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[Today on the network channel twirling some sort of cyan and magenta cloth around her hand. Her cheeks are puffed out in a thinky-thought, disgruntled expression, and while she does seem to be holding onto her comm with the other hand, she's not yet looking at the camera. She looks off to one side, then around to the next.

Then tosses the cloth into the air and puts that hand to her hip. The cloth... doesn't reappear, at all. Like it vanished into thin air. And the girl turns her attention to the comm.]

Now, this just isn't right! [she declares loudly.] Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for taking on new jobs, but you can't just take a performer away from a show she already had scheduled. Now what'm I gonna tell the boss? And the audience! I bragged about the new trick I was practicing, magicians can't be liars.

[What's a girl gonna do?? But California is so, so far away, and she doesn't have a flight back. She used up fifteen years' of advance allowance last year, so she's stuck, fast! For a second it's almost as if she's planning to end the feed there, but suddenly, like she planned this whiplash of mood, she shrugs her caped shoulders with a cheery "oh well!"]

Well, Wonder Bar will have to wait for now. I have this show to perform at instead! So this is an advertisement -- if you'd like to come see me perform, keep your schedules open for dinner at the Now You Sea It--! in Nonah. Keep your eyes out for me, Trucy. Hope you like seafood!

[And now, announcement made, she takes another look around and frowns, scrunching her face up.]

By the way, I'm looking for a Phoenix. A Phoenix Wright! He always winds up wandering around... I better go find him before my show.
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There we go!-----wait that's audio.

[Please Stand By. It takes a few seconds before Junpei can flip it to video, where a confused face of a teenager looks into the feed for a few seconds, squinting and pursing his lips accordingly.]

Dammit, I meant to do--Oh hey, I got it!

Okay? Okay. heh..'Sup Everyone.

The name's Junpei Iori, and I guessss you could say I'm 'new' here. Totally not new to the whole superhero thing. I'm what you call a pro★. It's kinda what I did back ho-


[It's like the revelation just hit him or something.]

Why do we need jobs if we're already -working- on saving the world? Couldn't they just PAY us to be a superhero?

I'm not the only one who's thought of it, am I?

[He just wants to put 'hero' on his business card, okay.]


Dec. 17th, 2015 11:07 am
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[For once, Joaquin is not dressed in his soldier uniform when the video starts up. Instead, he's more casually dressed down in a hoodie representing the local community college and some jeans. His hair is wet like he's fresh from the shower. There's a little pink to his cheeks though whether that's from the heat from the water or maybe just the tiniest edge of embarrassment is hard to say...]

So, you'll never guess what I found while on my jog today, or maybe you've already seen it yourself.

[He holds up an unmistakeable calendar and coffee table book, a grin spread wide over his face. Okay, so he's definitely NOT embarrassed.]

For those of you still lacking in ideas for Christmas gifts, I'd like to suggest these lovely items right here. Think about it! ImPort exposure! Beautiful men! And proceeds go so lovingly to charity. 'Tis the season, as they say. And hey, no one is going to judge if you want one for yourself. After all, a calendar is quite useful; a great investment that will last you all year long.

As a bonus, anyone who buys one can come corner me and I'll autograph it for free! [He waggles his eyebrows teasingly.] You know you want it!
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[ Clary's video feed once more shows her bedroom in Heropa. The stacks of comics and manga books, the half painted easels and thrown around sketchbooks, they're all part and parcel of who she is. But this time there's a sad little Christmas tree in the corner. It's only half decorated and is slumped on one side. Idris, her orange tomcat, is attempting to pull the tinsel free. Clary herself looks accidentally festive with a green sweater on and her red hair falling from her ponytail. But there's no Christmas cheer on her face. ]

So how do you guys do it?

[ Clary tucks a tendril of hair behind her ear. ] How do you deal with the holidays knowing that the people you're supposed to be celebrating with are another world away? [ It's been weighing on her since October but now it's starting to hurt. She should be celebrating Hannukah with Simon, going Christmas shopping with her mom, choosing a tree with Luke. She's never even seen how Shadowhunters celebrate - if they even do. But part of her longs for it anyway. She could be teaching Jace ridiculous versions of Carols right about now.

Instead she's here with the holidays yawning in front of her and nothing to keep her from being sad. She hasn't seen her mom in six months. That's a long time for a sixteen year old.

I could really do with some advice.

