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[ York's normally pretty casual when he makes calls on the network, but for this broadcast he makes sure to look a bit more professional and have his remarks prepared in advance. ]

Well, hello. Hope everyone's having a great evening so far. My name is York, and today I want to talk to you about safety and security. I think it's obvious to most of us that not everyone with super powers has the best of intentions. There are a lot of considerations, then, when it comes to securing our property and our own peace of mind. Since I've arrived here I've had the opportunity to see firsthand a lot of situations where an increase in security measures are called for. I'm still researching, but I want to start where I am with things and give clients the option to be part of this process—learning what can be done to secure their property and implementing those measures.

Okay, so, basically what this boils down to is that my first clients to sign up will get free upgrades for the next...however long this process takes, plus discounted rates. I'm in the middle of learning what measures the banks here have in place for these purposes—my service is tailored to residential applications, but the principles will be the same. I'm going to be straightforward with you—I don't do gimmicks. No offers or sales, just honesty.

Here's my credentials: I'm a former military security and infiltration specialist, and in addition to my own knowledge I have an onboard AI consultant. Any solutions we don't learn about based on what the banks and government installations have in place, we'll be able to invent on our own. Just let me know if you have any specific concerns when it comes to securing your own property and we'll work out an answer.


Oct. 3rd, 2015 09:41 am
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[ The first thing you pumpkins. So many pumpkins. This house is full of pumpkins in various stages of being carved. Those who know Hazel can easily recognize this scene of mass chaos as Residence #11. However, the chalk scribbles on the wall are decidedly not hers. To start with, some of them are in a different language that looks kind of circly.

The personless scene lasts only for a moment before the Doctor scurries into frame, looking a mixture of confused and frowny. He's looking kind of magician, wearing a black coat over a black hoodie. Finally, he's holding an owl by the scruff of it's neck (can you do that with an owl? Who knows, the Doctor's doing so). Said owl is Owlfonso, the skateboarding owl that really doesn't want to be here right now and is desperately trying to peck the Doctor's fingers.

I want to clarify first that for once, none of this is my fault. [ except the chalk writing, which is obviously his, but that either a: goes without commenting on or b: the Doctor's forgotten it by now. also wow, that sure is a Scottish accent ] That being said- [ WHAM the camera gets a face full of owl ]

Is this normal? I mean, normal for owls. Is this how I can tell this dimension apart from my dimension? No eyepatches, no goatees, just owls that can suddenly skateboard? [ He backs poor Owlfonso away from the camera, as the Doctor's still got an expression that's pure 'what the hell is this shit' ] Well, skateboarding owls and a postponed perestroika. Spoilers, you're twenty years out of date.

[ pause, frown. The Doctor looks over at poor Owlfonso with a sort of resigned expression. ] The alternate dimension of owls and Communism. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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[ Haen is enjoying a coffee or something (those who've spoken with her, will probably shudder at the thought of her having caffeine) and the bustle of a cafe is visible in the background. The redhead is smiling widely, pleased to make a proper public network post for the first time since her arrival. ]

Hello, imPort dears! I have an offer to make to you today, so lend me your ears~ but don't actually lend them, I have a set of my own and they work perfectly well, not to mention if you need glasses those would be quite the challenge to have sitting on your face without any ears. You could manage, I assume, but I'm not sure it'd be worth the hassle.

Oh, I should probably introduce myself first, before my offer. Unless you don't care who the offer comes from, in which case, just hold on tight for a moment, I'll get right back to what I was saying. Although if you're holding someone's hand, or anything that's soft like a fruit, don't hold too tightly, because you'll make a mess. Metaphorical or literal mess, your choice.

So! My name is Haen, and in my world I'm what is called a genessi!

...cut for length because she talks. a lot. )
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[Since her hotel hostage adventure had gone south, Lourdes has been laying low - not out of a desire to look repentant (she isn't, and she sees no reason why she should pretend that she is), but because she's been sulking. Her powers are gone, which is both horrible and a relief, and she's on probation, which she considers a joke.

