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(A soft though hardly gentle voice appears on the network. His tone is cold - cutting - probing for information without giving away any information on himself. This is a practiced art.)

I have seen that I am not alone in being summoned unceremoniously from my home. (Home is an interesting word for his current abode. Until the war is finished and he is victorious, he cannot expect to have that sort of stability. But why reveal that?) I seek answers for this strange occurrence.

(And not the sort that say "you were brought here by [insert higher power here]". He wants to know how and why. Specifically.)

Magic is not unknown to me, however the presence of a separate world is...a unique finding. We can make a trade if you so wish for pertinent information, but keep in mind that patience is not a virtue I ascribe to any longer.

(Not with Dumbledore dead and so many possibilities at his fingertips.)

I am not comfortable giving my name for various reasons. (Just in case someone from his world is present.) I hope you will adhere to my wish and not ask for it.

Yet, if you wish to know about Magic, I am happy to show you what a Wizard can do. I know not all are blessed with powers and I think it is better to be informed than not.

(There is a hint of amusement at the end of that statement and he falls silent, waiting for answers to come.)
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[ It's been a few days since Corvo stepped out of the Porter, and he's spent them in a sort of daze, so much information in such a short amount of time. He's spent the majority of his free time locked away in his room, studying the various papers and gadgets he's been given and filing away what things he can make sense of. Productive, perhaps, but not social, and after living the life he has, the lack of contact is starting to grate on his nerves.

He's spent a good amount of time familiarizing himself with his communicator, reading posts and watching other imports interact, and in a fit of pique he opens up a window of his own, and begins to type. He's still wary of venturing outside, but if he wants to gather any useful information on his new home, he'll have to start somewhere. If nothing else, it will be a learning experience. ]

My apologies for not using video. It wouldn't be very useful for communication, at this point.

[ Not until he finds either a translator (unlikely) or someone he can sign with (even more unlikely). ]

It's been a few days since my... is arrival an accurate term? It feels too positive.

But I digress.

Do any of you have any suggestions for settling in? I haven't had the time yet to wander on my own, and the information I was given was sorely lacking. 

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[Kaneda had been in Heropa for a day or so when he say Kazu talking to a certain missing psychic. Kazu was his only clue to where he could be, and Heropa was the last place he'd been. Well, he wasn't exactly wrong; Tetsuo was indeed on the move and causing trouble, Kaneda now in pursuit of him. How does he keep up? Well, he just looked for the trail of betrayal and bitterness (and destruction) and followed that. His bike was fast, sure, but Tetsuo had a good head start, not to mention Kaneda was actually trying to avoid traffic an pedestrians. SHOUT OUT TO STILL NOT HAVING HIS DRIVER'S LICENSE.



That's it. While in pursuit, and police sirens heavy in his ears, he pulls out his comm. Hello everyone! Don't use the phone and drive.]


[Why is he yelling? Well, the sirens in the background, as well as the wind whipping past him makes it hard for decent conversation. What can he say? He's doing this for all of you! He seems to be resting his wrist on his handlebar while holding the phone up with his fingers, eyes kept on the road as he surveys the situation.]

Figured now would be a great time to do a traffic report since some people [see: Quill] think I'm not dedicated enough to my job. Wanna see your traffic?

[His hand flicks the communicator up against the glass windshield of his bike, swirling around to show Tetsuo and a girl he can't seem to recognize off in the distance causing havoc, police just ahead of him in the chase. He knew those guys didn't stand a chance. Call it first hand experience from the Swear-In.]


[He weaves past a few of the cop cars, only one following over the overpass that lies ahead. If he can just get past it, it'd be easy to take him down. Tetsuo wasn't much further, close enough to see him do what would normally be too dangerous of a jump for his skill--Oh wait. That's a flying police car in his direction. There's no time to react, except swerve his bike in the least damaging way to impact this.]


[And the feed cuts to static, a scream and a loud, sickening 'clank'. It fritzes for a moment or two, and when it opens back up, despite the video having a few glitches, shows a nice overhead view of the street below the overpass. gravel and dust brushes past the screen as something starts to move it. Seems like Kaneda's still got a hold of it, fingers gripping it for dear life as his initial signs of life move it towards his face. You look like a car ran over you, kid.]

