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[Settled carefully in her living room, there's the faint sound of voices in the background that indicates Satsuki is watching television.]

I had intended to put myself through viewing this for the sake of research in furthering my own current assigned career, however...

[Her face contorts into an expression somewhere between confusion and displeasure.]

I cannot understand how any of these people are meant to be the next top anything with their lack of self-control.

[...yeah, she sure is watching ANTM for research. Someone's voice rises in the background and Satsuki calmly picks the remote up and mutes.]

Such behavior... it's disgraceful.

[And yet, she can't stop watching.]
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[This communicator has been hacked.

Attached to the broadcast is the alias LUNATIC, a name some of you may have come to know by now, though most of you will not have. Not to worry, of course. There will be plenty of opportunity in the future...]

I have been watching.

[The speaker's voice has been manipulated to sound both artificial and faintly hollow.]

There are sinners in your midst. [You know their names, don't you? Perhaps some of them even spring to mind: Lucifer, The Manipulator, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover...and so on. It's possible you even sympathize with some of them, though it's clear the speaker does not.] You answer their crimes with rewards of friendship, forgiveness...and freedom.


[What follows is clearly exasperated, but spoken in such quiet tones that it forces listeners to be all the more attentive.]

As expected, heroes...your idea of justice...is weak.

But that is why I have come.

[The speaker pauses, perhaps for dramatic effect, for when he begins again there is a certain zealousness to his tone.]

My name...is Lunatic.

[Do not mistake him for a hero.]

I will strike down the evil that has arisen. For the wicked ones...there will be no escape. The time for them to atone for their atrocities is now.

They will hear the voice of Thanatos.

[Those listening closely may hear the crackling and hissing of flames in the background...it grows louder and louder before the communication is suddenly cut and the line goes dead.]

[OOC: Please note that icon links have been broken. This broadcast in no way reveals the connection between Yuri and Lunatic.]

ONE. audio

Aug. 8th, 2014 08:15 pm
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[Thane is quiet as he speaks, but to anyone who knows him, this probably doesn't come as a surprise. To those who don't, his voice might sound a little odd. It's a deep baritone, but there's a strange undercurrent to it, a sort of vibration that just isn't produced by human vocal chords.]

Hello. I don't know how many of you monitor this network on a regular basis, but I have a question. I've read the dossier provided to me. I know as much as any of you what they expect of me, but I wonder how much thought is put into placement. The job they've offered me to perform in order to earn the money they're providing is...a professional occupation. It requires education I've never had.

[There's a pause, if only a brief one, as he sorts out how to phrase the next.]

What I wonder is this: how many others have found themselves in jobs they're ill-suited for? How have you overcome that?

Thank you in advance for your time.

[And with that he signs off.]

[005] VIDEO

Aug. 7th, 2014 03:15 pm
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[It- doesn't exactly seem like the best time to be recording this- and not because of what's going lately around er- ya know, events and that... just-

well, because of Gamagori's current- situation.]

[And by that I mean he appears to be half naked, and squatting under a rather huge bar on what appears to be a weight lifting machine. Sitting in that squatted position and flexed out, the weight he's still lifting appears to be actively burdening his upper body. Though he's holding it up rather well, despite how sweaty he is, and despite the um- myriad of wounds he's sporting. Though anyone that was in the Summer Games with him would know about those. He took some heavy damage during it, countless blades, bites, and bombs have went after this man and most of the time he just stood and took it to make sure no one behind him got hit. So yeah- despite all those wounds, bloody and broken, most wrapped up, but some missing their bandaging, he's holding up the weight rather well.]

[The recording seems like it might be a more- casual one, how he finally looks to the camera, a large frown on his face, only to suddenly-]


[Honestly, did any of you who know him expect any different? Yells with such deep vigor even while currently weight training. Hey- he has to keep his image, right?]

[But after that he'll lower his volume and close his eyes, brows furrowed, thoughtful for a moment.]

First- let me congratulate all those who successfully made it through the previous battle we've fought. I was proud to stand beside you all.

And then- I just wanted to say something aside from that, it came to me, this is unoffical, so feel free to dismiss it now if you are busy. I felt it good advice, and I will share it with you! If you will listen. [Eyes open again, intent.]

Many of the things that happen here we seem to be unprepared for. Be it the setting, be it our prior experiences or lack of them! We must start to be ready for anything, any and all this place throws at us, no matter what direction and who directly it shall come from! It is important to be as water- to roll and move with what influences us, and to crash and swallow when it comes time!

But even then, even without being prepared, with being so, we will sustain many wounds, scars- but you must remember to wear them with pride! Never consider a mark a badge of failure! BUT EVEN THEN REMEMBER, your body is to be RESPECTED. [A hmph, looking intensely to the camera.]

