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[Teddy's taken Hulkling form for this one; if his team are here, and they're using their identities for some reason, it's probably for the best he does the same. He smiles at the camera, perfectly cheerfully, although it might look a little incongruous with his massive frame and green skin.]

Hey, just wondering if anyone's got any news on some friends of mine. I don't even know if they're here, but it's worth asking, right? So if you hear of anyone calling themselves the Young Avengers, could you let me know, please?

[He clears his throat, and his face falls a little, looking slightly awkward and much more anxious. He's obviously worried, and trying not to show it. Then again, who wouldn't be worried if they didn't know where their boyfriend was?]

Or if you've seen anyone called Wiccan- he's about five foot eight, black hair, red cape, really cute, uses magic- could you tell him Hulkling's looking for him? Thank you.
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[ the idea of texting people makes piper's head hurt, so video it is. she's just going to visualize skyping with her dad or chiron, frankly. this is how she is coping, shut up about it. demigods and technology aren't the best of friends, but she'll cope with that, too. despite the grumpy expression on her face and her general ruffled appearance, she radiates an aura of beauty that is impossible to miss.

her hair is tied up in a messy braid and her apprehensive eyes don't seem to be able to settle on a color, changing from brown to blue to amber to violet to copper to every other eye color imaginable like the shifting of a kaleidoscope. the outside of cape canaveral is her backdrop, twisting behind her as she paces back and forth, cheeks pink either with exertion or a little bit of hypothermia.

and for some reason she also looks... slightly damp. ]

Okay, aside from the welcoming committee not actually being very welcoming, if anyone can direct me to, uh, whoever can get me home? That would be awesome.

I was a little busy and we're under a time crunch. [ and that frigid cow stole her best friend AND AN ICE BOMB JUST EXPLODED so you know. she has to prioritize that. also she has a dragon to attend to and, god, she is just really busy right now. ]

If that isn't possible, could someone direct me to wherever Nonah 005 is?

[ she needs a freaking towel, stat.

she doesn't ask after her friends because she can't think about that now. she needs to focus on getting back to the argo ii and jason so she can work on getting them to leo. and then smack leo for scaring her.

it's a decently solid plan. like swiss cheese kind of solid.

oh wait, she has manners. ]

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Ugh. So very ugh.

[ quite a way to start a broadcast. he looks a little over-dramatically cranky. there's a moment where he adjusts the camera, leaning forward to change the angle once. twice. three times. then he lifts his hands in surrender when it won't sit the way that he pleases. ]

Right—hello. Quite a lot of new faces out there, aren't there? And some old ones. Blah blah blah, pleasantries. Let's jump right into sharing time. That's right, it's been a very adventure-filled last few days. [ he straightens his voice before diving right in. ] A knight, wrought with scorn, and little ol' me, unfortunate enough to be struck by lightning while minding my own business. [ does he ever mind his own business? he hadn't even been concerned about that whole lightning thing. well, too bad for Loki. ] Between the trek out into the woods, yelling about monotheistic purgatory-places, and seeking out a particularly nefarious rival, I woke up in an ally in Nonah after being kicked out of a seedy bar for—drum roll, please—giving a passionate speech about the art of self-sacrifice and the importance of the reign of the current queenly monarch. Many feelings were roused. You dares were exchanged among the boos. It was in French. I don't think anyone got it. Er—well, I got it, I suppose.

No need to fret at all. I'm very back to normal now after a very stupid bender. [ he waves his hand, wiggling dark nailed fingers. ] Insert obligatory warning about freaky lightning here. I'm getting a bucket of spicy chicken wings and a pint of fudge ice cream. Toodles.


Feb. 2nd, 2015 09:45 pm
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[ As the feed cuts on, there's an extreme closeup of Minho's eye, and he squints at this camera, like it's some sort of great mystery. After a few moments he hands the communicator to someone else, and sits back in his chair, sitting upright, hands resting regally on the armrests. He looks like he's about to say something of great important, but instead--

He turns his head and coughs feebly into his hand for a good ten seconds.

Placing his other hand over his chest, Minho stares off to the side for a moment, a pained look on his face. Finally he turns back to face the camera, chin held high, voice strong despite the earlier coughing fit. He sounds distinctly un-Minhoish.