But what she's most upset about is that it hadn't worked. She's not at all surprised that she'd been caught, and she'd always figured that it would happen eventually - but before that, when she'd been in the hotel with everybody, it hadn't done anything to make her happy, which had been her main goal in the first place. It hadn't been like Hearst Castle, or even the Horizon. It had been meaningless, just like everything else in the world.

She waits a while before turning to the network. She hasn't actually been planning to address this in any way - not to explain herself, and certainly not to apologize. But one evening when she's sitting around in her apartment, angrily glaring at the tattoo on her wrist, she fires it up and says something on a whim.]

It was for their own good.

[She has no idea how far news of the takeover has spread, or if most of the people who hear this will even know what she's talking about. That's okay. She doesn't care.]
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[It would be really, really nice to just go one day without a reminder that none of this is normal. Like a patient noticing the glowing tattoo and looking uncomfortable. Or having a full-blown panic attack on the way to work, just because a bus passed him by.

Or a bedpan filling itself up with hot coffee on his last day of work as a nurse.]

It turns out "infinite coffee" is somehow the actual most annoying superpower ever.

[There's a shuffle and the sound of water running. He's attempting to get the worst of the coffee off of the stain, while the scalded skin underneath quickly heals itself. Another reminder.]

What's the policy on disappearing into anonymity here? 'Cause I just wanted to rest in peace, not live out a comic book. I don't even want Heaven after all this, Purgatory would be fine. I was a good Catholic kid.

[Until he stopped believing in God, committed adultery, and got divorced.]

I lived - live - to help people. I joined the army back home to help people, and that's all I want to do here, with my afterlife. But I'm tired. Death is tiring, and I just want to be Mr. Nobody who goes to work and comes home from work and gets a couple of drinks with his friends. I don't want to be a hero to anybody's world.

... But if I'm going to be, I need to know what the hell you tell yourself to keep going. I don't have anywhere to get back to. This is my only world now, and I don't know if that makes me part of it, or if I'll be an outsider forever, but I need to hear it. I know I'm not the only undead guy walking around without a purpose.

001; AUDIO

Sep. 17th, 2015 08:14 pm
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Captain's log: Date... Grif, what day is it?!-- Anyway. So, we seem to have been drafted for another intergalactic war. It's harrowing, but I think I'm up for the task. Still.

I hope you realize by now that no one is actually going to care about anything you're up to. Also, I'm pretty sure they just want us to fight Russians or something. Intergalactic is way overselling yourself.

Oh, my god, shut up! Anyway, the reason we're here, talking to you, is that there seeeeems to have been a mix-up. See, we've been housed with someone from the Blue team. And our armor is red. So. I mean, it's an easy mistake to make, and I'm not trying to question authority, but, I mean. Maybe you could move Tucker to... a different room?

We deal with their dumb problems enough as it is, there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I tell you what, first person that wants a Tucker of their very own is free to take him. I'm pretty sure he's housebroken, so all you have to do is feed him or whatever. You have to be able to get that on your own, by the way, we already claimed the stuff here.

Is there any of that pizza left?--Should I even ask--No, no, nevermind. I know better. Anyway, yeah, if someone could just drop by, we don't really care who takes him. Blue teeeam, Freeelancer, wild boaaaars. Whatever.

[ooc note: this is a joint post for Grif and Simmons, so replies will come from either/both!!]
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[Hello, fellow imPorts. It's a nice day out, and Marty's enjoying the weather, sunglasses perched atop his head. The way the video is framed, you can see that he's leaning against what seems to be a car parked along the street. A DeLorean, to be exact. But that isn't the focus of this post to the network, oh no. Instead of an introduction, he just blurts out:]

Who here knows a thing or two about blowing up buildings?

[An awkward pause follows. That didn't come out the way he wanted it to.]

