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Feb. 10th, 2016 06:56 pm
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Hey there, imPorts, I’m Captain Tucker. [he’s standing alone in front of the camera, though. the reason becomes apparent when a sallow palm waves in front of it, indicating whoever’s filming.] And I’m… I guess still private? Whatever. It’s just Church.

And we’re here to help you get the most out of your valentine’s this year.

[there’s a displeased grunt; sounds like somebody resents being involved.] Well. He is. I’m here to make sure that his advice doesn’t totally ruin your lives.

Wow, thanks for the endorsement, asshole. [Tucker snorts but does not look fazed in the least.] Everyone knows Valentine’s was created to help singles get laid, so that’s what we’re going to help you do.

Oh, my god. No, it absolutely wasn’t. Doesn’t it usually just make them feel like shit? I thought everybody spent Singles’ Awareness Day in the company of booze and Netflix. [They, Church?? Who do you mean by THEY.]

Sure they do, if they don’t have any of my guaranteed patented pick up lines. [Someone stop him.] Now, when you give one of these lines, it’s all about the delivery. The confidence. Say it knowing you’ll get laid. Jesus christ.

So, here are some lines you can use, free of charge, courtesy me. Jesus christ. [He clears his throat, stands up taller.] Hey, baby, if I flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head? Even less than your chances of getting tail. Oh - or: I hear you're looking for a stud, I've got the std, all I need is u. Wh-- How the hell is that a selling point? You might as well just introduce yourself as Jerkoff McCrotchrot.

Better yet! I'm an astro-gynecologist and my next mission is to explore Uranus. [Church’s voice is getting steadily louder and more indignant.] Oh, come on! That’s not even what a gynecologist does! Oh man or: Do you work at Subway? Because you gave me a footlong. That is not how b-- Ugh.

Seriously. Have any of these ever actually worked for you? Any of them. Please. I need to know.

They got me Wash didn’t they? I’d say that guarantees they work.

Pffft, yeah right. You couldn’t-- Sorry, wait, what? Who!? [The feed snaps off suddenly, but not before the microphone catches a second of wordless shrieking.]

001 - Video

Feb. 6th, 2016 09:18 pm
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[The video clicks on to reveal another of the network's newest members, the blue-haired, punk rock teen that is Chloe Price. She's sitting somewhere outside, a balcony maybe, and [eople who know Sarah Manning will recognize it as the balcony outside of her apartment. She's straddling the back of a chair, arms folded across it, showing off the sleeve tattoo on her arm. There's a lit cigarette dangling from between two fingers, and it bounces as her hand moves nervously, eyes studying the screen to try and figure out if it's working. The communicator is sitting on the table in front of her, and the blue-haired teen reaches out to give it a poke.]

I guess this thing is on. Okay.


[She gives a two-finger wave with her cigarette.]

Name's Chloe, I'm new, just got...sucked up into this weird-ass fuckin' world like the rest of you. Guess it's cool enough so far? Aside from the cold war and Russian kidnappings? Don't really get all that but whatever. Glad I missed it. Let's see, what else. I like long walks on the beach, bad movies and punk rock music.

[She smirks.]

That's what this thing is for right? 'Getting to know our fellow imports?' Man, whatever.

[She rolls her eyes.]

Okay, so, social media bullshit out of the way. [She takes a drag on her cigarette then flicks it away, reaching out to scoop up her cell-phone from home and holding it up to the camera.]

Anyone know how to get my pictures and shit off this and onto this. [She taps the phone then points at the communicator.]

I don't have a laptop or anything to do a normal file swap and I kiiiiiinda don't wanna lose my stuff when the battery on this thing craps out. Probably not gonna get a lot of chances for pictures from home, right?

Anyway, that's it. Hit me up if you want, I got allllll the time in the world.

[She reaches out to scoop up the communicator, but stops right before shutting it off.]

Oh! And if anybody needs a tattoo or a piercing, I'm your girl. Place actually gave me a kinda kick-ass job. Later.

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(going from apocalypse to sunny north carolina is not exactly how wendy expected her day to turn out. especially without her friends around. not to mention, the last time she saw government officials, they were raiding the mystery shack, so needless to say, she's pretty on edge and isn't even sure if this is reality or bill dumping more weirdness on her.

her grip is firm on her crossbow, and when she's handed her file, her anger goes boiling over.)
What the hell is this?! How do you guys even know this about me?!

(the agent ignores her, instead directing her to the car to take her to her home here. before another word gets out, she flings her crossbow up and shoves the file in her back pocket.) Get back! Get back or I'll break your arm like I broke the Discount Auto Mart Warrior's! (she's told something like calm down, don't do anything rash, things like that, but she only backs away even more, and after firing a warning shot arrow at the guy's feet, she makes a break for it and hurriedly loses herself in the crowd.) Psh, like I'm trusting anything that has anything to do with this place...