There is no easy way for me to say this. Without the aid of some powerful magician, I am not long for this world.

[ There's a pause. Almost a hope that someone will step forward with an "a powerful magician, you say? Well funny you should mention that, because I just so happen..." But he doesn't have time to wait all day for someone fitting that description to show up.

Slipping back into something that sounds a little more like him, even slumping back in his chair.

I can't exactly leave my kingdom without an heir.

[ Holding up a finger. ]


[ A second finger up. ]


[ Sitting up straight again, his hands resting on the arms once more. ]

Those are the most essential traits I seek. Anything else is negotiable.
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[ america's not usually very chatty on the network and she certainly doesn't tend to make a lot of video posts, so seeing both at once is weird in itself. the message that's about to come is probably going to make it all a little bit stranger.

she's got a backdrop of what appears to be some seedy looking bar behind her, but the way the camera's angled makes it hard to make out anything distinct about the location. occupational precautions to take and all. ]

I'm going to get right to the point. [ she crosses her arms and what appears to be the edge of a fractal scar can be seen on her wrist. ]

I don't want to be here. In fact, the quicker I can get out of this backwater part of the galaxy, the better. But I've got someone very important to find and my only lead is that she's somewhere on this planet.

Now, I've been told that the people here aren't stupid and if there was someone dangerous around, you wouldn't just standby and do nothing. [ she pauses, looking around quickly to make sure no one's listening in. ] So, if you've got any info on a woman — goes by Benezalie, or maybe she's back to calling herself royalty these days — let's talk.

We can even work out a trade if you want. A small token for your help.

[ the bounty is big enough that she wouldn't mind promising a cut. carrying out that promise, however, is debatable. and with that, she'll turn off the feed.

ooc: she's been struck by lightning! ]
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[ due to some warnings from kate, and recent events, thomas has decided to keep all this information on the mirrornet. it's a secure network (supposedly), available to all imPorts. so if you're an imPort, assume you can see this. but the government can't. hopefully. haaaaaa. ]

i hate these storms. has anyone figured out what the hell's going on with the shuck lightning yet?

[ really, really hates them. hates them on a personal level of "violent, freak lightning killed my homies", so it's pretty amazing thomas is even posting right now. but he's put it off long enough, after getting back from the last trip with Loki and Lydia. so, this is text, and not voice or video, because thomas doesn't feel like showing everyone on the mirrornet that he's legitimately chilling out under a blanket inside of a bath tub with the kind of thundershirt you put on a dog wrapped over his shirt. and maybe missing kanaya a lot at the moment as well. thanks for the shirt, boo.

but we're not talking about lightning. we are, in fact, aggressively not talking about lightning right now. we're talking about michigan. ]

wanted to let you guys know - we got back from a couple trips up to brycha, following up on the hornet stuff, plus kitty and me finished checking out the lana sudiczki story in de chima for now. we met her granddaughters. i never want to deal with old people again.

i updated the notes i've been keeping public, with some new stuff, but mostly what we found out about lana and brycha. kate's also updated her FAQ page with more details, and the stuff from brycha.
[ links are icly embedded there! ] if you're new and you're stupid to the whole thing, read kate's faq. it'll make more sense than my notes to you.

with lana, the gist is that she was onto something the government thought was too dangerous to let the public get clued into. she was studying constellations a lot, and apparently had the idea that "we aren't alone in the universe". so funny. you think?
[ tmw there's like 100+ powered people from all over the multiverse here now. you might have been on to something there, lana. but then again, it seems like there was something very specific she was looking into, hence: ] there wasn't anything else on the work, but some of the star charts she made have some extra stars that we don't see here, plus, she was harping a lot on m-theory back then. in 1910. i don't know when scientific developments popped up here, but still seems kinda early?

brycha mostly felt like an bad drug trip. we found the old hornet base, and, like Kid posted about before-
[ a link embedded to Kid's post ] -no one home, but they left us a puzzle, cus they're just great guys like that, i guess. still working on it. on top of that, a shuck-load of weird stuff. mutated looking wildlife, earthquakes that happened back in the 90s, but with no fault line. and a trap door at the bottom of Lake Huron that we couldn't actually get to. there's more about it in kate's page and my notes.

anyway, that's all i got. if i missed something in the notes, let me know. or if you've got something you want me to add to the notes. or if you have something you want me to add that you don't want to talk about on the phones, just... think really loud at me. or something.

btw, if someone ever asks you to taste test their yogurt, throw it in their face. no matter how old and grouchy they are.


hey man, can i ask a favor?