You know, I should probably rephrase that. Who here knows a thing or two about being a "demolitions expert"? Because while I'm really flattered they think so, I wouldn't consider myself an expert when it comes to blowing stuff up. [On purpose.] Don't get me wrong -- I like the idea of pressing a big red button and watching something go boom in the distance, but I have a feeling it's a little more complicated than that. So, anyone wanna share the notes they took in Demolitions 101?

[He then gives a little shrug.] Definitely better than selling frozen bananas again.

In unrelated news, hey, it's 2015. I see hoverboards, but where are my self-lacing sneakers? The really weird, questionable fashion? I miss my multi-colored hat; it made your eyes hurt to look at it, but at least you could see me from ten miles away.

[The way he says that, it's obvious he's joking. He misses no such hat.]

Oh well. Who am I to knock the 50's vibe of this 2015, anyway?
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[OOC: This post is backdated to yesterday -- that is to say, before Batman's post on the newest volume of Crane shenanigans!]

[For once, Jaime's not looking pensive when he turns on the communicator, nor is he inside his home. He's just outside his home - which is Heropa #015 for all his lucky, lucky neighbors - standing in front of his front door. He gives the camera a singularly unimpressed look.]

You know what? I wasn't gonna say anything, but I think I have to share, because someone decided that my house needed a little improving. Check this out.

[He swings open the front door, and Journey's DON'T STOP BELIEVING automatically begins to play.]

Which, you know, ha ha. Very funny. But wait! There's more!

[Welcome to his home, imPorts, because you're getting a little walkthrough. He swings open the door to his living room, and goes up the stairs to open the doors of the bedrooms and bathrooms, though he doesn't focus the camera on anything in particular.

As he opens the door, one by one, more Journey songs begin to play.

There's a lot.

Jaime gives the screen an exaggerated smile.]

Oh, but that's not all. It gets better. [He runs back down the stairs, throws open the basement door, and louder than any of the other songs, a popular ditty by good old Rick begins to play. All of the songs are playing at once now in a blaring cacophony of noise. It's awful. There should never be so many guitar riffs in one place.]

Why is this happening to me. I can't get them to turn off! Any of them! [He points accusingly at the screen.] Wally, I freakin' know this was you! Get your ass over here and fix it!

[It was Wally, true, but it was also Mr. Tadashi Sweet As Sugar Hamada. He just hasn't figured it out yet.]
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(A soft though hardly gentle voice appears on the network. His tone is cold - cutting - probing for information without giving away any information on himself. This is a practiced art.)

I have seen that I am not alone in being summoned unceremoniously from my home. (Home is an interesting word for his current abode. Until the war is finished and he is victorious, he cannot expect to have that sort of stability. But why reveal that?) I seek answers for this strange occurrence.

(And not the sort that say "you were brought here by [insert higher power here]". He wants to know how and why. Specifically.)

Magic is not unknown to me, however the presence of a separate world is...a unique finding. We can make a trade if you so wish for pertinent information, but keep in mind that patience is not a virtue I ascribe to any longer.

(Not with Dumbledore dead and so many possibilities at his fingertips.)

I am not comfortable giving my name for various reasons. (Just in case someone from his world is present.) I hope you will adhere to my wish and not ask for it.

Yet, if you wish to know about Magic, I am happy to show you what a Wizard can do. I know not all are blessed with powers and I think it is better to be informed than not.

(There is a hint of amusement at the end of that statement and he falls silent, waiting for answers to come.)
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[The young man on the video feed gives the communicator a casual, easy smile, only interrupted by a ugly scar running down his face. He's leaning on one elbow and looks for all the world as if this whole situation is really funny.]

So, from what I'm getting we're here to save the world from another part of the world and all that. I'm not gonna knock that; it sounds like a good deal.

It's just, you know, the file left out something really important to the whole do-gooder atmosphere: a superhero name. I know. You're probably as shocked as I am. That's everything with franchise rights. There's action figures at stake here. Card games! [Checks something on another screen, quickly.] And ... donuts, apparently.