(video, nonah)

(later on, wendy turns her comm device, after fiddling around with it. most of her anger has ebbed away, but there's still a decent amount of frustration in her. she's got scrapes and bruises here and there, definitely looking worse for the wear. getting taken away from defending your hometown can do that to you. with her crossbow in one hand, and a bag of chip in the other, she's taken to practicing her aim on nearby trees. she... might occasionally divert her aim and accidentally come close to hitting people. probably people that give her weird looks.) So, anyone wanna tell me how much of this is real or fake? Am I gonna say some codeword and wake up in another bubble prison? I don't trust the suits anymore than I can spit because of conspiracies or whatever.

(she stops her next shot as her eyes widen in surprise.) Man, I'm turning into Dipper...

[ Text ]

Feb. 2nd, 2016 10:15 am
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[ Kaneki never catches a break, does he?

Between being kidnapped and all the shitty things that involved, for the past months the Porter has been sending home people Kaneki knows, one by one. Uta, Mutsuki, Hinami (who eventually returned), Touka- and now Hide.

Who is Kaneki's boyfriend. Was? How is that even going to work anymore? If he returns with no memories of this place, then what happens? Kaneki doesn't want to think about it; he is tired of everything. ]

Nagachika Hideyoshi was Ported out.

After what happened, maybe that's actually a good thing. We can no longer say things here are uneventful, can we? Speaking of that - thank you.
[ for rescuing them. ] A lot happened back there, everything was a mess, but if anyone has questions I will answer them. [ he is talking about the guard the Russians killed for him, yes. ]
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[When the imPorts open their comms, they will come face to face with an uncharacteristic image, ensuring that even imPorts who attempt to ignore broadcasts at large will see it. This is, after all, relevant to each and every imPort.

The image is nothing more than a black screen with white text superimposed on it: STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

After a moment, the image will be quickly replaced by one of L. Chases, seated at her desk, hands folded in front of her. Her expression may be grim, but it is firm, and there is nothing but ferocity behind her stare.]

Attention all imPorts, [she starts off, voice crisp and clear.]

We are now in a state of national emergency. As of January 20th, the USSR has officially declared war on the United States, effectively endangering not only the people of America, but the world as a whole. In this time of need there is a strong chance we may have to call upon you, imPorts, to do your duty in protecting your own.

As a part of this declaration of war, the USSR has abducted approximately fifty imPorts, a number which may yet continue to grow. We do not yet know how this was accomplished, but you have our word that our intelligence is active and ready to uncover what form of technology could abduct you from afar.

We are currently in talks with foreign aid and the UN. Retaliation is a risky prospect, but I assure you, we will retaliate. That time draws near, and when it does, we will be asking for your assistance.

Until then, stay aware, alert, and cautious, imPorts. We cannot afford to lose any more of you, and more importantly, your fellows cannot afford it.

[And with that, her broadcast ends. There will be no replies.]


Jan. 12th, 2016 04:04 pm
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[It’s not immediately evident whether the face on screen is male or female--Yuri’s got long, pretty hair and the facial features are ambiguous enough to throw some doubt. But he’s voiced by Troy Baker so that clears up pretty fast, after he’s spent some time frowning at the camera in consternation.]

This thing’s kind of a pain in the ass to use, but I guess it could be pretty useful. If this is even working right now. I might as well be talking to myself for all I can tell.

Anyway. Not much to say. My name’s Yuri, and I need a sparring partner. Nothing fancy, just a friendly match. I’ve got to try out a couple of things. [Yuri grins, forgetting his annoyance with the communicator as he taps his sheathed sword against his shoulder. His expression suggests that ‘friendly’ and ‘potentially injurious’ are not mutually exclusive.] I’ll buy you a drink for the trouble.

[But a good fight should really be its own reward.]

Also, if anyone knows of any work in Maurtia Falls... [Yuri looks down at something, probably his file, eyebrow arching] Since I’ve got no idea what a ‘rap lyricist’ or a ‘raccoon’ is, I have a feeling this isn’t going to work out too well. But I’m a pretty good cook and I know my way around a fight, which seems like a good enough skillset for this town.

[He gives the communicator another dubious look.]