[ Idris finally gets a good solid yank on the tinsel and topples the tree to the ground. Clary jumps and turns to see the mayhem. But then she sits back down again. What's the point? It's just her. ] Figures.


Nov. 25th, 2015 08:49 am
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[ This guy, again... He starts the recording with a wave, then reclines in a very practiced way, which is less about getting comfortable and more about showing as much of himself off as possible in the least amount of time. ]

There are fliers and notices and posts around, but what use are those things when instead, you could hear it straight from the mouth of Jinseok Jin? Worth nothing, so I will tell you all there is to know. Sit sit, listen to my handsome voice, be satisfied looking at my handsome face.

This month, the government is looking for imPort volunteers. You haven't signed up because you were waiting to hear more information from your beautiful imPort Spokesperson? Ahh, who can I blame? Nobody, only me for being so irresistible.

My imPorts, you have been invited to participate in a Virtual Reality Training Simulator. Hear it? Inside a computer, so no faces will be harmed if you fight like a broom in mud. Unless you are ugly, and you can probably ask them to hit you with that muddy broom to feel more at home.

They are also looking for people to watch and monitor if you are good at computers or are a voyeur who finds it sexy.

The training is held over two days, but you will be compensated for the time, and all your work places will be willing to let you go to participate. It is your duty as one of Jinseok's handsome and irreplaceable imPorts, right? Aaah, it's hard to be so popular.

There is no reason not to sign up now that you have heard directly from my mouth. Questions? Excuses to hear me talk more?

[ He winks, pointing straight down to where the replies will show up once he's finished recording.

And this is the guy who speaks on behalf of imPorts.


Oct. 25th, 2015 09:01 pm
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[Science lesson for today. DID YOU KNOW: When bears are left to their own devises, unsupervised for long periods of time, AND given money to do anything they damn well please, things start to get a little...bad. Especially for bears who pretty much have the maturity of a small child, it really isn't pretty.

But let's be real, if you told a kid they're on their own now, here's a bunch of money, what do you honestly expect their groceries to look like? It's snacks. Lots and lots of snacks, and that's exactly what Teddie's been running on these past few weeks. And that's it.

It shows, too, as he pops up on the feed. Thankfully he's not in a closet this time, so everyone can see his fuzzy greatness, surrounded by...wrappers as he sits on the floor of his room making ungodly gurgling noises.

This bear wants to be a superhero.]

I don't...I don't feel so good...

[He says as he proceeds to grab yet another snack cake that happens to be resting next to him, unwraps it, and shoves it into his stupid giant mouth. WELL GEE.]

So I think... you should probearly send me back right about now. Y-Yeah...that's a good idea. Nnnngh...

[Again, it's only been a few weeks.]
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[Feed clicks on, and there’s a white, fluffy animal, all up in its grill, tail wagging and tongue hanging out, clearly excited to be the center of attention. Barely visible behind him are a few sets of feet, and finally the camera is lifted up to show the group: Minato, Ken, and Akihiko.]

It’s going-- go on with it. [Guess who doesn’t sound particularly excited- yep, it’s Shinjiro.]

[Like every time Minato has posted/been part of a post, he's staring directly into the camera with a blank expression, and says,] Hi. [Differently this time, there's two of his teammates standing next to him with Shinji manning the camera, although none of them look particularly excited to be there. They're an incredibly dour group, this selection of SEES, although Koromaru can be heard jingling his tags while scratching an itch with his leg.

Minato is also holding his communicator up like it's a microphone with all the aplomb of a karaoke champion.]

Today, we'll be educating you about something we've been fielding a lot of questions about. Ken-kun, could you hold up your Evoker?

Are you sure about this…? [But leader’s words are leader’s words, so Ken obediently pulls out the gun, a small silver pistol, and holds it up. He’s so short, is the camera catching this?]

It's okay, [says Minato, perfectly deadpan.] I'm his guardian. It's safe. … Because it's not a real gun. When we shoot ourselves, it doesn't fire anything. Please don't be alarmed. [His delivery doesn't get any less wooden as he goes on. Minato has definitely gotten sick of explaining this, no matter how patient he is every time it comes up.]

Are you just going to say it like that? We shoot ourselves? We’re trying to teach people about it so let’s just do it, they’ll see for themselves. [Akihiko cutting in with a good degree of annoyance in his voice. He’s not looking too keen about standing around here, not to mention it took Shinjiro forever to focus the damn camera on them.]

