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[Kay is all smiles when the video begins, but those who have known her long enough may notice that her happiness is missing something - like her cheer is one mark down from her usual. Normally her eyes would practically be sparkling, she'd be bouncing on the couch and probably playing with a few crows, but instead, a dozen crows are perched all around without her petting a single feathered head - on the armrests, on the backrest, on the cushions, and she's sitting primly with her hands on her knees. Amazingly, there is not a single glimpse of bird poop or stray feathers anywhere.

Or any sign of anyone else living in Heropa Residence #007, for that matter.

One of the crows starts to preen. Another flies away from view, and still another takes its place with a piece of bread in its beak.]

Christmas is just 'round the corner, so I thought I'd give the entire imPort community my own present. [She bends down, and picks up a colorful banner with the words, "HERO CLUB" scrawled in markers, with a little smattering of glitter and several stars and streamers made of metallic paper.]

Ta-da! Hero Club - which I talked about during the last swear-in - is now accepting members below 21! Our first meeting isn't till January when the break's over, but if you want to join, lemme know! 

[Kay puts down the banner, cheerier than she was at the beginning of the transmission, but still not at maximum cheer mode.]

I know investigating and fighting bad guys are important, but we should also think of the little things, like learning and teaching self-defense, learning how to use powers, getting to know this world and what's going on, and helping out the imPort businesses. Think of this as an after-school club! [YEEEEAAAAAH!] 

If you're over 21 and you wanna help though, you can! You could donate to our cause, give seminars, workshops and lessons on powers, self-defense and weapons, that sort of thing.

[A pause. A crow caws loudly, and another buffets it with a wing as if shushing the first one.]

The meeting will be at Xavier School, but you don't have to be a student there to join. Speaking of Xavier...I kinda need a faculty adviser, don't I? [A sheepish shrug.] Okay, I think that covers the basics, but if you have any questions, just ask me, Kay Faraday, the Great Thief Yatagarasu! [She jumps up from her seat and spreads her arms as if ready to take flight. A few crows trade a look as if doubtful that Kay could ever reach their level when it comes to flight. Well, at least talking about Hero Club has psyched her up considerably.]


Dec. 19th, 2014 04:00 pm
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[As is his habit, Ted's probably surrounded by little bits and pieces of computers, machinery, and somewhere off to the side there are probably schematics for his next car or something. But today, at least, he's wearing one of those dumb menorah hats and giving the camera a little wave.]

Hey, Heropa! Happy Hannukah. Or Christmas. Or Festivus. Which I guess only applies if you're from the 25th century. If you are, don't worry! We've got you covered. Or if you celebrate anything else. What I'm trying to say is -- Booster and I are having a holiday party next week. A couple days before Christmas, so we don't interfere with anyone's plans. Whoever wants to come is welcome to! You can bring food, we'll have latkes, a Festivus pole, there'll be the airing of grievances. All sorts of good wholesome holiday fun. ...Okay, and we won't complain if you bring booze, too.

Anyway, let me know if you want to stop by! If you do, see you all on the 23rd.
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You know, when I was first ported in -- the first time I remember being ported in, that is -- I thought this was all just one of those bizarre things you can't help but get into when you throw on a wrestling outfit and fight crime. We'd been kidnapped by a mysterious cosmic entity? Fine, so we'd kick the mysterious cosmic entity's butt. Then we'd go home, have a party, feed our loved ones implausible excuses, do our laundry, end of story. Normal life resumed.

But that was four years ago. Almost every other imPort who was here when I came is long gone. I've switched universes, I've even been ported forward in time once or twice, but I've never been home -- and now this is what normal feels like.

It makes a guy wonder. We're all the sum of our experiences, right? Every little change accumulates, every decision leads to us making a different set of decisions. So at what point do my experiences as an imPort here add up to a different person than the one back there? If I finally get sent home and lose all my memories of being here, is that really a homecoming, or is it turning into someone else?

On an entirely unrelated note, Val Richards tells me that my future/alternate self was temporarily possessed by one Dr. Otto Octavius. That's Doctor Octopus to the SHIELD files and Doc Ock to his -- well, he doesn't have any friends, go figure. So, FYI for those of you who've had run-ins with future evil me: not really future evil me, yay! Actually Otto wearing me as a meat-suit, yeuch! There's your dose of body horror for all of 2015.

Seriously, though, everyone who got dragged into that meshugaas, I'm so sorry -- I don't know how to apologize enough. Thanks for not unfriending present me even when you thought I was predestined to turn into a sesquipedalian megalomaniac.

(Though, seriously... no one noticed? Guy talks like he swallowed a thesaurus, it's not exactly subtle.)
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[ Amalia's been fairly quiet the last couple of months, but seeing all the holiday bustle going on, she's decided to offer her specific talents to the public. ]

I've noticed all the decorations going up, so it's almost time for Kwismas! Or what do you call it here, "Christmas"? I asked and it sounds nearly the same. So if anyone wants a special tree grown for them, any type of tree at all, just let me know and I'll have it ready for you in a few hours.