005; video

Dec. 25th, 2015 11:19 pm
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[epsilon is, for the first time ever, too lazy to go through the rigamarole of trying to convey his annoyance through voice and hologram. he made carolina dump him back in the android so that he could enjoy the spread if he had to sit through dinner, but it seems like the novelty has worn off (read: the tank is full) and he's retreated to a corner to whine at the network. he is also wearing one of his hanukkah gifts.] Alright, listen. I know y'all've got better things to worry about, but I need to put my foot down. [he stringently ignores a distant kerfuffle behind him; though there's an orange and black blur that JINGLES its way past him, the deepening in his frown is probably just subconscious. or maybe in response to the sudden screeching coming from the kitchen. that tinkly little blur DID almost seem to have a drumstick shape near the front, didn't it? might explain the clamor coming from the other room.]

Christmas is officially over as of... [he glances offscreen briefly, checking the timestamp in the corner of his field of vision. this doesn't mean much, since... he can never remember which date is actually the important one and which is 'eve' or whatever.] Whatever. Whenever. Soon. The point is, the time for holiday cheer has officially come to an end. That means no more decorations, no more forced friendliness, and most importantly!

No more carols. If I have to listen to one more bubblegum trash ballad about giving hearts away or wanting somebody as a present, I'm gonna die. Just spontaneously expire. Seriously, how anybody makes it through two solid fucking months of the same chirpy songs is completely beyond my compre--

[the helmet that flies in from the other room is... pretty recognizable. also? pretty heavy. and pretty accurately dead center in the back of his skull. church responds to this quite eloquently, by tipping over and bringing the frame with him, cursing loudly for a moment before he shuts the feed off. replies will probably be after things at H003 have calmed down slightly. um. relatively, rather.]
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[It's Christmas, sure, but Maya's not really one to celebrate it.

Neither's Edgeworth. Bad things have always happened in December. Bad memories. Bad fights.

That's probably why today was just really not the day for them to be in the same room. After Maya had dared to suggest using some of Mia Fey's tactics for his investigation, Edgeworth had snapped and insulted the elder Fey, unaware of her demise.

Now, Maya sits under a streetlight in Heropa on a curb, surrounded by the quiet of the dark. It's hard to see her face with the lack of light and all, but she's not smiling quite the way she usually does.]

Hey, so... is everything closed on Christmas?

I thought stuff'd be open.

[...It probably doesn't help that she just took off in any which direction instead of going somewhere specific, but she hadn't been thinking. She hadn't known what to do. Phoenix wasn't there, Mia wasn't there... What could she do?]

Sooo. What's everybody doing tonight? For, you know. Celebrations.

[She just wants something to talk about-- something to take her mind off the argument-- and is doing her best to keep a smile on. Too bad it doesn't look like a real one.]
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[The video feed starts of with Felix holding the camera. He's wearing his armor and helmet, so you can't see his face, but he somehow manages to look bored anyway. It's also not his house. Oh no, this is someone else's place.]

Okay, you know what I'm getting sick and tired off? Giving people advice about their lives. People here have such boring problems and most of them don't really matter. So. I'm going to give you guys some advice that's actually useful.

So today, I'm doing a special edition of Dear Felix. You're all getting some special advice, from the bottom of my heart.

[And then he reaches off camera and- okay that's knives. That's a bunch of throwing knives. Okay. Felix just holds them up to the camera.]

I'm going to show you how to throw these babies, because people just don't appreciate them anymore. Don't get me wrong, guns? Guns are great! But they're so fucking dull sometimes! Plus, hey, it's never a bad thing to be versatile. Alright! [He stands up, pointing the camera at the wall. He has every intention of throwing the knife straight at it.] Now let me just-

[An armoured glove appears from behind gripping Felix’s wrist, stopping him mid-throw.]


[A filtered voice echoes through the room as Locus comes into view making their already distinctive height difference more pronounced. At 6’4 he’s more than a foot taller than his partner and broader too. A distinction Locus uses to his advantage when he grabs Felix by the back of the collar and calmly lifts him up off the floor by nearly a foot.]

I warned you.

[Infamous last words with Locus having every intention of throwing the bad kitty out of his house.

And then there's Felix, handling it with all the grace of a- Well, with all the grace of Felix.]

Damn it, Locus, I'm trying to do a thing- You are such an asshole, I swear to god, FUCK-

[And that's when the video cuts off. Enjoy the sight of a grown man being lifted like an angry cat, network.]


Nov. 16th, 2015 04:55 pm
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[ Ramir shows up in an obviously planned shot, dead center in a dark room, chin propped up on her hand as she leans on a table. ]

Man, November sucks. Last month we had Halloween, next month we got Christmas, what do we have this month? Just, like… turkeys. The American turkey holiday. Great, I know I can’t fucking wait.

But hang on, don’t despair, I’m here with good news! Coming soon to a Heropa downtown near you: Krakatoa!