Yeah, like that’s way better. Just shoot yourself on camera and let everyone puzzle it out. Dumbass…. [It’s muttered quietly from off-screen behind the camera, almost like the worst director commentary in the world.]

What, did you say something? I’ll--

[Minato interrupts with a mild,] No flirting on camera. [Because he can't resist teasing them. It's way better than having to explain Persona again, that's for sure.]

[That comment gets the most startled look that Ken fails to hide before he looks at something above the camera like it’s the grossest thing ever. Sorry Shinji]

We’re not- tch. Here, lemme just do it. [Said as Akihiko’s the one taking out his Evoker now, but not to hold up and show. He’s quick to just put it up to his head--]

Sanada-san, no, we’re inside...

Huh? So let’s go outside then, doing it like this won’t prove anything to anyone.

Why the hell do you have to ‘prove’ shit…? [God they’re all idiots.]

[Minato belatedly decides to maybe act a little bit like a leader. Just a little.] We're Persona-users. When we shoot ourselves with special fake guns called Evokers, we summon something called Persona to defend us. So, don't worry about it. You don't need to ask me about it anymore.

[Beat.] If you have questions, ask them. [Minato leans over to hold the phone up to Akihiko like he's interviewing him with the mic.] This is Akihiko-senpai. He's been part of SEES the longest, except for Shinjiro-senpai. Ask them everything.

Are you seriously pawning this off on me? Wasn’t this your damn idea?! [Pissy.]

….And Aki is your choice for that?

Hey, fuck you! [More pissy.]

[Dryly:] Watch it, he just said no flirting.

[Meanwhile, Minato looks down at Ken.] I think they got it. Let's go get lunch.

[Ken looks to Akihiko, then grimaces at Shinjiro behind the camera, then turns to Minato with a sigh.] I don’t know if this counts as ‘they got it’ but… okay. I think I learned something today that I didn’t really want to know……..

[PSA concluded, the camera dips back down again-- and what do you know, it just so happens to land on the stylishly-dressed Koromaru. The bickering continues in the background, more muffled now, but the camera stays focused on the dog. Those especially perceptive viewers may even note that the dog has the same red armband as the rest of the group. It lingers for another half minute or so, watching the dog drag his ass on the carpet for a second, stretch, and then trot off. Film cuts.]

[Akihiko is red, Shinjiro is darker red, Minato is blue, and Ken is orange.]

[ Video ]

Sep. 5th, 2015 03:27 pm
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[ It’s Kaneki’s face on video; last time he made a post he was having a mental breakdown GOOD THING HE LOOKS NORMAL NOW. He isn’t going to talk about what happened last month; it has been 3 weeks and a lot of people have mentioned it already. If anyone wishes to talk about it, fine – but he won’t be the first to start the conversation. ]

I know this will be a very strange question coming from someone like me. [ since he doesn’t eat human food ] But I would like to know what are your favorite dishes and food. What do you like the most that I can acquire or cook in this country?

It’s not for me, obviously, since it’ll only taste like rotten intestines to me, [ kaneki has a great and colorful vocabulary for human food, yeah ] but I would like to try cooking something.

I might need a taster... [ last time he cooked, he didn't need one, but- ]

001; video

Aug. 4th, 2015 01:40 pm
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 [ she shouldn't show her face. it's not safe. hinami knows this. it'd been clear from the file they'd given her that the government here knows what she is. for all she knows, this is a trick.

but she doesn't know this world, and she's in this apartment all by herself and that's...terrifying. and the lady she'd spoken to her had told her that maybe she could find someone she knows if she tried, so... 

she's not easily visible despite this. the room she's in is dark, like she's holed herself up in it. (the door is definitely locked, she's been warned enough times about being careful.)

nonetheless, she sounds young, early teens at most. 

There's no one here and it's really quiet. I don't like it. I want to go home.

[ and then, quieter: ]

Onee-chan? Onii-chan? They said you might be here... Banjou-san?
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[  For a few moments the comm seems silent. White noise only except for the faint sounds of a crackling fire and crickets chirping. Then there's the sound of taking a breath and a melody plays soon after. However, only certain people will be able to hear the sound of these pipes. Those who feel alone, lost and unloved shall hear the music. A comforting tune that calls to them like a siren song offering something to fill the hole.

But, to those who don't feel any of that? They hear nothing. No music, just the sounds of nature.

