyone who knew her, Blue Sargent went home over the weekend. I don't know if she'll come back or whatever, but... yeah.

[Daily wisdom: when you're trying not to cry on the network, start with a meme.]

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Sep. 19th, 2016 02:50 pm
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Richard Gansey, Ronan Lynch, and Henry Cheng have all been sent home. They've been gone a few days.

If there's anything outstanding from either of them that you need help with, let one of the rest of us know and we'll do our best to work it out.

[ Everything's fine, everything's fine. Someone needed to do this though, and if Adam's brusque business like statement is a little off well, just don't bring it up. ]
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[Superman looks honestly just....

Tired. He reaches to rub the bridge of his nose before he speaks, wondering how to even put it into words. Oh, he knows what he wants to say, knows what he wants to do. But it would be unfair to out someone without giving them a chance to work things out in this place, to become a better person.

Except, last time he tried that it ended up with him kidnapped in Crane’s basement.]

If someone from your world appeared here, someone who you knew was capable of really awful things… would you warn people?

Or would you give them a chance to be different in this place?
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[There's the sound of fumbling and a little bit of unintelligible muttering before any real words are spoken - the communicator isn't hard to figure out, but it still takes some practice to get the hang of.]

-- this button here, and then-- oh, there we go. Have I got it? Hello.

[Alfie's voice is deep and rumbly, and very Cockney. He switches on the video next. It's zoomed in too close on him to give any real clues to his surroundings - there's just the back of a couch and a blank wall visible behind him - but his clothes are clearly old-fashioned.]

Fucking fantastic, these things. Looking at your little images on the screen, it's like you're really there. Yeah, wonderful picture quality. I'm very impressed. But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, should I - bigger and bolder seems like something of a trend here. I discovered one of your supermarkets earlier this morning. Fucking hell, the size of that place. Entire aisles set aside for nothing but ketchup; for ice cream. Hats off to the future, eh?

[And since he's actually wearing a top hat, he goes ahead and tips it.

But despite his conversational tone, his eyes are deadly serious. He narrows them a little, as he peers closer at the screen. He seems calm and affable, sure - but if you look behind that front, it's clear that he is very much not happy with how his day is going.]

Right. How many people am I speaking to, right now? Is it just those who've been brought here like me, or do I also have the pleasure of the army's company?

[Because he would like to have words.]


Aug. 20th, 2016 04:35 pm
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[There's a shot of the sky, the edge of a building, then Silk's foot. Finally, she turns the camera on herself, scratching at her cheek under her trademark red scarf.]

Okay, so I know it's just a knock-off, and the little monsters don't look the same at all, plus the names are kind of dumb but... I'm addicted. I don't even have the excuse of nostalgia since I'm from another universe! It still just... feels the same.

Maybe I already bought some of the stuffed toys.

Anyways, what I'm trying to ask is, is anyone else playing MonMon Walk? You'd better be on the zappy team.

...Also, if the devs see this, please make it so I can hatch eggs while I'm swinging. Please?

[There's a long pause, before Silk gives an awkward wave and shoots out a webline, the video cutting out just as she steps off the building.]
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[As the feed begins, you, the ever committed viewer are presented with the image of a young man reclining on a couch that he’s presently appropriated for himself. To the more studious observer this young man has some little tells that just may give way who he is. The green eyes, the dark hair, better still is all of the green and gold armor, or maybe it’s the horned headgear…or perhaps you’ve met him in another life?

And for those who haven’t had the catastrophic pleasure, the day is still very young.

For his part, the young man appears to be more amused than hindered by his current predicament, or maybe he’s just really good at hiding it.]

It took me a little while to figure out what really bothers me about this realm, I paced my lovely new quarters, home to my lovely new housemates, [wiggles his fingers at the camera, if you’re out there lovely housemates “hello”] for a full hour before it hit me suddenly!

[His eyes go wide and bright for a moment.]

It isn’t the downsizing of my power, although that is really, really inconvenient and it makes me feel very sad on the inside. [Do you see his sad face, his terrible pout, it’s an awful pout.]

It isn’t the fact that I miss The All-Mother dogging my every waking moment, because I really do not. There is only so many times that the head of one’s mother can make an appearance in the punch bowl before one throws their hands in the air and declares themselves done. I lose more neighbors that way.

[What the Hel is he going on about?]