[ Cue: lights! They snap on pretty much all at once, and the scene transforms. Suddenly it’s all oranges and reds, tropical and bright and flashy, and clearly the inside of a (currently empty) club. She gestures grandly around her, grinning. ]

What the hell is Krakatoa, you ask? Besides that big volcano that killed a bunch of people like a million years ago? Just the hottest imPort-owned and operated clubstaurant this dimension has ever seen! Show up during the day for some really fucking tasty food — I borrowed the Iceberg’s very best chef, where he wasn’t getting anywhere near the appreciation he should be, and his meals are practically as killer as the eruption was. But then! Hang around into the evening to see the whole thing transform into a dance floor! Still hungry? Don’t worry! I got him chained up in the kitchen to keep churning out the food, there’s insanely tasty appetizers popping out all night.

Also, even better news, I’m still hiring! Looking for snappy dressers who don’t suck — cooks, servers, bar tenders, dancers, whatever. Just get your good-looking butt down here before we open next Friday!

[ There’s a PDF flyer attached with the address and hours, in the same stylish red/orange tropical theme. ]

Oh, yeah, and— imPorts get half off on everything on opening night, then 20% off for the rest of our collective lives, so basically no one here has any excuse not to stop by.

[ private, individually to Jo, Dave, Maine, and Jonathan (Joestar): ]

I mentioned this was happening next week, right? [ didn’t. she definitely didn’t. (but hey at least Jojo is probably mostly on the same page, one out of four isn’t bad) ] Hope your Friday schedule is clear!


Nov. 16th, 2015 01:13 pm
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[ York's normally pretty casual when he makes calls on the network, but for this broadcast he makes sure to look a bit more professional and have his remarks prepared in advance. ]

Well, hello. Hope everyone's having a great evening so far. My name is York, and today I want to talk to you about safety and security. I think it's obvious to most of us that not everyone with super powers has the best of intentions. There are a lot of considerations, then, when it comes to securing our property and our own peace of mind. Since I've arrived here I've had the opportunity to see firsthand a lot of situations where an increase in security measures are called for. I'm still researching, but I want to start where I am with things and give clients the option to be part of this process—learning what can be done to secure their property and implementing those measures.

Okay, so, basically what this boils down to is that my first clients to sign up will get free upgrades for the next...however long this process takes, plus discounted rates. I'm in the middle of learning what measures the banks here have in place for these purposes—my service is tailored to residential applications, but the principles will be the same. I'm going to be straightforward with you—I don't do gimmicks. No offers or sales, just honesty.

Here's my credentials: I'm a former military security and infiltration specialist, and in addition to my own knowledge I have an onboard AI consultant. Any solutions we don't learn about based on what the banks and government installations have in place, we'll be able to invent on our own. Just let me know if you have any specific concerns when it comes to securing your own property and we'll work out an answer.


Nov. 13th, 2015 10:49 am
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It's that time again where all the pretty new faces start showing up. You are all probably confused, but the only thing you have to know is this face, because I am beautiful.

[ Finger frames. He'll give them a second to take it all in. ]

Remember it, because it will be useful for many reasons.

This face belongs to Jinseok Jin--me--and it is important for you to live. Not just because I am very handsome, but I am also one of the imPort Spokespeople, and to everyone who is pretty and lost, I can help you. Together, me and you, one on one. I can make sure you settle well.

Except if you are ugly, then Ana Ramir will help you.
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[ The video feed clicks on and reveals an extreme close up of an extremely pissed off Clarisse, who scowls down at her communicator, messing with the various buttons. After a couple seconds, she figures out how to zoom out. ]

This is how people are communicating now? Seems like more trouble than it's worth, if you ask me.

[ Which nobody did, but too bad! She has bigger fish to fry, so to speak. ]

Whatever. Listen, if there are any teachers watching this, I'm just letting you know that I'm not going to be attending your stupid mortal school. So don't bother sending someone after me about that. You think I'm scared of your truant officers? Yeah, right.

[ The feed clicks off! … Then immediately back on. ]

Oh, but I'll do the job you gave me, though. Probably.

[ The feed clicks off! … And then on again! She's getting the hang of this thing! Kind of. ]

One more thing. Let me know where the best sword fighting arena is. If there isn't one, I guess I can hit up a gym, but an arena is better.

[ A FINAL CLICK, and she's gone again. Not even a thank you. ]


Oct. 24th, 2015 06:14 pm
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[Earlier this evening, people in Heropa might have noticed some fireworks in all colors of the rainbow going off above house #11. Fun! If kind of seasonally inappropriate! Those police sirens that followed were probably totally unrelated.

