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I get that there are bigger things going on, but I'm looking for a fork and knife I can't bite through.

[He'll lift up the evidence to the camera. It's a metal fork with the prongs neatly severed as if by, say, super strong teeth? This is the fourth he's been through this week. Really has to stop reading the network or other interesting things while he's having lunch.

Laugh it up, swim buddies (you know who you are). This is a legitimate issue at this point. He can't keep buying silverware, and with things as they are, he's not of a mind to go to the government over this. Rather have another 'Port-friend give him an alternative.

Can't even enjoy the holiday with this looming over him!]

I don't have much saved up, but if you have a solution, let's talk.
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[ Unlike most interactions with Armstrong, the characteristic loud, friendly smile that he usually portrays on his face is replaced with a more serious and grave look. His shirt is, like most occasions, turned off as his eyebrowless face squints and glares at the feed with alternating forms of intensity.

He's trying to set a mood. Emphasis on trying. The alternations of intensity underneath his brow look inconsistent at best and like he accidentally squirted lemonade in his eyes at worst. ]

It appears now that, for some time, justice has taken a more passive role in both the eyes of the U.S. government and imPorts. Political reasons aside, there is no justification to injure civilians on the behalf of a government that is now cutting our funding. We remain each other's valuable resources for both fighting injustice from wherever it may be. We cannot remain reliant on a system that has no intention on looking out for us.

[ A close observer will notice that wherever Armstrong is right now, it's really cold. His breath is visible, creating tiny clouds of vapor as he shivers from time to time. ]

I expect all who take the term Hero to stand against injustice and perform true heroic values! [ His voice booms before a smile slowly erupts on his face. The more familiar side of Armstrong takes over. Good cop, bad cop. ]

Now, for the real reason I'm talking on here...! I wish to ask, does anyone have abilities that change seasonally? [ He remains still and focused. ] It appears that, for summer, I was given the talent of producing Hawaiian shirts by thought but now that it is fall....

[ He starts to triumphantly flex before a bright light envelops his torso. It fades to reveal an American Flag turtleneck. ]

It appears Heropa wants me prepared for the seasons, as now I can make turtlenecks! Would anyone want one?
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[Even if you have never personally had a mother, you can easily recognize this look: the Very Disappointed Mother Look.]

I am very disappointed in some of you!

[so disappointed]

It's bad enough that poor Belgium lost so many people in those terrible attacks! [CLOSE ENOUGH] Did you really have to steal from them? Stealing from healthy people is low enough; stealing from people who are dying or hurt or have legs blown off, why, that's the lowest of the low!

Wouldn't you be sad if you lost your leg and then you learned the Mona Lisa was missing? That would just make everything even worse! That's why Museum Director-san is so upset, even though he isn't missing any legs!

[AHEM] And so I ask, very nicely, that whoever stole the Mona Lisa and anything else from Museum Director-san return them immediately, with a note saying how very sorry you are for stealing from legless people!

... Ah, right! [sounding more cheerful] I've also gotten a nice card for Captain Holiday-san! [holds up card; it says GET WELL SOON and has an injured yet smiling sun on it] I hope everyone will sign it, so he'll know we all hope he'll feel better soon! It's pinned up right outside my door [actually nailed] so anyone walking by can sign it! Thank you!


Oct. 14th, 2014 01:12 am
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[ Annie manages to sound fairly calm through all of this, only allowing her irritation and amalgamation of unhappy emotions show through in the words she chooses to emphasize, smattered throughout her report-like announcement. ]

Loki, you can considering this a love letter for the information age, following up on when you were asking people here to deal in sharing and caring. United States Military, you're welcome to listen in, but all this information is on file with you already, so you may find it lackluster.

Any helpful technologically capable people out there might help me out and work on encrypting conversations below here for the sake of freedom of discussion.

I don't like talking on these, and I'm not good at it, so pay attention. I've included two attachments to this broadcast, and none of the dramatic bullshit we've seen on national television lately. This is all information I've been given by Lieutenant Ananke. Any questions in specific to those contents within should be directed to her, through her contact line programmed onto your device. Or stop by in person. I don't care.