It is possible that I do miss my brother a bit, just a bit, but shush, that’s a secret. [Not so big a secret apparently.] That’s not what’s bothering me either, can you imagine? What’s bothering me is this: who comes up with all of these super hero and super villain names? I read comic books, I know generic when it cold-cocks me. Why, just the other day I was blindsided by a heavy-handed, well-meaning doer of good, upholder of lofty justice, and I can still hear the ringing in my ears!

[Now we’re at the heart of it, the meat and potatoes, the problem to end all problems. You'll have to forgive his wild tangents, he does that sometimes.]

What’s the secret? Is there a committee of seventy-three specific people involved? Do the unwashed masses come together and vote? Or, by Odin’s empty eye socket, do you unfortunate souls choose these names yourself?

[These are serious life-altering questions here, that require your serious, consideration! And, of course, someone needs to shut him up or he will go on like this all day.]


Aug. 10th, 2016 02:29 pm
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Do all names have meaning?

I thought they were only sounds. Things you knew to answer to. I was wrong.

What meanings are there? To... anyone who reads this?

[He really could have phrased it better, but "what does your name mean" sounds too informal for his liking, so there you go.]
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[This is a view from the bottom of a very tall hill - a small mountain, if you will - that is also very steep and has a small cart at the top. Standing next to the cart is Adam Parrish. He looks doubtful.]

This is for posterity, Parrish. In case we die.

[Running a hand over his face, Adam’s faint voice can be heard in all it’s horrifically accented glory.]

I should never have let you watch those Jackass reruns. It’s not the nineties anymore.

[Ronan makes a noise.]

Don’t pussy out on me now-

[Ronan sets the camera down and gets in the shot; the angle such as it can catch the entire length of the hill. He heads up, and there is a moment of bickering at the top that the camera doesn’t catch because that’s how far up they are. The bickering is good natured for all that - they’re not really fighting. They’re just arguing for the joy of arguing. Chainsaw is sitting at the front of the cart and she occasionally contributes her opinions in the form of cawing.

And then Adam scowls, gets in the cart, and Ronan gets in behind him. Apparently, Lynches celebrate birthdays with spectacular feats of stupidly racing down things, because Ronan pushes them. They’re both screaming after a moment, and Chainsaw opens her wings and flies away before they crash at the bottom.

Now they’re right in distance for the camera to catch them, a pile of boys at the bottom of the hill, with Ronan making a noise that’s laughing and Adam-

Adam Parrish, resident misanthropist, who has never been seen really smiling on the network (or anywhere the public can see) is smiling too, and pushing at Ronan.]

That was really fuckin’ stupid. [He’s still grinning though, far too fond as he untangles himself and moves to check out the pretty wicked scrape now on his arm. It’s then that he catches sight of their recording, moving to pick it up and hand it back to its owner when he gets a look at it properly.] Did you press something different?.

What? [He looks up. Ronan Lynch, who has never posted to the Network, didn’t realize that the red button for record and the green button for stream were different things. This is what you get when you hate phones. He gets up, and rolls his eyes, and switches it off.]
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[Hi, everyone. Have a view focused on a tray of fresh, hot pastries.]

While I was making these, I had a thought. Everybody here has obviously originally come from all sorts of different times and places, which makes for a lot of interesting conversations. Despite being someone who enjoys cooking and baking, I've never really asked about differences in food. So, if you feel like sharing the information, tell about your favorite dishes from your original universes. I'm curious.

[And then the view of the camera focuses on Wanda's face.]

Those things that you just saw are called kiflice. They're sweet pastries, and some of my favorite things to make and eat. I've filled some with hazelnut spread and the others with plum jam; you can fill them with anything you want, really, but those are my two favorite fillings for them.
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[the teenager in the video is wearing a green beanie. it must be new because there's still a price tag poking out behind his left ear. he beams at the camera with the slightly choreographed but earnest good nature of a closet introvert on his first day of school.

his eyes are slightly small, a telltale sign for those who fraternitize with potheads.]

Hi! I'm Joe. I guess I must have like, retrograde amnesia or something because I found this folder of brochures and stuff about a Porter and superheroes and nanomachines and whatever but I don't remember any of it from before? Anyway I just have a couple questions.