Jesus Christ...Ow.

[The impact had certainly done some damage to him, his yellow shirt with a nice tear at the shoulder to the armpit, and his head hurts like a motherfucker. Some bruising, too, naturally, because he certainly couldn't get enough of that! But for the most part, he's pretty okay, which is more than a lot of people can say from being hit with a police car. Most of them are...you know. Dead. His one free hand reaches up to his hair, trying to get the constant wooziness out of his head before he turns, eyes cast down to--


HE CERTAINLY IS HANGING OVER THAT OVERPASS--there's a slight moment of panic, hands scrambling to cling to whatever stone lie still intact beneat him, before trailing his own body to see just what's keeping him from becoming a pancake on the freeway. Upon inspection, it looks like some twisted metal from the railing caught around his ankle, locking him firmly in place, albeit upside down. Bending up, the puts his hands on his boot ankle to inspect it. Bad, BAD idea. Needles shoot up his side, lacing his entire chest with pain as he attempts to Maybe that car did a little more damage than he realized...and his bike? Well, that's nowhere to be seen.

Slumping in defeat, he holds the camera up and throws his free arm across his eyes. Heads.]

Say, anyone want to help a guy out?


Sep. 1st, 2015 02:38 pm
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[Hey everyone, guess who's back? It's Peter and he still doesn't look like he's getting with the times any and changing his attire. Nope, still looks like he hopped right out of a fairy tale book.

Regardless, he's offering a smile to all, if a tad sympathetic.]

We've had a very depressing few weeks, haven't we? An event to bring unity and friendship between all imPorts and normal citizens alike only for our more seedier members to go and spoil the whole thing.

But, we have countless people making an effort to help put this behind us. Some through physical means others through word.

However, I feel I have not done my part to help alleviate people's tensions. So allow me to help with song.

[He's pulling out pipes now and raising his lips and then he plays. It's a cheerful little tune, nothing more nothing less and he does nothing to mask the sound magically to certain people. Everyone may hear it, but, some people may also feel it when the sound catches their ears.

The music will tug at heart strings, touching a far off happy memory lingering deep inside. A well of happiness just bubbling beneath the surface. Of course, it's only a suggestion in his magic. They can choose to ignore it, but why would you? It's been so dreary lately.

He has no target this time for his music, letting it's magic run a bit wild and see who it touches.

Otherwise you just hear pretty pan pipe music.

Clearly nothing sinister here. ]
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[Hey citizens, you're looking kind of down. Anyone in need of some cheering up? Because gosh darn you're going to get it. The feed opens up to Kaneda, who despite the bruising still on his face and neck, has a smile so bright it could make a cloudy day ashamed of itself. He's sitting in his room, wearing only his worn yellow tshirt and his orange biker pants. His room's pretty average, nothing out of the ordinary.

Except for a rather playful golden retriever puppy now bouncing across it, trying to pounce on his lap. And...tripping into it. Graceful creature, really.]


Guess I've got a dog now.

[His attention goes to the puppy in front of him, hands held up as the curious animal starts to try and nibble his fingers.]

Ah ah! Behave...say 'hi'...

[His voice is more gentle than usual, finger tapping the little guy on the nose. To which the dog turns his head to the camera, nose getting closer and closer and--]


[After a few moments of shaky camera, it's wrestled back, Kaneda now holding the dog in his arms. And although the screens got a little puppy slobber, that smile still there. His opposite hand reaches up, scritching behind the dog's ears a moment as he thinks.]

Capsule. That's pretty fitting for a name, huh?


Aug. 16th, 2015 07:25 pm
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Story time, boys and girls. [ said in a sarcastic tone of voice, as Dorian leans back in a chair. He's filming this from his apartment in Maurtia Falls—the wall behind him is completely blank, no pictures and no mirrors. Physically, he looks fine (doesn't he always?), though his hair's a bit of a mess and there's just something in Dorian's eyes that screams "I am so fucking done with this." ]

Since arriving here over a year ago, I've been attacked, immolated, had my hand bitten off, coerced to jump off a building, beaten up, manipulated into hallucinating people from home, immolated again, and beaten up again—all of this from different people. A few days ago, I was gassed and then someone attempted to blind me by slicing my eyes open with a knife. [ said all too casually, as if he's talking about the weather. ] The funny thing is? All these incidents were caused by different people.