The first is a list of imPorts and native heroes who went missing following events in 2008. Some are reported dead, others only as missing. These names should be familiar to anyone who attended the swearing in last month, where we were witnessing the opening of the memorial graveyard. Not all of these names are there. Not all families wanted a memorial. Not everyone thinks these people are truly gone, or truly dead.

The second is a series of video recordings of a handful of these people. I'm hoping that you can help me identify everyone in attendance - some recordings are labeled with names. They match up to descriptions on file. It also means we have a few more faces to put with names. I've guessed that the young blond man we see in the last two videos is Liam Lawson, a younger native hero. I believe the woman he isn't with, the one sitting down, may be Eleni Wang, who hasn't been heard from since going underground in 2008. I'm not positive, so here's the floor, open for discussion.

Further, myself and several others have been pursuing investigations into the Hornets, localized to the city of Nonah. It's not all swift moving, but I hope that each person will be sharing information on what they learn as they learn anything. I'm presently investigating one of the former students at Phillip North's gym, but if that provides information, I won't know for a while yet. Liam Lawson is also being investigated by another of those who expressed interest, and I'd recommend he share that information, even if it's a dead end, with the imPorts when he has a chance.

[ If there's anything to report, Wally. ]

I don't care how much or little you trust the government. I don't care how often you want to piss into the wind. There's too much shit going on for me to care about bickering over those details, between Russia sitting on ships staring down Alaska up North, to puzzles pointing toward concerns further South and outside this nation, to the fact that Lunatic, one of our own, has been murdering people, and tried to incinerate a seventeen year old civilian earlier today for having been involved in a drunk driving incident that ended another's life.

Cut to the chase. What else is happening that we should know about? Enlighten me.

[ Attachment A: HFILE1.PDF ]
[ Attachment B: Video Files ]

[ OOC Note: Any references within this post to Kara Strydottir should read as Kara Lindholm instead, as that is how her name appears on network. My apologies for any confusion! Please use Kara Lindholm for any references in this post and related comment threads. ]
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[ kanaya's in the garage again, but the door's open, sunlight pouring through it. she's in a green tank and black leggings, a bandanna tying back her hair, various paint splotches on her arms hinting at what she's busying herself with today. on her workbench is a brush and easel, all of the colors monochrome and drab.

unlike her previous addresses, she's already put out her cigarette rather than in the middle of it. that should cut down on unwanted lectures. though the content of her message may bring them in an entirely different form.

You see, this is something I will never quite understand. Here we are, sitting at the brink of war, and all anyone can talk about is voting rights. Very typically American of you. [ not that some of the people loudest about it are even american. but america, democracy, she tends to conflate the two. ] The question shouldn't be why unsettled imPorts can't vote, but why can the registered? I am a registered imPort, but I'm not an American citizen, I'm not even a citizen of Earth! Merely a resident.

Think about this, we are temporary immigrants to this world. When more permanent refugees come to live here on escaping their native lands, they have long, complicated processes to undergo before they are allowed the benefits of citizenry. Should any of us be given better treatment of those? Should I be allowed to make decisions that may affect this nation's future when these are not allowed it, when I may not even be here to experience the full consequences of those decisions? I don't think I should, neither do I think any of you should. Wherever you have come from, we are all of us aliens to this world. That isn't something we should be forgetting. You should get used to the fact that you don't belong, like some of us have always known.

I'd much rather our attention be directed to the blockade threatening Alaska. The rest of this is little more than a distraction.

But if distraction is what you're after, as the world must continue should it not abruptly end, we are all aware of the season upon us. Ghastly ghouls are all about these days. So, should we not have all died by the time Halloween is upon us, perhaps you might join us monsters at the Devil's Nest in Maurtia Falls to celebrate.

[ she gets up to move the camera, and it shifts as she holds it, spinning around to face the wall. stretched out across it is a massive sheet of paper, painted simply in grey brick, only half dingy. she's still detailing. on the floor are a few paint cans and rollers. ]

I'm working on the decor now.

Drinks are 10% off, should you arrive in costume, and there will be a drinking contest with a $100 prize, for those who pay the $10 entry fee. But just imagine how much you may potentially get from that $10, even if you shouldn't win!

[ she turns the camera back around, in a sort of awkward selfie angle. ] Our hours will be 3pm to 6am, so come early and stay all night, as you please. We hope to see you there on the 31st.