But now, there’s just a young voice posting this message to the network. In the background you can just make out other people talking about normal things, like paperwork and donuts and suspected robberies.

Hey. We only get one call so if Grunkle Stan Pines or Agent Washington could come to the Heropa sheriff's office that would be great. Thanks.

[ Text ]

Oct. 12th, 2015 12:46 am
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I have been here for over year and a month. I have been sent home, I have seen people leaving and not returning, and I see nearly every month someone telling us over the network a person is gone. Someone I knew was sent back recently. That's not what I want to talk about, I already had my tantrum when Annie left.

But this person was three years ahead in my world. I was told few things that will happen to me in the future, things that I want to stop from happening. But these are things that will happen because they already have, even if I haven't lived them. Yet. Timelines are such a mess here.

So I wonder, how many people would want to know about their future. Or if that has already happened. And if there is a way to change it. Even though you lose all your memories of this place when you are sent back, yes I know.


Oct. 9th, 2015 03:30 pm
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[Being unused to using the video function, Maine's frowning when the recording starts, still trying to prop his phone up so he can free up his hands. After a moments pause, where you all get to stare at the usually rather intimidating freelancer fumble with a stack of papers, he holds one up, upon which he's written in frankly atrocious handwriting;]

Four cats here, need new homes
Might have to pass inspection with Wash
Being very particular about it

[After holding that up for a solid 30 seconds, he gets up before disappearing from frame entirely, leaving his phone where it's propped. There is nothing to see save the couch for a few seconds before Maine returns, all four cats in hand. Why didn't he gather the animals beforehand? Why does Maine do anything the way he does? They're all deposited on the couch, and when he sits back down, he grabs one of them along with another piece of paper. Both are held up to the viewer. On the paper, someone else (the handwriting is much better better) has written some helpful facts about the cat. After about a minute, both are set down and another pair of cat & paper is collected. Maine repeats the process for the last two. The cats, in order are;

- Black long-hair, "1 year, male. Sweet-tempered. Needs lots of attention. Would do best in a home with lots of people around."
- Short-haired tabby, "3 years, female. Nervous, shy disposition, but a great lap cat. Would need a patient owner."
- Ginger short-hair. "9 months, female. Bossy and demanding, but loving and playful. Would do better as an only pet."
- Tortoiseshell. "5 years, female. Likes ear scratches, laid back. Not very active, would want a more relaxed atmosphere."

After depositing the tortie on the floor, in true Maine fashion, he reaches over to end the feed with no further explanation for the methods used here, who Wash is, or why he has all these cats to give away in the first place.]
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[You know what sucks? Being told on one of your first days here that ah, no, you're going to be on a live TV show. When you have no TV experience.

That lack of experience is probably evident on Maya's face when the camera pans in on the tiny recording space, where she's sitting in a chair too big for her and wearing clothes that don't suit her. As the intro jingle ends, the camera zooms slowly in on her.]

Um... Hi.

I'm... Maya Fey, and...

[She freezes up.

It would be one thing if this was something she's excited for. Like, like being an extra in the Steel Samurai Revolution Z special movie that was due next fall. That would be something. But this... this is out of nowhere, after she's been told she's living with an Edgeworth that doesn't remember her and that Phoenix is nowhere to be found.

This sucks.

Past the camera, someone hisses, Read the prompter!

Maya nods.]

I'm Maya Fey, and this is, uh... That's So Maya, Millennial.... Mysticism.

[The same voice hisses, energy!

And Maya's face sours. Well! It's not like they've given her all that much prompting before now, since they rushed her and wouldn't listen to her, but... here goes.]

I'm here to take your questions about love, money, and your fu... what?

[She frowns again at the screen.]

I thought I said, I'm not that kind of--

[The feed flicks off for a minute, reading Technical Difficulties. When it flicks back on, Maya is smiling, sitting more comfortably in her seat, like a cat. Like a cat about to enact some revenge.]

Hello everyone! Sorry for that delay. I'm Maya Fey, your host for Millennial Mysticism! Which, I might add, could have had a better title. Just saying.

I'm here to take your questions about love and money and all of that! So if you're ready to have your privacy spilled out all over public broadcast, just call in!

[And with a grin like a cheshire cat, she puts her hands together.]

Thanks so much for your calls ahead of time! Let's look forward to a bright future together, okay?

[You wanted energy, news team. Here's energy.

OOC: Feel free to call in with a question to have her answer on air... and don't worry, she'll get herself introduced to everyone a bit more properly in the future. Some test drive threads are being used as canon as well, so it's ok if people have recognised her from around the streets of Heropa recently. ]


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