Add in me, who killed someone while hallucinating, and what's our common thread? We're all ticking time bombs, just waiting for somebody to flip the switch and watch us go off. I'm starting to think that the Porter picks people less for who would make a good hero and more of who would make a good weapon. [ He makes a finger gun and points it at the screen. Thankfully, Dorian's a bit too dignified to make a 'pew' noise as he mimics firing said finger gun. ] Just point and click, while the potentially psychotic people with potentially lethal superpowers get rid of your problems.

And before you point out that some people were possessed by the Hornets when they beat me up or made me jump of a roof, I know... [ and there's a pause, while he counts on his hands, ] four people who definitely killed someone back home, myself not included, and at least five people who it really wouldn't surprise me if they did. Probably more—I really need to make some less trigger-happy friends. Considering there's about two hundred of us tops, that's still a worrying amount.

[ He fixes the camera with a lovely little tense smile. ] Food for thought. [ there's a pause, as Dorian thinks things over. Is he missing anything? ] Oh! New people, hullo there, my name's Dorian Gray and yes, the swear-ins are usually this terrible, though this one was particularly nasty. Anybody know who caused it?

02 | video

Aug. 13th, 2015 09:32 pm
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[it's perhaps one or two in the morning on Thursday when this post goes up. Lapis is nowhere to be seen in the video, having opted to tilt the communicator upwards so it has a fantastic view of the sky. judging by how many stars are visible, it's somewhere remote.

just as Lapis begins to speak, a few meteors suddenly flash across the sky. it's pretty clear why she's out here now, at least. the show continues with increasing frequency as she goes on.]

I've never seen a meteor shower from earth before. [for once she doesn't sound bitter when speaking about the planet, just thoughtful.] I mean, we charted everything, but it was just for transport routes and optimal warp points. We never really...looked at it.

[there's a shifting sound near the comm, like Lapis is either pulling her legs up or spreading them out. even gems can cramp if they're in a position for too long, ok.]

You'd never be able to tell this place is in another universe just from the stars; it feels like I could go up there right now and nothing would have changed. But I know that's wrong - there isn't anything in the world that waits for you, even in space.

[she's reminded of her journey back to Homeworld, the little changes to her once familiar route that she'd noticed only too late thanks to her exuberance. maybe if she'd just been paying a little more attention she wouldn't have been so surprised by the planet she'd returned to. but what would that have done for her? things would have played out the same way.

there's rising emotion in Lapis' voice when she speaks again. when you're carrying so much weight around with you, there aren't many nice things you can enjoy for long before accidentally upsetting yourself.]

...this is stupid.

[coming out here, making this post, everything. the camera jerks suddenly, and there's a flash of little blue alien and watery wings before it's abruptly turned off.

don't expect any answer from her until maybe half an hour after this goes up - she's shot up into space for a little bit to get up close and personal with the meteor shower...and to think.]
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[ D'Artagnan appears front and centre of the video. He'd barely been able to make this thing record the first time around. Now, he's actually confident with it. Perhaps overconfident. Behind him there's a lot of concrete, but whatever that's about isn't clear just yet. ]

It seems there's a lot of new faces here.

[ It doesn't feel that long since he got here, himself. Seeing them all had made him count back, and realise it's been much longer than he thought. Three months gone, and this is the fourth. A quarter of a year. It doesn't feel like that at all. That's disturbing.

And invigorating. Things need to change.

I suppose I ought to welcome you, but that doesn't feel right at all. To those of you who want to leave: I'm sorry. It's not so easy as that. I wish it were. But whoever you are, whoever is listening to this - don't give up. We will leave this place, someday.

My name is d'Artagnan, of the King's Musketeers. I'm from a long way away. So are most of you. What I will tell you is, most of the time, it's not terrible here. You don't have to stay in the place they gave you. They'll ask you to Register. I did, but you don't have to. They won't hurt you for making a choice. But there are times when there's trouble, and there are times when the less trustworthy among our number feel the need to make themselves known. If any of you feel threatened, or afraid, then I give you my word, I'll do whatever I can to help you. You only need to ask.