Good luck in the meantime.


Sep. 13th, 2014 11:04 pm
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Busy day/night on here. Adding to it in brief:

1. Does anyone here know ballroom dance?

2. Is anyone willing to learn?

[ this is probably totally a genuine interest by Annie to learn some form of cultural dance relevant to the history of this world (no). or... it's a ruse related to tracking something else down involved with ballroom dancing (basically). ]
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[See a dinosaur in a vest. See a dinosaur in a vest talking. Just a normal day.]


[Yelling. Definitely yelling and not talking.]


[He pauses a moment to glance at some papers before looking back up at the camera.]

Mime? MIME IS NOT A JOB! MIMES DON'T DO SCIENCE! Have you mammals changed your mammaly words again?! Is this some hipster thing?!

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[ on the network tonight there's something that distinctly Doesn't Belong. ]

Three-Sided by LOKIOFASGARD 13 Sep 2014
imPort (Relations) | Mature (17+) | Work in Progress

Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Matt Murdock/Harvey Dent, Matt Murdock/Tony Stark, AU, NSFW, Matt Murdock, Tony Stark, Harvey Dent, Lawyer Sex, Office Sex, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Dubious Politics, Dubious Everything, Making This Up As I Go

Harvey Dent is caught manipulating the mortal legal system, and Matt Murdock must defend his integrity—even as they fall further into the abyss of judicial enchantment! The two of them land themselves in the political scandal of century, while Tony Stark becomes tangled in a seemingly unrelated web of courtroom drama caused by his own heavy hand.

As they dig themselves deeper into personal complications, they become increasingly threatened with a reveal that would expose their intense, yet clandestine love triangle.

Language: English Words: 30,938 Chapters: 5/? Comments: 127 Kudos: 54 Bookmarks: 16 Hits: 1586

[ for whoever decides to dive right into the bowels of this terrible real person fic, it's quite well-written. the prose is almost poetic, and the characterizations and dialogue believable. included is a fairly graphic elevator scene.) it's gripping and gritty, if not a little theatric and self-indulgent. despite it being quite lovely, there's the distinct feeling that the reader might actually need a shower, whoops.

it's up on the network for about ten minutes before

ETA Whoopsie. Misfire.

[ a wild fanmix appears. ]
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[ The video clicks on to show a teenage boy sporting a black eye and a letterman jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a big letter 'R' on it, as well as a mildly derisive expression on his face. It's a well-crafted guarded look, closing his face off from giving much away about what he might be thinking in the disdainful nonchalance it conveys. ]

So, I think one of my favorite things about this place so far is how I managed to show up just in time to start up school. Again. Some sense of humor someone's got -- but hey, I'm not complaining.

[ There's good reason for why he's not, but that of course he doesn't mention; better to play it like he's too mature for that kind of nonsense. He flourishes with his hand in a theatrical sort of gesture before he goes on, and briefly his tattoo is visible -- although instead of REGISTERED it just reads REG, the rest covered up with an adhesive bandage.

He continues in a tone of mustered confidence, approximating the appropriate smug punch his follow-up really calls for:

I'm Reggie Mantle, and I'm not gonna ask about superpowers or trans-dimensional whatcha-call-it because I figure, real or unreal doesn't matter much if we're livin' it anyway. I got a better survey question from a homework assignment:

What do you hate? With a passion?
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[ The feed turns on rather abruptly, almost as if the person who turned it on isn't used to the controls; and let's be real -- she isn't. The camera is rather skewed at an odd angle, not showing much of the young medium's face, or rather, showing too much of it in a close up before the screen pans up to the ceiling. Her voice can be heard nevertheless as she speaks though, rather determined, yet frustrated. It's in a low tone, but not inaudible. ]

At least being a hero is better than being called a witch... [ A beat, before there's an adjustment of the camera, lowering from the ceiling angle to a more proper angle, though it's still rather odd and disorienting. ] Ooookay, I think I got it this time! Take that!