[[ ooc; for people who i plotted doing action things with while thomas is having his lightning storm freak out, feel free to action tag this post! ]]
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[The name reads: Bart Allen.

There's neighing to start off this video feed. Well, that and the muzzle of a curious horse who seems to think that the communicator is a treat.]

Hey- c'mon dude, I need this. [Bart's stroking the great and noble steed's snout by the time the video focuses in again, and if the fact that the kid has apparently found a horse wasn't weird enough, he's also wearing a cowboy hat on his head.

... Then again, knowing Impulse, maybe it's not the weirdest thing that could have happened.]
Okay, so, I was hoping I would never have to say this.

[The kid pauses to take in a deep breath, and the horse starts trying to nibble on the edge of his hat]

I think some really bad people got here- some people that work for a really bad man. They're- I guess they're kind of the mafia? But they all work for a guy named Don Equis. [He frowns] I don't know how long they've been here, and just about any one of the imPorts could be working for him, but I'll find them.

They're totally dangerous, but so long as you don't have any ties to racing or horses I think they'll leave you alone. But to any of you who do belong to the Horse Mafia- [He points at the screen, doing his best to come off as menacing while wearing a too-big cowboy hat that's more than become a snack to his horse] I'm gonna get you back for what you did to Tragedy.

[And that's it. That's the message.

In other words- Bart's been struck by lightning!]


Jan. 18th, 2015 05:02 pm
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[Today on the network: a preteen girl wearing a truly impressive sweater. She gives the camera a small wave and a smile, and if you listen very closely, you can hear the sounds of pigs oinking in the background.]

Hello people, new and old! If we've never met, my name's Mabel. I hope you're having fun being a superhero so far. Or supervillain, if that's your thing, but you shouldn't be enjoying that because evil isn't cool.

But it might be helpful right now! I'm looking for anyone who's got experience with stuff like secret societies and intangible monsters that can possess people. So whether you're a bad guy or a good guy, let me know if you can help! I'm willing to pay for information in stickers and coupons.

--oh and if anyone knows whether or not you're supposed to send a wedding present when your ex-boyfriend gets married, I'd appreciate advice on that too. Thanks in advance!
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[ Hello, imPorts. Have one still-settling-in newbie. The comm tag reads Lana Baumgartner. She seems a little put off. ]

Look, the state-funded housing is nbd, but do they seriously expect me to be a superhero AND a high school student AND a part-time "pharmacist assistant?" Like, is that a joke? [ Both the heavy work load and the crack at her being a literal science experiment. ] Uncool.

But yeah, whatever. If you live in House 20, then hi, I'm your new roommate or whatever. If you don't then, uh, mind your own business?

Lana out.
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i've seen several of these messages so i thought i should introduce myself also.

hi! i'm allison. i've arrived recently, been sworn in, haven't had a chance to even talk to my own roommates yet.

i've been assigned to be a paralegal assistant and also a student, but if you need the services of an archer and capable fighter, then let me know.

[ Leaving out the hunter bit for now. It's an extra precaution and she's feeling especially sensitive about the whole thing, given recent events. ]

or, if someone could fill me in on what exactly's going on, that would be great. or, if you're also new and you want to bond over that, i'm cool with it.
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[ steve's first — and so far only — open post had been political in nature, he'd worn the uniform and introduced himself as captain america.

this time around, he's not using the video function, and the comm id reads steve rogers / captain america since either identity is hardly a secret. this time around, he isn't pursuing a lofty ideological goal or seeking information, exactly.

well, no, he is, but the mission is somewhat more selfish:

Does anyone have a recommendation on where to get a bike without endorsing the company behind it? Or having to pose on the hood of a car? It doesn't have to hover.

And a mechanic?

[ he could just look around himself, but what's the network for if pooling resources and information?

besides, asking offers him an excuse to add,
] If you're new here, welcome. There's a helpful information post written up by Kate Bishop.

