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Can anyone here tell me about dreams? The kind you have when you sleep.

I know it's a strange question, but I've been thinking about it a lot recently. Dreaming isn't really something I'm used to. Sleeping I can understand, but dreaming is just. Weird, I guess. Is there a point to them, or do they just happen? Can you make yourself dream about certain things? Can you make yourself not dream something?

Sorry. Just wondering.

[Yeah, guess who's recently discovered nightmares.]


Apr. 26th, 2015 02:25 pm
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Ah... hello. Most of you don't know me. [Pariya fidgets, looking rather shy and uncomfortable to be addressing the camera. She looks away.]

My name's Pariya. I've been here two months, but-- I don't go out much, and I'm not really good at this thing. Well... more like terrible at it. So I don't use it much. Sorry.

A-Anyway. My power is... u-um. It's... healing bread...

Th-That is! With all the... stuff happening... lots of people are getting hurt, so. I experimented a bit. So! I-If you're injured, or sick... tell me where you are, and I'll come deliver you some bread and cookies. For free. They can't heal the flare sickness, or whatever it's called, but I think they can slow it... and alleviate the symptoms for a time. And they definitely help speed the healing of normal injuries.

Um... yeah. That's it. I'm not sure what it's customary to say at the end of these things. Yeah.
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hey, i know this is a chaotic time right now. if you have a moment, i'm interested in hearing what you think.

does anyone know what happens if you've been infected with a virus of any kind here and are suddenly sent home? i'm okay, thankfully. my friends from home have disappeared and have presumably returned there, which got me thinking about it in the first place.

i guess that might change the course of your fate, especially when it's not uncommon that timelines don't match up with other people from your worlds.

sorry for the kind of morbid thought. can't really be helped here. i was just wondering.

i'm not a scientist or a doctor, but i believe i'm immune at this point. please let me know if you need any help.
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( Hay kids. It's that one loser, looking considerably cleaner, better fed and more relaxed than her first post. Part of it's pretence and part of it is being better fed, but whatever.

Today, Tara's posture is a lazy slouch against the side of her sofa, bottle of beer in hand. )

Okay, so-- possibly a personal question. How many of you dudes are from worlds where everything's kinda gone to Hell? Apocalypse-style, y'know? Like, uh, I dunno. Everyone simultaneously woke up with Donald Trump hair, or meteors hit, or there's an undead shit-storm unfolding outside.

( A casual shrug. Seems like it might be less crazy a thing here than she thought. )

And, part two: what's the best thing about the world ending? 'Cause, I mean, I kinda miss living off ramen and canned stuff being a win instead of a basis for judgment.

( Hmm. Tara takes a swig of her beer. Maybe she is a bit less okay then she seems, but that's basically what her life is all about. )

Gotta find the bright side, right?
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Hi, everyone.

[ Allison is, naturally, still stunned, holding her hands out and staring into her palms for a minute. She knows what kind of environment this is, but it still doesn't help her from feeling totally ... weird about asking such a question.

Being taken here, and losing some people she was close to, or had been friendly with – it's been difficult. She's overwhelmed and trying her hardest to stay afloat.

I ... I need help.

[ She hates admitting it, but this puts her entirely out of her element, pun intended. ]

Seems like some of the powers listed in my file decided to show up last month. I have no idea how to handle it. [ Her fists close and she swallows hard, setting her jaw. Sure, she wants to feel as if she can take care of herself, but this - this is way more than she bargained for. With inhuman powers, there is the risk of potentially hurting innocents all over again. She can't have that. ] I realize this happens to a lot of people, but I’ve got a feeling that, um, snow powers aren’t the norm.

Or, maybe not? I’m still finding my way around.

[ Allison smiles, nervous but friendly. ]

Thanks in advance.
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( Hook is still having trouble running his tablet. he barely learned how to use his talking (cell) phone before he landed here. suffice to say different technology is not favoring him better. he's had some time to practice. . . not a lot to do when he's been in the hospital since he arrived. he isn't sure how long, it had been a bit of a disorienting experience to be in and out of consciousness as parts of his body grew back.

he's glad to be out. hospitals aren't any fun. even if this time around he wasn't handcuffed to the bed, and no blonde saviors showed up to press on his wounds.

(actually he would have been happy enough to see her he wouldn't have cared if she broke a rib or two.)

the question is, so, now what? and he honestly isn't sure of the answer. this network is supposed to help him connect with other 'imports' like himself, so maybe they can give him guidance. he isn't generally one to favor asking for aide if he can help it, he just has little options to the alternative. he'll suffer it for a good cause. )

I'm sure this has been asked before,
but is there a way to contact where we're from?

( he won't call it home. that idea hurts a little too much. and he has just experienced the pain of a heart growing back, he's good on pain for awhile. )

if I'm stuck here,
then at least I could tell those who might care not to worry.

( he doesn't know what he'd say exactly, yet. but if there's a way. . . he's got to say something. )
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[A pause and some swearing under his breath-]

Is this thing on-

[Okay, there’s the light, so another pause, and then he’s talking again.]

Alright, I figures I’ve been here long enough that I should at least see how this works. I got the way this place works, what with the kidnapping and the hero gig, but let me tell you, I’d rather be back in Brooklyn.

[It’ll fall apart without him.]

Anyway, Bluebird says I gotta say hi, and who am I to tell a sweet girl like that no?

Everyone back home calls me Spot. Last name’s Conlon. You want my Christian name, you gotta work for it.

That work for everyone?
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Okay, I probably should have done this a while ago but...

Anybody who can take a hit- or even better, take one and give back just as good- I guess gimme a ring?
I need to get a little bit of practice in.
Might help if you're a little bit fireproof too.
Still working on that one.
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[ Lana sounds disinterested, for the most part. But the elections are tomorrow, and part of being an upstanding citizen meant voting in elections, right? Right. ]

So I get that we're supposed to vote tomorrow, which I guess is kind of cool considering they don't care if we're old enough to vote or not. But what if you just got here like a month ago and don't know any of the candidates or the issues or whatever?

What I'm saying is, if you're running for imPort Ambassador, pitch me your shit. Your... platform. Whatever. Tell me why I should vote for you.
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my hands keep turning into paws.

this would be adorajdfg';k if typing didn't suck

plz help

i'm stuck in cat vine hell

in my head

((Kamala got struck by lightning and now partially think she's a cat. Yes.))
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i've seen several of these messages so i thought i should introduce myself also.

hi! i'm allison. i've arrived recently, been sworn in, haven't had a chance to even talk to my own roommates yet.

i've been assigned to be a paralegal assistant and also a student, but if you need the services of an archer and capable fighter, then let me know.

[ Leaving out the hunter bit for now. It's an extra precaution and she's feeling especially sensitive about the whole thing, given recent events. ]

or, if someone could fill me in on what exactly's going on, that would be great. or, if you're also new and you want to bond over that, i'm cool with it.


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