So be good to it, and do not feel shame in getting your wounds tended to, especially if they continue to pain you through time! NURSE YOUR WOUNDS, ANY AND ALL, THOSE FROM FRIEND AND FOE ALIKE! We must rely on eachother. For here, we are all we have, here we are connected, and even if your families are brought here to join us, many of us still can live as a family, and help support eachother!!!

[Silences after that, taking a breath. And finally he'll push up on those weights and hook them back into place behind him, sitting up a little before leaning forward and resting an elbow on his knee.]

Thank you for listening and welcome to any who have just arrived!!
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Ah—here we are.

[ time to do his actual job. there's a peer into the camera before he settles back smoothly, resting his chin in his hands and gives a festive, fingery little wave. he's dressed normally, simple green hoodie with his hair pushed back like he decided to up and make this message on whim (and it's possible with his capricious personality that it could be the case). ]

Hello there.

[ he leans back, pressing the tips of his fingers together casually and looking a pleasantly satisfied. ]

Next weekend, brought to you by high demand, there will be a little get together to sample some of the newer and more popular wares that I have to offer. [ he waves a hand carelessly. ] Cosmetics. Cosmetics of all kinds. I have a very vast and eclectic variety of powders, stains, liners, varnishes, and lacquers; with the appropriate sets, tools and utensils, of course. All types of colors and styles are available for those that need a more hands-on experience. Everyone will get a chance to try what they want, despite excess or lack of funds.

[ he holds up a bottle of black nail polish between his own dark nails, waving it enticingly. incentives. ]

Ah, and I have goodies for all attendees. I couldn't go without saying that, could I? No one walks off empty handed. Collective "yay"s all around.

Invitations are extended for anyone who would like a spot. Please RSVP, I've—well—erm, limited space and provisions set aside for the occasion. I wouldn't want anyone to go without refreshments, as that would be a very bland party.

[ he stops in the switch from one idea to the next, as if something's just occurred to him. ]

Oh, yes, before I forget—I'm also in need of a few hands for something I have planned. Nothing big, we'll save the missions and heists for another time, but anyone with the experience in the variety of brute strength and-slash-or the mixing of fine beverages is urged to contact me. Settled or unsettled. [ there's another thoughtful pause. ] Unsettled preferred.


Aug. 2nd, 2014 06:58 pm
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I don't really make posts on this thing--I never really know what to say, for one. And it kind of feels a little bit weird being a forty-something dad and using this thing basically to blog. But, anyway, considering I haven't posted in months and I don't really know half of you...well, might as well do this.

I'm Curt Connors, and I'm from the same world as...God, a ton of people. Tony Stark, Peter Parker, the couple of X-Men we've got here, Spider-Man... [ he cuts himself off with a small laugh. ] And probably a ton of other people from that world who I just don't know yet. Anyway, I work with reptiles pretty much on a daily basis, so if you've got questions about snakes or lizards, I'm your guy.

...is that all? Uh, I don't really know what people say on these sort of things.

[ look at Connors not being a recluse, aren't you proud of him? there's a pause though, before he barrels into another question, his tone of voice more apprehensive now. ]

Ah, I do have a question, though. How would formal education work here? I had a doctorate back home, and I'd kind of like to have it again. Being an assistant research biologist is nice, but you're still an assistant. I know that with lawyers you can simply retake the bar, and with doctors I'm sure you can prove your skills in a medical setting, but I'm not exactly sure how the rest of us would prove our knowledge.

It's not like I can get my diploma or published research from across dimensions, after all.

1. Video

Aug. 1st, 2014 10:41 pm
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[He's sitting at his desk in his currently rather barren bedroom, wearing a fleece blanket around his shoulders like a cape.]

Did I do this right? Okay. Yeah.


Hi. [A small, brisk wave at the camera.] I'm Austin and I wanna ask this for anyone who knows the answer. Swearing in. What's the catch?

So, like, I know we do assignments and we do work, I'm gonna train be some kind of shrink which is fucking hilarious-- but anyway, it completely does not add up. I have a radioactive tattoo on my wrist and you're telling me nobody's keeping any kind of tabs on me? I get free housing, free healthcare, a guaranteed job that I'm guaranteed to be shit at, and all they want is some elementary school pledge of allegiance and a few man-hours? No. Nuh-uh. I want the dirt.

[A pause as he picks up his e-cigarette and takes a drag.]

Tell me how you've been mistreated. Tell me if there've been experiments. Tell me what they're really after. Meet me in person if you're uncomfortable telling me over the network. I need to know.

[Another brief pause.]

Okay. That's it.

[He turns off the camera.]

((OOC: Hi! New kid on the block! This is Austin, this is his character info, and this is his permissions post.))


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