And if the name Captain America means something to you, let me know.
[ he's not sure whether he should hope that someone he knows has recently arrived and he just doesn't know it yet, or if he should hope for the exact opposite — that they're still in their own world where they belong — but either way, if someone he knows (or who knows him, or a version of him) is here, he wants to be aware of it. ]


Jan. 9th, 2015 06:44 pm
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Good evening.

[ hal clears his throat. he's still not great recording open-ended messages, but he's practiced this one. his voice is polished, british, and sonorous. ]

I find myself with considerable amounts of spare time as we begin a new year. As such, I am offering my cleaning, sorting, and tidying services to any imPort who requires them. Simply invite me to your workplace or living space, and provide or purchase the cleaning supplies necessary, and I will be happy to do the rest with good old fashioned hard work and elbow grease. No further restitution required.

[ which, given he can't use the porters, may put him a little out of pocket. but he has a month's savings now, and a paying job. besides, he's discovered he quite enjoys long drives too, so distance isn't an issue, even if he'd prefer to stick to maurtia falls, a city he is rapidly coming to call home. ]

[ the main problem is being out in the world, in contact with people, and no tom to supervise should he lose his head. but his desire for some serious tasks outweighs that concern for now. ]

Oh, and Merry Christmas, I suppose.

[ he's only a couple of weeks late... ]

(( ooc: hal can't be seen on camera, so any "video" replies will be of furniture or a black screen. ))

01 | text

Jan. 8th, 2015 05:51 pm
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[ah, thank god this thing has a text option. Hazel is leery of even putting her voice out onto this network - she really doesn't want any way to be more identifiable than she absolutely has to be. perhaps it's a little paranoid in the company of other...less than normal people, but she can't help it. somehow she doesn't think even imPorts would look kindly on a zombie.]

So, this is...fantastic.

There's probably been a lot more creative complaining on here than I can dish out, so I guess I'll skip that for now. Maybe I'll come back to it when the next catastrophe hits? Who knows.

Anyway. How exactly do I pump these nanowhatevers out of my body? I refuse to believe that people have been here like, what, a whole year? And they've all been fine enough with that kind of stuff floating around in their body to not do anything.

I mean, it's not like they get taken out when you decide to unregister, right? So there's really nothing stopping them from forcing you to help anyway.

Is there something about all this that I'm missing? Am I just nuts? Does this universe jumping render you temporarily insane or something??

[wait no shit she's spiraling into anxious paranoia THAT'S NO GOOD GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF GIRL]

So. Yeah. I'd appreciate whatever help you can give me. And I'm going to need video proof of any suggestions that're especially stupid - I don't really have the patience for pranks right now.
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( Today, Franziska is filming from an odd location for a wannabe-prosecutor. She is, in fact, perched about four feet up a tree in a Heropa park, precariously positioned on a fortunately positioned branch. Her ever-present riding crop is by her side, its handle enclosed in one tight fist. )

All right, so I've been here for almost two months already, and there's something that I've been wondering. If one comes from a world where superpowers are non-existent, what is the best way to activate one's new powers here? I've heard everything from 'close your eyes and wish it' to having an accident, to 'it comes with time'. Well, I've been waiting and I've been trying very hard.

( She frowns, kicking her legs into the air. ) Yet, I still cannot fly. If anyone has experience with activating such powers, or any knowledge of flying, I would welcome your advice.

( This would be the perfect place for something along the lines of 'thanks in advance', but Franziska doesn't offer it. Instead, her scowl merely deepens before she turns the feed off. )
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You know, when I was first ported in -- the first time I remember being ported in, that is -- I thought this was all just one of those bizarre things you can't help but get into when you throw on a wrestling outfit and fight crime. We'd been kidnapped by a mysterious cosmic entity? Fine, so we'd kick the mysterious cosmic entity's butt. Then we'd go home, have a party, feed our loved ones implausible excuses, do our laundry, end of story. Normal life resumed.

But that was four years ago. Almost every other imPort who was here when I came is long gone. I've switched universes, I've even been ported forward in time once or twice, but I've never been home -- and now this is what normal feels like.

It makes a guy wonder. We're all the sum of our experiences, right? Every little change accumulates, every decision leads to us making a different set of decisions. So at what point do my experiences as an imPort here add up to a different person than the one back there? If I finally get sent home and lose all my memories of being here, is that really a homecoming, or is it turning into someone else?