[ And just as she yells that familiar (perhaps to some) phrase in an obnoxiously loud voice, the camera finally adjusts itself properly, now centered at Maya at a proper angle and closeness. She has her fists closed, a determined glint in her eyes before she speaks, energetic as always. ]

Now that that problem's fixed, greetings, citizens of the world! I am the illustrious, the amazing, the inconceivable Maya Fey, ace spirit medium. I'm still tinkering with the kinks of the whole, you know, superhero name and all, and I was thinking maybe either "Mystic Maya" or "Ayam Yef", but those two sound so blah and not dynamic enough, you know?

That's why today, I need your help! I need to come up with something even more amazing than amazing! Otherwise I'm going to get a heart attack for not having a cool superhero name...!

[ P R I O R I T I E S ]

( ooc: it may or may not come up, but if it does and you'd like to opt out of any pl vs aa spoilers, tell me here! )
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Either I have a new roommate who moved in and hid everything but my underclothes somewhere else in this house where I can't find them or I've had my entire wardrobe stolen between yesterday morning and right now.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm open to alternate explanations. Or wringing the neck of the one(s) responsible.

[ private to Shinjiro | so hackable it's laughable; ]

I'll be late. I have to find something acceptable to wear.


Aug. 28th, 2014 04:29 pm
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[molly is post-work, white lab coat still on despite the sweltering august heat in florida. she has an iced coffee in one hand and as she speaks she drinks, but the cup never seems to empty even a bit.]

I've been away from home for more than two years now. Sometimes it's strange to think about. At first, it felt like sort of a weird hostage situation where I happened to have the same job, and even a cat. And now it's more like an extended vacation, where I still have the same job. [but vacations usually mean you aren't working, molly] The familiarity is nice.

Anyway, speaking of the cat, I think she's expecting. I knew she'd gotten out a few times, but seems like it was for more than a trot around town. I don't know when the kittens are due or how many there will be, but they'll be up for adoption once they're here. Just wanted to put the word out.
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[ The feed opens on an attractive woman sitting on a standard-issue Heropan Housing couch, smiling with friendly demeanor at the camera. She has long, shimmery blond hair tied up in a high ponytail, bright blue eyes, and eyelashes thick enough to smother a fire. She's definitely the type to know how to prepare to be on camera, because that makeup is flawless; you can't even see her pores. (If... she even has them... ?)

She waves at the camera.

Good evening, everyone! I'm Barbie. I arrived here a few weeks ago, but things have been so crazy, I haven't had a chance to talk to you all! I'm super excited to meet you.

Now, I'll admit, becoming a "Registered Hero" isn't what I had planned for this month... or this year! But I've heard about what sort of trouble this place is in, and there's no way I can turn down a request for help so dire. There are so many dangers here... like spies! And kidnappers! And, worst of all... undersized sunglasses!

[ Conspiratorial, with her hand near her mouth for a secret: ] That's a fashion misdemeanor in Malibu. [ And with that out of the way, she straightens back up, her expression warm and welcoming. For someone that looks like she walked out of a makeup commercial (or maybe one for shampoo?), her friendliness and bubbly mood both seem very sincere. ]

While I'm here, I'm going to do everything I can to help. I may only be a toothpaste spokesmodel right now—

[ In what is clearly a practiced gesture, Barbie slips an object out of her purse without looking away from the camera, and for a short, smiling pose brandishes a tube of Gum Belle® brand toothpaste—and did her teeth just sparkle on cue? That had to be a trick of the light, right?—before slipping it out of sight as if the whole promo never happened. ]

—But if you need a doctor, or a gymnastics coach, or an engineer, or a fashion designer, or a life guard, or an astronaut, or a dolphin trainer... well, you get the idea! Or even if you just need a friend to talk to, I'll be right here in Heropa.

I hope we can all be great friends.
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[ when the video starts, you're greeted to a girl! she is swinging two pairs of scissors around her pointer fingers, which is probably in the top ten of things you shouldn't do with scissors, and there's a bright smile on her face. ]

Hello, heroes and baddies, I'm Hajime! I work at the arts and craft store. You should all visit if you have free time. We're currently having a sale on yarn. [ because yarn is exciting. ]

Oh, but actually, I have a question. What do you think makes someone a hero? Or a super one? It's a riddle I need to solve! Thank you for your help, and please buy our yarn.
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 [Hello, Citizens of Heropa.  Hope you're enjoying yourselves on this fine day! Because Metalhawk sure isn't.  In fact, he was doing the same as you, performing everyday routine in his apartment and getting ready to go to work...and that's when it all went wrong.  The feed opens up to show...a little minor structure damage--a broken window and door at most, both of which now have a giant metal wing through them. Sitting in the center is a giant robot, at least 27 feet in height now curled into as tight of a ball as he can, to avoid further destruction. 

