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[ tonight on the network: a reverse help wanted ad. ]

Do you have a problem that's too tricky for the cops and not quite heroic enough for heroes? Do you need a job done, but it doesn't fit in any convenient Craigslist categories? Are you looking for a dashing, stripey gentleman to swoop in and solve your problems? LOOK NO FURTHER! I'm James Jesse, and I want to put my 15-plus years of varied and exciting "employment" experience to work for YOU.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO: security testing, creative engineering, bartending, identity concealment, un-kidnapping, puppet choreography, card counting, law enforcement, law breaking, fake mustaches, demonology, location and acquisition of fine luxury goods, special effects, stunt coordination, private investigation, and general handsomeness.

Open to short and long-term contracts. Very few questions asked! Danger fine! Anonymity guaranteed! Payment negotiable!


[ you should all just be glad it's not written in comic sans. the feed switches over to video for a moment, zoomed in close, but far out enough to tell that James, not just the communicator, is upside down. god only knows why. he grins brightly. ]

Or, y'know, if you don't wanna discuss legit employment, talk to me. A guy needs to eat, but a guy also needs to not die of boredom, and I like it when the two go hand-in-hand, but they don't have to.

So, whaddya say? I'm a reformed costumed criminal, ask me anything!

Video [1]

May. 11th, 2016 02:46 pm
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[When the screen blinks on, the sender—lanky, black sweater, glasses being slipped off—is already centered and ready for it, clearly very familiar with the technology already, and he starts speaking immediately, quick and terse as if this is already taking up too much of his time.]

Good evening imPorts, my name is Dr. Harrison Wells. It is a...supreme...irony that I'm asking this, but to those of you who left your worlds as ordinary humans and arrived here with new abilities.

[There's a pause, Harrison's fingers tapping lightly against his lips, as he considers the reception he'd experienced on his arrival. Not cold, not remotely, but…knowing. Everyone he's seen in Heropa seems to know what he is, and that' New and unpleasant. And he's reluctantly beginning to understand what the metahumans in Central City had gone through, being watched and whispered about.

He catches sight of the tattoo on his wrist, a very faint glow under the skin, and abruptly twitches his sleeve back down to cover it.

How do you cope?]
I'm curious how you mastered them.

[It's a much more dismissive tone than the beginning of that sentence, very clearly not what he'd originally intended to say. The glasses go back on and he moves to switch off the transmission, then taps his finger against the edge of the screen, speculative.]

And as I will apparently be spending my time here making science fun and accessible for kids, I anticipate needing copious amounts of coffee. And I am...taking recommendations. On the best fast food in the area. Also anyone who understands a reference to STAR Labs and/or Central City.

[He looks like he’s going to add something else, then rethinks it. The screen blinks to black without another word.]
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[There's a boy staring at the camera.

Light hair, unassuming, face needing a bit of a wash. A little too close to the lens for comfort. He's eating from a bag of M&M's, slowly and reverentially. Really, you wouldn't be glancing twice at the broadcast if it weren't for the fact that he's just looking at you, well past the broadcast's minute mark. Looking at you, at your room, at whatever's behind you - either he's having some neurological symptom, or your surroundings are very interesting.

Then, as if a switch has been flipped, he seems to notice that you're actually looking back. His eyes brighten, and his fingers go fidgety.]

Oh. Oh. [A beat, as he tilts his head. He's close enough to the lens to count his freckles.] Can you see me?
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[When the video clicks on, it shows a young redhead in a bit of a rag-bag and self-made costume with a not-quite Bat-family symbol on the front, frowning up at one of the buildings in Heropa. She has a crumpled up map in her hands, and she keeps glancing down at it, then back up at her surroundings.]


[Suddenly the screen is full of pink light and swirling smoke, and when it fades she's standing on a rooftop in...De Chima? Well, that was quick. She spins around, the image a blur of motion, and then she groans.]


[Another burst of pink light and energy and now she' the desert somewhere? An empty desert, from the look of things, which startles her enough that she actually drops her map and communicator.]

What? Oh crap.

[And then she was rushing off after the map, catching it in a few seconds and then trudging back to scoop up the phone.]

This seriously makes no sense.

[It's hard to say if she's talking to her phone or herself. Suddenly there's another burst of that now-familiar energy, and she's standing on a street in...judging from the signs, somewhere in Asia maybe? Probably Japan?]

Woah, okay. Uh. [There's a Japanese man standing nearby staring at her, and she gives a weak little wave.]

Uh, hey? I mean Sayonara? No that isn't right...

[Before she can worry about it, she bounces again, and now she's...back where she started? But this time she's actually paying attention to her phone.]