[ He looks entirely sincere, and he means it. His duty ought to be to protect the King of France, and his subjects. Instead, he will do what he can for the people here - especially for other imports. ]

That's the serious part. These things, on the other hand.

[ The camera switches away from him to reveal that the concrete behind him is actually a car lot, and he's focused on one particular hovercar - bright red, with sporting stripes and fins, it looks like an old-fashioned racecar that's missing its wheels. D'Artagnan's voice has turned eager, less formal. ]

They're like nothing my world has seen. I want to know how to drive one. If there's any among you who can teach me, I'll trade whatever you like. Money, skills, anything you need. [ Thanks to the job that he hates, on top of the fact that he's Registered, he actually isn't poor in this world. That's almost as unusual for him as the flying cars. ] Whatever you think is proper. If I'm going to be here for a while - and that seems clear by now - then I want to learn.
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[On comes the video feed, and the man on the other end seems to consider the screen with distaste for a moment; the pause is long enough to wonder if he's simply going to change his mind and turn it off, but then he speaks. It's a low tone, something that almost sounds like it shouldn't belong to a human, but what is more noticeable is the fact that it is practically dripping with the repugnance of... something. His situation? His audience? All of the above? Red eyes flash with visible impatience as he addresses the network.]

I have been viewing this "network" for several days, watching mortal refugees from other worlds exchange words, images, ideas. Some have accepted and assimilated into their new situation, while others remain resistant and opposed to this place and what they expect of us.

[His lips threaten to curl into a mirthless grin.]

Zahdnu. It is pointless. Do you not see how petty it is? Caught in someone else's conflict, whether you fight or remain ambivalent, it all meets the same end; in time, it will be all be forgotten. All of you will be forgotten. Do you think you will be remembered in a hundred years time, do you think this war they want us to fight will be anything more than a footnote in the history of a thousand years? Five thousand? You should be lucky if your civilizations do not crumble to the ground well before then.

Everything here is noise with no meaning. That I should have to suffer through it is an insult. In defeat, I would have preferred a nothingness, and not forced to live with those whose bodies will decay into dust with time. No dovah, no dragon, deserves such humiliation.

[Well, how's that for a first "hello"? That being said, he simply moves on, as if everything he just declared is not up for debate.]

Those here who considers themselves immortal, a god, or anything more than the majority of those who live in this world -- especially those who find themselves weakened -- my name is Alduin, the World Eater, and I would speak with you.

((ooc; if you're interested in opting-in to Alduin's soul sensing abilities, check out his permissions post here please!))


Aug. 5th, 2015 11:55 pm
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[He appears to be in in front of one of the housing complexes in Heropa, #39. He appears to be somewhat exasperated, his eyes half-lidded due to the humidity.]

So who am I talking to here? Since they want us all swearing our loyalty to the great and powerful American armed forces I imagine yer all just the canon fodder.

Where's the re-education camps for those who refuse? Cos' I seen all this before. Either survival of the fittest in the isles or they sponge your brain clean. Sounds great don't it? Lovely rehab sessions.

So am I the only one who sees it for what it is? Government check for a roof over our heads if we sign over our soul, yeah? What's the going rate for souls these days?

[A pause]

Hmff. Least this place came with a dog...
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[Good morning Nonah/Heropa/De Chima/etc. residents. Hope you've been enjoying it, because you'll need something to buffer here. Kaneda's already outside, lounging on his bike with his feet kicked up, hands behind his head and looking at the sky. Kaneda, you couldn't look more bored if you tried.]

So I guess I'm supposed to give you guys traffic updates or something. And you know me--I've got a burning desire to be an upstanding citizen.

[He turns his communicator about 30 degrees to the left, showing a patch of empty road that his bike was parked next to. Insert the cliche tumbleweed for some added aesthetic.]

Whooooooo-oooo! Brutal out there, guys! Stay safe!

[Okay, even he can't hide his smirk anymore.]


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