And then the feeds cuts out. ]

(ooc: Peter Pan will not be responding to this entry edit: with words just not here comments, but, feel free to react to the creepiness of it all, try and find where the music is coming from, and talking amongst yourselves. A log is over here. Also be sure to fill out his permissions.)
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Hi. I'm back.

What I learned on my road trip:

1. Always take a head count before you drive off.

2. Ken-kun is a trustworthy keeper of the coffee.

3. Akihiko-senpai and Gogo-san should not be driving the cars at the same time.

4. Tadashi-san has no idea when people flirt with him.

5. Flowers in Animal Crossing are very serious.

6. Akihiko-senpai should probably not have been introduced to coffee. Sorry.

7. Points 2, 3 and 6 are related.

8. Everyone looks cute in mouse ears. Everyone, including Shinjiro-senpai.

9. If you go camping, you have to have a fire, smores, and ghost stories. And scorpions.

10. Dippin Dots.

11. It takes Hiro-kun and Tadashi-san less than fifteen minutes to completely dismantle a car.

12. No one else wants to hear the Rocky soundtrack ever again.

13. California has a lot of traffic. Corollary: America is very big.

14. Points 11 and 13 are related; see Tadashi-san's previous post.

15. Hotel beds can only comfortably fit two people. Some people would rather sleep in a bath tub.

16. Jaime-kun is a wimp about eating weird food. I finished it.

17. I missed getting to fight evil jello with Hiro-kun.

18. It's okay to text someone when they're sitting next to you.

19. Driving at night while everyone is asleep is peaceful.

20. I'm glad I have my friends. And I think I made a couple new ones.

Also, I have souvenirs. Including some for a few others... Oba-san, I got you something, too.

And I was wondering, what happened at the swear in this month?

002. video

Jun. 17th, 2015 06:15 pm
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[The video opens with a view from inside a car of some bad stand-still traffic, complete with angry horn honking and many car engines humming. And then there's the sound of someone groaning frustratedly a lot closer to the camera and the faint background noise of multiple DS game sound effects.

It's taken then a few extra days longer than he'd planned for them to get to California but that's okay! That's. Okay. They were prepared for this, for the long haul. Just not the 4 hour stand still traffic that came with it. Ugh.

Eventually the person holding the camera finally speaks. Anyone may recognize his voice from such classics as Hiro's Memory Theater or greatest hit single, the televised Shark Park Blind Date that he still doesn't know was televised. Or was a date.

He's been absent from the network for a good two weeks since the dream-comas started so he's a bit out of the loop for a lot of stuff. For anyone that knows him, though, the fact this is video is a pretty big deal. Tadashi forgets for a few seconds he's even recording video before he remembers and speaks up.]

Okay first, please tell me the cities are still in one piece. I'm pretty sure we missed a swear in and I hope everyone had a good time.

Second, if anyone has any good stories while we're stuck in traffic, that'd be awesome. We've listened to the same five playlists for three thousand miles.

[Or in the case of Shinjiro's car, a single cd repeated over and over.]
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Is hurting someone the only way of getting the job done? Wolverine said pain goes around -- it's a circle. If you protect others, you have to take on their pain to protect them . . .

but is that the only way? I admit I am . . . scared. Of getting hurt. I fought a dragon and I was scared because . . . well for a lot of reasons.

But then the dragon died and people lived and that's a happy ending.

. . . Isn't it?
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[This one’s a fair bit longer than Jacob’s previous posts, and he’s not much for speeches, so he’s typing it out. It’ll be easier for people to review later, that way.]

Hey, this is Jacob Taylor. I know we’re still recovering from the Flare, but I’ve got a proposal for all of you. A chance to do some good.

Maurtia Falls has a crime problem. The streets aren't safe, the black market is booming, and the cops just look the other way. Everyone knows it, and I know some imPorts are already trying to help out there. What I've got is a plan for taking it to the next level. It’s called Operation Archangel.

cut for details )

If you believe the hype, there was a time when heroes here didn’t care whether you worked with the government or not. No Registration, no politics: just people who wanted to help, and did. They changed the whole country for the better. People loved them for it.

I say we treat Operation Archangel as a chance to bring those days back. To show everyone that we can help people without an emergency call from the government or a leash on our necks. Our mission, our terms, on our own initiative. Standing up to the bad people, the way heroes are supposed to.