Okay, so like, they said it was another planet but I really kinda didn't believe them cause that's...basically nuts, right? But I don't recognize any of these cities and Platinum Flats isn't even there it's just some desert!

[She groans.]

Oh man Huntress is gonna kill me.

[A second or two of feeling sorry for herself, and then she sucks in a breath and grins at the camera.]

Right. Anyway. I'm Misfit! Still not sure what's going on but I'm looking fooooooooor anyone who recognizes me I guess? Ooooor anyone who knows Orac...I mean Huntress! Or Lady Blackhawk or...anyone from my team...

Or jeez...anybody from home I guess.

[This was going to be so weird wasn't it.]
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Hey! So. I'm Stephanie Brown, I'm from Gotham, New Jersey. [ Hint, hint! ]

Apparently I'm going to be a media review host! I don't really know what that means, but I'll improvise.

I'm new in town, so, any advice for a newb? Places to go, things to see, coffee shops to squat in? I wouldn't say no to any tips for media reviewing, either. I'm not sure why they thought this would be the job for me.

So, that's all! I just want to chat, really.

[ If you recognize her, or Gotham, or a combination she wants to talk to you privately please. Otherwise this is tOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS, NOTHING TO SEE HERE. ]
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[Hello, Network. You are being treated to a text post with an ID of “????”. Yes, it just consists of actual question marks.] I’ve been thinking: coming here could be an opportunity for a new start. I’ve spent a lot of time under legacy mantles and I don’t regret it, but maybe it’s time to try something new. I’m just spitballing here, but:

The Gray Ghost. Pros: sounds cool, very few people would remember what it's from. Cons: stupid-looking goggles.

Nightwing. Pros: cool-sounding, no one’s using it right now. Cons: plagiarism, probably couldn’t take previous Nightwing in a fight if he shows up and objects.

Albatross. Pros: bird theme, pre-existing mythology. Cons: depressing, no one has time to explain Rime of the Ancient Mariner in the middle of a fight.

Blackbird. Pros: also bird theme, simple, great song. Cons: ????

Eagletronic. Pros: patriotic, sounds like the name of the robotic bird leader of a team of cartoon kids who Protect Humanity and Learn Valuable Lessons every Saturday morning. Cons: this is a bad superhero name.

Ghostborg. Pros: is probably the nemesis of Eagletronic. They used to be friends, but circumstances forced them onto opposite sides of the law. Cons: I'm just pitching a Saturday morning cartoon now. I think this is why the professionals don't use superhero name generators.

I now open the floor to the distinguished audience for suggestions.


Mar. 20th, 2016 10:41 pm
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[ So hello, Imports, many of you have seen some parts of Starktech before, but Tony Stark's office is a little different. There's a moment of discomfort, when the hand pulls back -- actually using the communicator is obviously not natural to Stark, who pulls back after a moment to show he's not alone. It's also Charles Xavier in the shot, but other than a tip of his head, he doesn't acknowledge him at first. ]

There we go. Alright, evening everyone.

If I haven't introduced myself to you personally, that's a shame, and we should change that. I'm Tony Stark. My friend here -- [ A gesture backward ] is Charles Xavier.

But before we get started on why we're here, I want to give a little bit of a history lesson. And excuse my missteps, I'm not a professor by any stretch of the imagination. [ An eyeroll in someone's direction. The someone in question, merely smiled serenely but wasn’t about to take Tony off the hook. Not in this instance. ] I'm better at doing than explaining. Always have been.

But that's just the way things are, and since I'm something of a relic here -- [ A grimace. He recently just had an anniversary. ] -- and since I've been ported away from home for a long while, I want to talk a little bit about what I've seen. You see, this whole thing with Russia? It's a bit like watching an old show remade -- kind of. We're used to being disliked -- whether as Superhumans, mutants, metahumans, or imports, or whatever it is you go by back in your own world. That's just how it is, when people suddenly start manifesting with more power than we know what to do with. It's natural to fear us. I've known people who could destroy the world if they wanted -- I've even seen it come close a time or two. To put it mildly. To go from normalcy to the verge of a disaster movie? It's difficult for the best of us, and not everyone is the best of us.

Back before -- in the City, we spent a long time dealing with this. See, when I first arrived, we weren't easily controlled, or well regulated. We...did things. At one point, Godzilla took over, someone summoned a fleet of demons -- and cthulhu, and then an import defaced the moon. [ It was a dick. The rumors about a dick on the moon were true. ] See, people didn't like that, and they stepped up, and started an organization called Vulcanus. They infiltrated us at one point. Then they started going to other worlds in an effort to stop us. They even used Sea Turtles as guinea pigs to give themselves superpowers. We even went to a world where they took control, and us imports were essentially their property.