Number one. My neighbor is eleven and he told me their classroom pet just died, and I told the school I'm going to get them new ones. Then I started to think about, you know, the ethics of making animals that don't need to eat or poo. I mean, I'm not super religious, Darwinism seems kinda accurate, and even though I'm a vegan but I get that cows were just way too small for the industry before we had breeds. Mankind has been messing around with genetics for a long time. But it seems like a slippery slope, right? When does messing with life itself turn into like-- the crippling hubris that comes with the presumption of human convenience? Will Mother Nature fight back? Does the balance correct itself? You know? And is it important for eleven-year-olds to learn about cleaning poop? And if someone like, hypothetically... [he pauses with the subtlety of a bsod.] got a bird that doesn't eat or poopoo, and they decided it was unethical to give it to fifth graders, what should he do with it? And before anyone asks, it has a butthole and a mouth hole.

Okay. [he sucks in air as if he'd started to run out partway through that ramble (probably).] Okay. My other question is, does anyone else want to do a juice cleanse? Because I guess I was doing some kind of messed up diet. I lost twenty pounds and had like three hundred pills in my cabinet, but I feel super bloated and gross. Right now, I'm seriously even willing to consider wheatgrass or cod oil even though I usually can't stand the taste of fishy burps. And, you know, vegan. I could use a diet buddy. Or a group. I'm into groups. But not yoga or weights or meditation.

Hiking, I love hiking. And four-wheeling. If anyone sees an olive colored ATV with a 1984 sticker around, that's mine.

Okay get back to me. Later! [he waves enthusiastically at the camera, then hangs up.]
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[The video comes on, just a bit crooked, to show a scrawny teenager sitting in tall grass. He gives the camera a business-like nod, and then holds up a piece of paper, covered in blocky, red writing, to the lens.]

This is my bucket list.

[Self-explanatory, from the title.]

Who can help me with any of it? [He tilts it back to scan the list again.] Like, I'm pretty sure fireworks will be pretty easy, but I don't really know where to find a red panda. [A little nose wrinkle.] ... Or a volcano.

[That's it. That's the broadcast. He gives the camera a boyish smile and a thumbs up.]
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[ Here is Gansey, looking a little strange. He’s wearing a navy-blue sweater emblazoned with a raven – an Aglionby school sweater, over what appears to be ordinary clothes. His shoulders and hair are damp, like he’s been rained on, and he looks strangely pale. Despite that, he’s displaying a welcoming smile, and his hazel eyes are bright and vital with some emotion he’s holding back. ]

Apparently, I vanished yesterday.

I say apparently because it feels more like several weeks ago, but according to this – [ he holds up one of De Chima’s daily newspapers – a tabloid, headlined with speculation about the upcoming import elections ] – it’s only been a day.

A lot can happen in a day. Sometimes things that give you perspective.

Can I ask – the school year is almost over. Some of you will be graduating. I will. Which is odd, because I was here for eight months, and then I went home and it was Fall again, and Senior year was just beginning. I’m not completely sure what age I am now. I turned eighteen a couple of months ago.

[ Which, he actually never mentioned. It had seemed like there were more important things to be getting along with, and the thought of getting older in the wrong world had annoyed Gansey anyway. He’d kept quiet. Now, if he could do that over again, he thinks he’d celebrate it more – even though he’s only mentioning it now because it’s relevant to this. ]

Then I go home, and I’m seventeen again, so now I don’t even know what counts. Graduation will, though, I know that much.

So: to everyone else who’s graduating. Or even if you’re not, even if it’s just that you see change coming for you. What are your plans? Will you work, will you travel? What would you like to do, ideally? I think I’m ready for it to be summer again.

Private )

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Jun. 6th, 2016 12:26 pm
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[First things first. Alberto Reyes is new here, and though he's gotten his happy reunion with his family and all that, he still has a lot of questions about the new world he's been unceremoniously dropped into. He's far from a stranger to all of this superhero stuff, seeing as he's from a world full of them himself, but alternate realities? All of this Cold War business? That's definitely news to him.

But he's got another pressing concern right now-- one that he should probably deal with sooner rather than later. So howdy, Heropa (and all other associated locales), howyadoin': have a very perplexed man in his late 30's, dark eyes squinting quizzically into the camera.

Hello, everyone. I wasn't sure of where to ask this, so I thought I'd try the network. I was told that I was assigned to become a 'blogger'.

[A beat. Berto blinks.]

...What, exactly, is a blog?


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