Not that I've got any great ideas, but I'll take suggestions if you've got em.
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[ The recording starts and it centers on a black, armored figure. A pissed, armored figure. Even with the visor in her way, she's trying her damnedest for the glare to penetrate through sheer force of will. ]

Is this some kind of joke? I don’t have time to be dealing with-- [ And she interrupts herself because well technically she does have time now that she’s here, oddly enough. She’s not sure if that’s better or worse than her last predicament. ]

Look, this is Freelancer Texas and I need a status report and location on all other agents operating in this area ASAP. And Wash, if you’re out there, save yourself the trouble because I will find you. [ Someone’s a little salty about the last thing they remember. ]

To whoever wrote that little brochure and hauled us all here? If you want my help, we’re going to need to start talking numbers. Real ones, none of this promise for the future crap. I do my job well and I don’t come cheap.
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[The feed opens to two men sitting on a couch. Well, presumably men anyway. Wash is in his usual grey and yellow armor, and the other has what may or not be some sort of unsettling astronaut helmet on, actually more jarring paired with regular clothes. After an awkward pause, he turns his head toward the fully armored man, making a low growling sound that would suggest that what’s under that helmet is some sort of unholy fusion of bear and man. While this shouldn’t mean anything to you know, literally anyone, the armored man responds as if he drew some sort of meaning from the noise;]

Just… explain what happened?

[More terrible growling noises, accompanied by a slight shaking of his head.]

You may have noticed the rubble downtown a few weeks ago. Maine -- was ported out and had a traumatic re-entry. [A short grunting growl, possibly in protest of the word choice there.] We thought we should clear the air about the incident.

[The verbal equivalent of jabbing him in the ribs with his elbow:] Right?

[Again the reply comes as a growl, but then there’s a moment of silence. Anyone who’s met Maine might guess that he’s doing his usual thing of thinking his thoughts directly at people. Everyone else is probably just increasingly confused.

You may not be able to see Wash roll his eyes and grimace, but you can definitely hear it.]
Maine says he didn’t mean to hurt anybody, and that he fucked up. He wasn’t thinking straight. It’s not going to happen again. He’s sorry.

[Okay, so maybe Maine didn’t tell him to say the part about being sorry, but it’s the intent.. There’s another rumbling noise from Maine that almost sounds insistent.]

Nobody’s punching anybody!


Sep. 2nd, 2015 09:15 pm
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[ York sets the comm device on the table, propped up to video him from a low angle, and leans back in his chair. He lets it run for a second before speaking. ]

Hey. I didn't want to do this earlier because there was a lot of bullshit that went on with the fear gas and the kidnapping and, you know, I was right in the middle of that garbage too so I was too busy at the time myself. And then I waited because I didn't want to be selfish, but...

Well, normally? I'm one of those, heh, obnoxious people about making sure you know it's my birthday coming up, so be impressed I've kept my mouth shut, okay? But we missed it. And I want my party.

Who else wants a party?
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[Ah, when was the last time he posted to this thing- it feels like ages, though it's only been a month or so, how interesting, time does fly here despite being dreadfully idle during a majority of it. And if he recalls, he wasn't even playing 'himself' really in his last message here, more just to pass the time. Of course this new post he plans will be nothing but nonsense--

or seem it anyway.]

[You can tell a lot about someone by what they have to say after all, especially during games.]

[The video shows what appear to be legs and feet. The camera stares down the legs of his white harem pants and shows his feet, crossed at the ankles up on some chair beside him, in atlantic blue high heels. Hisoka seems to be at some cafe, there's a rather pink looking tea cup at his side on a table.]

Let's play a game, shall we? I'm sure many of us looking at the network for now have nothing better to do. Have you ever played 'Would You Rather?' It relies on creativity and a degree of forethought. [And can be a lot more indepth and profound than one might think. Or so he hopes it will be.]

You create two situations and ask which someone would prefer. Shall I start? Perhaps something simple to get our feet wet.