And boy, does he not look happy.

Looks like you finally got your third (and original) power working, Metalhawk!]

I can't say this is very ideal.

[There's an annoyed sigh, wiggling his wings slightly to try and get them out of the doorway/window.]

Would anyone be free to assist me? If I can just get outside...

[Yeah, that's not happening. You're huge, Metalhawk.

He's so sorry, roomies.]

2, Video

Aug. 17th, 2014 02:20 pm
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[The camera opens on one Olivier Armstrong, sitting crosslegged in a chair, one hand out of frame below her.]

It seems that some of the idiot man-children here have no idea how to behave appropriately towards a woman who so much as crosses their path. Let this be an example to the rest of you.

[She raises that hand, which is holding the necklace of a certain redheaded boy, yanking him up by his neck like a cat might pick up a kitten.

The boy's face is darkened and swollen with bruises and he has one hell of a black eye. There's also something on his forehead: "LECH" written across his face in black marker that some might recognize as the permanent ink used by the plastic surgeons at the recent swearing-in ceremony.]

Go on. Tell the world the lesson you've learned.

[He coughs up a little bit when he's picked up, grumbling when he's forced to look into the camera, all beat up like this.]

I... I learned you ain't supposed to compliment women like that. And to treat 'em with respect... and not as someone to get with...

[He reaches up to rub his necklace.]

Can ya let go? Yer chokin' me!

If that's what you want. [She doesn't just 'let go,' per se. Oh sure, she releases her grip on his necklace, but only after she's bodily thrown him back to the ground.]

And if I catch you doing it again, to anyone, public shaming like this will be the least of your concerns.

That's all.

[The feed cuts.]

[005] VIDEO

Aug. 7th, 2014 03:15 pm
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[It- doesn't exactly seem like the best time to be recording this- and not because of what's going lately around er- ya know, events and that... just-

well, because of Gamagori's current- situation.]

[And by that I mean he appears to be half naked, and squatting under a rather huge bar on what appears to be a weight lifting machine. Sitting in that squatted position and flexed out, the weight he's still lifting appears to be actively burdening his upper body. Though he's holding it up rather well, despite how sweaty he is, and despite the um- myriad of wounds he's sporting. Though anyone that was in the Summer Games with him would know about those. He took some heavy damage during it, countless blades, bites, and bombs have went after this man and most of the time he just stood and took it to make sure no one behind him got hit. So yeah- despite all those wounds, bloody and broken, most wrapped up, but some missing their bandaging, he's holding up the weight rather well.]

[The recording seems like it might be a more- casual one, how he finally looks to the camera, a large frown on his face, only to suddenly-]


[Honestly, did any of you who know him expect any different? Yells with such deep vigor even while currently weight training. Hey- he has to keep his image, right?]

[But after that he'll lower his volume and close his eyes, brows furrowed, thoughtful for a moment.]

First- let me congratulate all those who successfully made it through the previous battle we've fought. I was proud to stand beside you all.

And then- I just wanted to say something aside from that, it came to me, this is unoffical, so feel free to dismiss it now if you are busy. I felt it good advice, and I will share it with you! If you will listen. [Eyes open again, intent.]

Many of the things that happen here we seem to be unprepared for. Be it the setting, be it our prior experiences or lack of them! We must start to be ready for anything, any and all this place throws at us, no matter what direction and who directly it shall come from! It is important to be as water- to roll and move with what influences us, and to crash and swallow when it comes time!

But even then, even without being prepared, with being so, we will sustain many wounds, scars- but you must remember to wear them with pride! Never consider a mark a badge of failure! BUT EVEN THEN REMEMBER, your body is to be RESPECTED. [A hmph, looking intensely to the camera.]