[ She lifts a finger and shakes it at the screen. ]

However!! You must promise to treat it very nicely, and replant it somewhere safe when you're done. If you can't replant it, then you have to call me so I can take care of it. Trees are living things too and I won't see them harmed in any way!
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[Please do not adjust your communicators, the person viewed here really is upside down. Isabel is hanging off the deck railing in the backyard of house 28 while her phone rests in the grass below. She's wearing a tank top and shorts but she won't be out back for very long or Isabel will be as red as a tomato.]

This place is great! You know, besides the terrible jobs and having to go to stupid school. Who needs math anyway? I don't have to worry about food or monsters. There aren't any giant walls here either. Just open sky and land.

[Flipping over the railing, she lands on her feet on the ground rather gracefully.]

There's even a box with moving pictures in it! [God help her housemates, she's discovered TV.] It kept telling me to go visit the ocean then showed me pictures of large bodies of water. And these things let me talk to anyone anywhere! It's all amazing!

Big bro, we're going to go to the ocean right? I want to see it. I want to see everything!

[Let's just play the game 'ignore everything bad that ever happened and all of the horrible things that happened after', shall we?]

3, Video

Oct. 10th, 2014 11:24 am
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[After the news breaks about Russia's threats to Alaska.]

Hm. It seems our Soviet adversaries are beginning to rattle their sabers. A large, warlike nation posturing aggressively against our northernmost borders... it's almost nostalgic. If the military had half a brain, they'd put me in charge of the damn defense.

[Now, it seems, she's addressing the camera directly.]

Does this frighten you? Or does the thought of the thundering cannons make your heart race and your blood boil?

Do you fear war?
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[Kay is sitting on the backrest of a bench not far from the Xavier School for imPorts. At least her boots aren't sullying the seat; she kicked them off so if you're passing by, you'll have a nice view of her fuchsia knee-high socks. Most notably is a flock of crows on an overhanging tree branch close to her, and several crows sitting beside her on the backrest.]

I've been thinking. There are a lot of us teenagers here, right? What if we start a hero club? It's like those clubs we have in school like sports and debate and band, only this one will be open to imPorts, whether you go to Heropa High or the imPort school or wherever. [Wait. Wouldn't the teen heroes who came before her have started one by now? Did she miss the memo?] Or...if we've already got one, I'd like to sign up.

If we don't have one, we should! We could help put together a guide for people to adjust to life here and deal with powers, have fundraising projects for imPort businesses and stuff, and have fun games and activities! [She looks absolutely pleased and psyched about this.] It'll be great! And we can help each other out especially now that the government is beginning to really crack down on unregistered people. 

[Kay suddenly stands up on the bench seat, frightening away a few crows that end up settling on the armrests instead.] The Yatagarasu will not stand for this! No matter what, we should keep searching for the truth behind this place, why we're here, why the Porter wants us here...all of the truths! [Fist pump!]

[Then she plops down to take a proper seat on the bench. A few crows decide to settle closer to her but others remain on the backrest.]

I gotta ask, though, has anyone ever compiled information on the Porter? Would be nice to have a little guide and some history to distribute to the newbies. It'd also be a good place to start to find the truth.

[A pause. She frowns in thought, stroking her chin, before perking up.]

By the way, I'm running out of name ideas for crows. Any suggestions? 

... [And Another Thing:]

...Wait, wait, one more thing! If you're a lawyer and you need an assistant, look no further! I'm offering my services!
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[Conner knows that it's the middle of the night. He doesn't care. Right now he's sitting at the kitchen table of house 16 with a cupcake lit in front of him. There might only be one candle but to anyone who knows really knows him will get why. There's a small white card next to him but whatever is written on it can't be seen.]

What is so important about holidays? Last Thanksgiving I got into a fist-fight with my half-brother and met one of my "parents" who I don't want anything to do with. Ended up here on the fourth of July and the one before that wasn't a lot better with my other "parent".

[He pokes the cupcake, like it might have answers.]

Three hundred and sixty-five days later and I'm having a fight with my girlfriend on my birthday. [The very first birthday of his life.] Well, what counts as my birthday anyway since I've just relived the last four months.

So why does anyone even enjoy holidays? Are they all like this? If so, then I'm totally skipping out on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

[Sorry Robin but he's serious.]
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[ Someone, woe upon them, had suggested to Amalia that she make an introduction for herself, so that people can get familiar with her. Unfortunately this suggestion came after the explanation about heroes and their responsibilities to the people, and the flora princess' eyes just sort of glazed over with daydreams about adoring fans after that. Consequently, this may not be the type of introduction they had in mind. ]

Hello hello, ladies and gentleman and children of Heropa! May I present me, Amalia Sheran Sharm of the Sadida, and I am here to be your new hero! You may all rest assured that as I have experience in doing this many times over--

[ Which, in truth, is twice. But they were very impressive times so they should absolutely count for more than the actual number, that is her reasoning. ]

--that your safety and happiness is most important to me! If you do any dangerous things, well, you shouldn't do dangerous things anyway but if you do, then make sure I am there first!

And I don't want to receive any kind of request about saving you from school right before a test! Unless of course there is an actual emergency, and it happens on the day of a test, which would be very very bad luck. However if your luck is really that bad, you probably need my help anyway!

So don't forget my name: Amalia Sheran Sharm!


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