I won't lie, it's bad, and we shouldn't be treated like that. By any stretch of the imagination. But everything that's happening, the way Russia kidnapped some of us, and tried to brainwash the rest of us... we've been through it before, and come out the other side. Hell, Lachesis saved us that last time, but we still persevere every time. But I don't know about you, but I'd rather it not be a battle every time. And we need to do more, we need to be better at convincing the world around us that we should be welcome. Which, actually, is why we're talking to you today.

[ Alright. Tony had taken care of the history lesson, so now it was Charles’ turn to pick up the professor baton.

Rolling his chair slightly more into the frame, he nodded towards Stark before turning his attention to the camera feed. ]

‘May you live in interesting times” I believe is a quote that many of us have heard and I have to admit that since arriving here three months ago I feel as if I’ve been living in very interesting times indeed.

[ He offered the words with a smile, before sobering and continuing. ]

One of my first encounters with a local here in this world was a woman who was expressing her concerns over imPorts and some of the destruction that has been caused over time. One of my first experiences was when the city of Heropa was overtaken by a jungle and from there, the situation with the Soviets came to head.

When the Soviets first kidnapped imPorts, I was one of those who traveled to France, to talk with the French about aid. It was an eye opening experience for me, as the French had a number of questions and concerns when it came to imPorts.

[ Lifting a hand, he motioned towards Stark. ]

As Mr. Stark explained from his first hand experience of previous situations, the unknown factor surrounding imPorts, is allowing a fear of our abilities to take root in people's’ minds, particularly when they are getting sensationalist media reports about imPort activities.

So we’ve come up with an idea.

We want to try and adopt a more proactive attitude in reaching out to the international community and offering humanitarian technology and innovations that can come from imPorts. To this end, StarkTech has already committed funds and tech innovations in the fields of medical equipment and infrastructure; such as clean waterways and stable electricity.

I do want to be clear that we are only pursuing humanitarian innovations and technology. Nothing military, even in a defensive capacity. The goal here is to show the world that while we are powerful and/or come from worlds vastly more advanced than this one, our abilities need not be looked upon as merely weapons and feared as such.

[ Don’t know about anyone else but Charles had taken a little exception to the Soviets’ claims that imPorts were little more than weapons for the United States. ]

We’ve only just started to toss these ideas around and our hope is that there may be other imPorts who would like a chance to contribute to this effort? I understand that recent events have given us reason to feel cautious. But as a community, we have such a wide range of experiences, skills and abilities that the chance to offer our assistance on an international level, could afford us the opportunity to help show the locals of this world that they don’t need another Vulcanus.

[ Stark leans forward then, a bit more self-satisfied smile on his face than is strictly necessary, but then again, it’s Tony Stark. ] We want the community’s input, at the very least, but more than that, I’d personally like to see more people involved, no matter what your expertise is in -- there’s a place for everyone. So don’t hesitate to speak up, or ask questions, if there’s something that comes to mind.

[ It was Charles’ turn to nod in agreement with Tony’s words, before he continued. ]

This is an initiative that will work best if it comes from as many of us as are willing to offer time, ideas, and assistance. Large or small, it only needs to help show the international community that they don’t need to believe the Soviets’ insistence, that we are no more than weapons of the United States.
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[The feed crackles to life on the face of what seems to be your typical Southern California girl. Blonde, tan, athletic, perky. A close look at her eys belies a sort of fire there, though. A steely-eyed determination punctuated by the sparkle of promise. She's a stranger in a strange land, sure, but she's also aware that she's not the only one. More than that, she's been chosen. CHOSEN. Not as a tennis champ. Not as a childhood beauty pageant queen. No. She's been chosen as a HERO. The excitement all over her face is hard to miss.]

Hi! I'm Bette. Kane. Bette Kane. Is me. And that could probably have gone a little bit smoother. Some of you might know me as Flamebird. Maybe Hawkfire. Most likely not, though? I'm not, like, as popular as Batgirl.

[She even sounds like your stereotypical SoCal girl. A little Cher Horowitz, a little Elle Woods, a little Summer Roberts. Bright, warm, perky. A slight uptick. The excitement that was on her face a moment ago is shadowed by a little bit of self-doubt, suddenly.]

Actually, is there anyone from home here? I mean, I'm obviously new, but you know. If you've heard of Gotham City, or Metropolis, or Coast City... Drop a hey my way? I mean, even if you're not from back home, say hey. I could use some help getting acclimated. Find the hotspots for food, clothes.

Meting out justice.

You know how it goes. I'm thinking I'll brave the rain and head into the city later, but. A buddy might be nice.

So yeah. ...This doesn't sound like a Tinder or Hooq profile, does it?

[She opens her mouth to say something more and then visibly thinks better of it. Click.]


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