That’s about it. If you've got questions, now’s the time. If you’re in, let me know. And if you've been fighting crime in Maurtia Falls, I’ll take any information you've got.

[ooc: regarding this plot! Sign-ups will remain open all month if anyone wants to jump in late. The log will be posted Saturday or Sunday this weekend.]

002. Video

Apr. 3rd, 2015 06:16 am
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[Hey all, it's Chrollo - currently sporting a nice green cloth across his forehead and some pretty plain civilian clothes - jeans, a light jacket, a nice button down shirt. He looks pretty down to earth and not at all like a goth or a dramatic editorial model.]

Ah, it's been a long time since I did one of these.... I hope this doesn't come off as overly awkward. [He smiles a little.] But, all right... I have a few questions and a few people to contact, so I figured... why not get it all done at once?

[He sets the camera down on... probably a table of some kind. And now, you can see that he's currently sitting in a large but really... cluttered room. There are boxes everywhere - moving boxes, taped up and untaped, and the room itself is dimly lit but it's fairly easy to see that the only thing he's bothered to unpack is books. Stacks of books. Stacks and stacks of books.]

[So many books.]

[But hey, he doesn't mind. He looks pretty comfortable, really.]

First of all, I was wondering what kinds of things people for for excitement around here. Suggestions? I don't mean things like going to clubs - although if you have a club to suggest, I guess that's fine, too. But recently I've been going on... I guess they're adrenaline junkie excursions. [He laughs a little, sheepish.] A few weeks ago, I went swimming with sharks without a cage. I... don't think they're going to let me do that again, so that's out. And sometime this month, I'm going skydiving, but what else is there to do? I guess I could bungee jump or climb a mountain? I'm not sure. Neither I nor the friend I'm going with are particularly worried about physical peril - no one's going to die, so don't worry about that.

Second, this might be a little boring after that first part, but I'm looking to learn a little about computers. At home, I had a friend who handled that kind of thing for me, so honestly I have a hard time doing much more than looking at websites. If someone's willing to point me at a tutor or some kind of course... that'd be great. ...I know there are college courses I could sign up for but I'm not sure how well they'd take to my wandering in and asking how to turn the machine on.

Finally... I used to do a lot of charity work at home, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for which ones here are involved in worthwhile work. I have a list of potential organizations I could get involved with but I don't want to choose one that's going to use donations to line their own pockets. I don't have patience for that kind of nonsense - I'm looking for an honest charity that donates the majority of its incoming funds to the cause. I'm especially interested in organizations that feed the hungry or provide housing and opportunities for the homeless. But I'm willing to consider other causes, as well.

[he reaches over to shut down the video, and then... pauses.]

Sorry, one more thing. Jesse Pinkman? I'd like to talk to you about the outcome of that auction. Arrangements, details, that kind of thing.

Anyway, thank you for listening, and for your patience!

[And the feed goes off!]
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[It's about midday on Saturday when Shinjiro flips on the video feed for once- And it shows him sitting at a dining room table, with what looks like a large, white-and-black rabbit on his lap, ears and back just visible from over the edge of the table. There's a book left abandoned on the table in front of him (if you tilt your heard and squint, it looks almost like algebra and graphing curves,) alongside a very blank spiral notebook. Yeah, he's procrastinating on doing homework assignments. They were likely due yesterday.]

Hey. Anyone know a lot about the cars here?

[A short frown, and he's glancing off to the side, rather than looking right into the video feed, one hand moving down to idly rub at the rabbits ears as it snuffles at his shirt.] Like-- How much upkeep costs, or when you gotta replace bits or-- anything. Hell, I ain't ever had to deal with one before. I get that they like- use a weird combo of gas and water and shit here?

More importantly, if anyone's up for teaching someone how to drive one've the things, hit me up here. I figure it's a better bet than figuring it out on my own. Can't say I ever looked into it back home.

[For as much as he bitches about public transit, he sure has taken zero initiative to change his reliance on it until now. A pause, and he glances down at the math book. Nope, still not wanting to do it. But he's also out of things to say, so he'll reach out and flip the video off.]
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[ At first, the video is so up close and zoomed in that all there is to see, is a bright warm light. But as the camera starts to pull back, it becomes more apparent that it might in fact be a bright eye, a lens of sorts, narrowing and widening as it twists. It's squinting more like, curiously, until it's wide open all over again, a face soon staring down at the device.