[His legs uncross, and cross in the opposite way, a hand with bright, long, clawed nails appears and picks up the cup for a moment before setting it back down.]

Would you rather- to lose a hand forever or a foot forever?


Sep. 1st, 2015 02:38 pm
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[Hey everyone, guess who's back? It's Peter and he still doesn't look like he's getting with the times any and changing his attire. Nope, still looks like he hopped right out of a fairy tale book.

Regardless, he's offering a smile to all, if a tad sympathetic.]

We've had a very depressing few weeks, haven't we? An event to bring unity and friendship between all imPorts and normal citizens alike only for our more seedier members to go and spoil the whole thing.

But, we have countless people making an effort to help put this behind us. Some through physical means others through word.

However, I feel I have not done my part to help alleviate people's tensions. So allow me to help with song.

[He's pulling out pipes now and raising his lips and then he plays. It's a cheerful little tune, nothing more nothing less and he does nothing to mask the sound magically to certain people. Everyone may hear it, but, some people may also feel it when the sound catches their ears.

The music will tug at heart strings, touching a far off happy memory lingering deep inside. A well of happiness just bubbling beneath the surface. Of course, it's only a suggestion in his magic. They can choose to ignore it, but why would you? It's been so dreary lately.

He has no target this time for his music, letting it's magic run a bit wild and see who it touches.

Otherwise you just hear pretty pan pipe music.

Clearly nothing sinister here. ]
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Hello! [This voice and accent.] Some of you might know me already.

But for anyone who doesn't know me—and I'm sure there are lots of you who I don't know—I'm Tobias Matthews. Thought I'd introduce myself and perhaps ask for help, or tips and tricks to using these devices and the internet and things like that.

While I'm at it, mind telling me your favourite methods of posting or responding? Voice-audio, text, or video? Just asking out of curiosity. Also, before you answer, Dorian, I know your answer is video because you love plastering your face everywhere so everyone can see it. As if people can't get enough of it.

Obviously, my favourite is voice-audio. Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Good-bye.
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So on a scale of one to awesome, one being useless as a slicker in the Sahara and awesome being ten: how useful is/are your power(s)?

Idle curiosity. Must be Tuesday.

Checked the newspaper, it is actually Tuesday.

[ that was handy and this, as she's walking to the bus stop from the porter, again, seems more expedient than texting everyone she knows. it only seems to be a day or so, so maybe they won't have even noticed.


anyway abigail is back from her power update! ]

oo3 | Text

Sep. 1st, 2015 12:28 am
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[Kon is far too tired to talk or show himself right now. But somehow, text makes a whole lot of sense. Even though it requires more than hitting record. It makes sense to him. Talking is tiring.]

lies and truths, weird future vision things and now a gas attack from a lunatic freak. i'd say something about it being just like home but it's not. I don't know whats worse.

I don't know why i expected it to be easy here. You know like nothing dramatic was going to happen because of us

I'm sorry. if I hurt anyone.

003; audio

Aug. 27th, 2015 10:21 pm
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Christ, I can't believe our stupid shitty lives managed to get more complicated.

[he clears his throat, for whatever. reason.] Alright, listen up. I can barely keep track of idiots that aren't also paranoid spies, so at this point, I... Kind of have no idea how many agents are bouncing around this trash heap. So, here's what we're going to do. If the words Project Freelancer mean anything to you, or Covenant, or MJOLNIR, or anything like that? I want you to chip in.

And when you do, you're gonna tell me about the last thing you remember happening. I don't care what planet it was on, or... Not on.

Oh, and I reserve the right to make these little reports private. The last thing that happened to you might just so happen to be, uh. Sensitive information.

[a long exhale, and an rhythmless tapping.] Phew. Alright. If none of that applies to you, you might still be useful. I need as much information as I can get on discrepancies in... Time? God, this is such bullshit. Look, I just need to know about people from the same reality or whatever, but different points in time. Like, is that the norm? There's got to be some kind of pattern to it.


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