So be good to it, and do not feel shame in getting your wounds tended to, especially if they continue to pain you through time! NURSE YOUR WOUNDS, ANY AND ALL, THOSE FROM FRIEND AND FOE ALIKE! We must rely on eachother. For here, we are all we have, here we are connected, and even if your families are brought here to join us, many of us still can live as a family, and help support eachother!!!

[Silences after that, taking a breath. And finally he'll push up on those weights and hook them back into place behind him, sitting up a little before leaning forward and resting an elbow on his knee.]

Thank you for listening and welcome to any who have just arrived!!
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Whoever mentions the word 'camping' again gets a fist to the face. Just saying. Those assholes even got Winry involved in all that, dammit.....

[Oh, yes. Ed is quite evidently still pissed off to high hell over that. Winry is not a fighter and should never be involved in them. Ed's tried to make it a point to keep her out of the front lines back home, as it were. So she never has to see him fighting. But that was unavoidable with the arena mess. At least he didn't get hurt too badly, all things considered. It could be worse.]

Anyway, I had something I wanted to ask, Major. Not....about dinner. About the job thing. They won't let me sign anything because I'm a minor, apparently. I was wondering if you were still willing to help set this up? Maybe they'll let you sign since they're being stubborn about letting me just do it myself.

[Which is ridiculous when he is so used to being treated more like an adult with his status back home and how different things were in general back home with that particular time at 1914, but still. He's working on this. Slowly.]

Also, might have neglected to mention, but Al and I moved in with Winry, so we're at Residence #35 now instead. I know I've offered to help one or two of you with my alchemy, so that's where I am, if anyone needs anything fixed or made, I can see what I can do. Working on setting up a proper shop for it,'s a work in progress.

video; 001

Aug. 5th, 2014 05:43 pm
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[ time to get in character ]

Heeeey Florida! [Oh hey, fellow imPorts, so much for a peaceful dinner time. Because that's a rather loud, rather hyper kid with a big ol' smile on his face popping up on your communicators] And North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and just about every state between California and Maine I'm assuming but these seem like the main ones. [Is he talking too fast? He's talking too fast.]

Bart here. Bart Allen. [Bart Impulse Allen, but he bites his tongue] New visitor, new face - you're welcome - tourist in name, make, and fashion. Just missing the Hawaiian shirt and camera combo. A uh- what do you call it? Impound, impress, imPort? All those im-words.

[He's starting to wave his phone around as he talks, not even fully realizing that means anyone watching the feed's gonna probably get a little motion sickness.] You know, with all the ru- traveling I've done, don't think I've spent much time in Florida. Keystone, Central, Washington the second, Rhode Island, those are my mains. Although there is this one beach in Brazil that's totally crash.

So if anyone has any tourist tips, I'm all ears! Movies to watch, places to go, those crash teleport tubes I've heard of, if there's anyone from the Justice League here, what corner store to stay away from, places to eat, places to eat that also have a twenty-four-hour option. [He's saying all of that so quickly it basically all blends together]

So yeah, hi, nice to be here. Oh! I'm in Residence 007 hah so roommates! Pretty sweet! [Look he can use retro terminology] I call dibs on the TV tonight.

01 | video

Aug. 5th, 2014 12:11 am
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[The woman that comes on the screen is a striking figure with her bright blue eyes, ornate jewelry, and pale blue skin. Life would probably be easier for Samara if she tried to hide how she looked, but she’s used to life not being easy.]

As a Justicar I am used to receiving an unusual amount of attention. [When she speaks there’s an almost unnatural amount of calmness in her voice.] Never quite so much though. It is strange to find myself in a place where humans have such little experience with races beyond their own. [The calmness extends to that statement, although some may be able to pick up just a tiny hint of interest in her voice. Samara is actually almost curious about the reactions she gets from people. In fact, she’s curious about the reactions she will continue to get from new people.]

Strange but certainly interesting. I have found myself unusually curious as to how people will continue to adapt to my presence. [Or if they will ever adapt at all. She pauses for a second as she lifts her arm to look at the area where the tattoo is located.]

I am afraid, however, that I cannot comply with this government’s request to register with them. I have sworn an oath already and it is not to anyone of this government. [Besides she highly doubts that their values and the Code’s values would align.] The housing is appreciated, as is the offer of employment, but I will find my own way. For four hundred years I have done so and I see no reason to stop now.


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