More of him comes into view as he pulls it back - a robotic head, then his neck, barely his shoulders - which is right around when he’s distracted by a bird passing overhead, looking around himself a bit before he finally drops his attention back down to the comm.

For a moment, he tips it every which way, offering everyone a wonderfully disorienting show (and if you can make it out through the blur, the visual of a junkyard in Maurtia Falls behind him). When he finally stops, he just looks confused, head tipped sideways as he attempts to ascertain the situation at hand. If he had a larger grasp on the English language, you bet your patooties he would be saying something about how this isn't where he’s supposed to be.

Which can be proven instead by what he does say, voice all grinding metal as he rolls the words like rocks.

Home? ...I, hero?

[ ooc; if you think you can figure out where he is, feel free jump right in to action if you want! ]


Mar. 6th, 2015 12:43 pm
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[The comm video turns on. It's her first time post on the network and she ain't pleased, a good face to say howdy to a network of strangers. She's still dressed as a high plains drifter, hat and all, but one thing off about the get up is she has a name tag pinned to her duster coat with a name so long it's almost hard to read, but it says "TheRedPlainsRider". It was a real fight to get all of that on there. The name tag has the roomba logo on it.]

So. Can y'all tell me what sorts'a jobs ya got? Do they fit what ya got the life skills fer or . . . did the government just throw everything you ever learned out the window and give ya a job the two bit drunk from the saloon could do? 'Cause I really need ta know how offended I should be right now.

Any of ya brain surgeons or bridge engineers that'd like to trade with me and be a robot vaccuum cleaner "quality" inspector? Seein' as trainin' and skills ain't a thing folks 'round here seem to be worried 'bout, might as well grab any ol' job I can.


My job is stupid and I'm a bit sour, is what I'm sayin'.
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[It takes a day or two after he shows up-- in which there is a flurry of reuniting with friends, and making a new one-- for Minato to make a network post. When he does, he doesn't have anything particularly exciting to say. He just knows from experience that if he wants to drag himself out of the temptation to mentally withdraw, to slump into a hazy drifting rather than deal with reality, he needs to make connections. In short, he needs social links as badly as he'd needed to make them when he'd first come to Iwatodai: not for his Persona's strength, but for his own happiness.

There's no reason the same strategies shouldn't work here.]

Hi. I just arrived. [He has a quiet but forthright tone.] It seems I'll be going to high school here as a senior... I'd like to meet any classmates, or underclassmen, if they're on here. Maybe we could study together or join a club. I work after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but otherwise I'm available.

And I was wondering... [He trails off, a bit of melancholy reserve echoing on his features.] How has everyone else liked living here?

[It's a simple, open-ended question. Non-intrusive. Minato is nonetheless legitimately interested in any answers.]
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[Feed's on an to many, there's Akihiko there, standing infront of a mirror in what looks like a- grungy as hell, dark public bathroom. The sort of bathroom that casts everything in yellow and it's hard to say if it's the lightning in the place or just- the walls having been caked with something you don't want to know anything about.

But otherwise, it looks like a boy. Late teens, shirtless, fit. Grey, short hair, grey eyes- but the most eye catching thing is the blood down his nose and the swollen skin under his right eye. Blood even more so trailing down the side of his face from what- looks like a long slit cut open in his face along his brow. Anyone that's been hit hard enough knows the cut was probably put there on purpose. Better to drain the blood.]

[He's leaning in, using his tattoo to activate video in the mirror. Audio would've worked two but it really didn't matter. He leans to clean up his face a bit, grabbing his own jaw, taking a look at his teeth.]

I was reminded of something. [Breath heavy, still dripping in sweat. There's bandages on his hands, red seeping through at the knuckles.] I'm not sure if anyone's said anything about it yet. I really haven't been looking.

But the lightning before. [A sigh, looking a little annoyed. With good reason, that whole- ordeal was really annoying.] It wasn't just some storm. It was artificial. I figured it was a good idea to say something but it only just struck me now. Not only wasn't it artificial, but when it was happening- I-

[Stands up again, a thoughtful look on his mostly blank and battered face. He holds a cloth under his nose before lowering it and looking down at it.] I knew when it'd happen next, when it'd strike, what days.

It was like it was all planned out. Does anyone else know anymore?

[A pause, staring for a moment. Oh right.]

I guess there's been new arrivals too. Welcome. [He guesses.] You can call me Sanada.


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