On an entirely unrelated note, Val Richards tells me that my future/alternate self was temporarily possessed by one Dr. Otto Octavius. That's Doctor Octopus to the SHIELD files and Doc Ock to his -- well, he doesn't have any friends, go figure. So, FYI for those of you who've had run-ins with future evil me: not really future evil me, yay! Actually Otto wearing me as a meat-suit, yeuch! There's your dose of body horror for all of 2015.

Seriously, though, everyone who got dragged into that meshugaas, I'm so sorry -- I don't know how to apologize enough. Thanks for not unfriending present me even when you thought I was predestined to turn into a sesquipedalian megalomaniac.

(Though, seriously... no one noticed? Guy talks like he swallowed a thesaurus, it's not exactly subtle.)


Dec. 16th, 2014 12:46 pm
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[After the last few days, there is a single temptation in Kate's mind: to put this off. To let it rest. She's earned it. Then again, she'd end up guilting herself and worrying about it too much, so it's worth getting it out of the way. Besides, all of it is important, and she wants to help.

So, it's back to the daily grind.]

Hey, everyone, a few things of note! First, I've updated the FAQ to reflect a few questions from you guys, as well as the recent bills that passed (or failed to pass). Hopefully, this clears up some things, and as always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

On to the cleverly numbered points!

1. Shepard and I spent the last couple of months looking for information on some of the people from Annie's list. I call it Annie's list only in short hand.

I've compiled that information in this document here. Hopefully, that will add some light to things. Whether these people are Hornets or not is yet to be made clear, but I do want to draw everyone's attention to Eleni Wang and the fact that she might be in Greece. If you're up for going to Greece to ask her some questions, I think you should do it.

2. Unrelated to this, my team is looking for some new members! We call ourselves the Young Avengers, and we're a branch of a much larger team of heroes from back home. While this won't give you officially sanctioned Avengers-status due to the circumstances of being here, we are looking for a few extra hands.

The only conditions we have are that you're at least seventeen (though we can be a little flexible on this point), and that you're willing to work with us as a team to do some good. We all play to our strengths, and we'd love to work with some of the heroes here moving forward. As a team, we're a little less "you must do this" and "you must go here. Also, we're very fun, and you can annoy Loki a lot.

If you're interested, you can either drop me a line here or contact me privately with your credentials.

Oh, and I figure it's implicit in our name, but we're generally looking for younger heroes.


3. My twenty-second birthday is this Saturday, and I've gotten one of my favorite diners to agree to let me throw my party there. It's intended to be a less rambunctious gathering, especially with Christmas right around the corner. If you know me, you're probably invited. Please use your judgment wisely! Also, gifts are not required. Sorry for the short notice.

The location is [insert Maurtia Falls location that's near Loki's apartment.]

That's all!
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hello everyone! this is aiichiro nitori again.
i didn't realize so many people talked on here until now, but i don't know if i would have said very much anyway. i feel like i have a ful schedual with school and a job, plus getting sick over break wasn't fun (๑-﹏-๑)
i've a pair of questions, however! one is that i need help with something, and another is advice.

1) is there anyone who's good with animals. see, my powers are that i turn into a duck, and i'm not sure how to do that yet, but i think i figured out how!
the problem is that... i'm worried that i might be more duck-like than person-like and might fly away or something. or event that it could take a while for me to turn back.
if there's anyone who doesn't mind watching over me for a little while, i can pay you a little as well!

2) how do you deal with homesickness?
i'm from japan originally, and not a very big city at that, so everything still feels very... overwhelming.
or is it just something you get over eventually? (′︿‵。) it feels like forever already.

02. video

Dec. 5th, 2014 01:58 am
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[Giorno appears on screen, his hair loose and dark, in spots, with soot. His pink jacket - complete with heart cutout - is burned in places, too.]

[Oddly enough, the boy himself is completely unharmed.]

[Even so... he looks mildly irritated.]

In case the community of imPorts is unaware... the vigilante known as "Lunatic" is active once more.

[He brushes dark marks from his shirt.]

Step carefully, those who have reason to.

[ooc: So, this happened.]


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