May. 4th, 2016 12:01 pm
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[It's a nice enough afternoon that Rincewind is enjoying his lunch break at the Nonah Public Library in the library's courtyard, sat at a stone picnic table. Having made a concession for work, he is not in his normal robes (although he has his hat, of course he has his hat), but is instead wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt patterned with gold stars.

It is a woman's blouse; he has yet to realize this.

Stacked at his left are an arrangement of books. Most have to do with languages, but a few - Homer's Illiad and The Odyssey, a book on turtles, and The Bible - are incongruent. At Rincewind's right, next to his salad bowl, is a plastic tub. It contains a bit of grass, a single twig, and one box turtle.]

Look, I've got to get this out. For a world that really doesn't resemble the Disc at all, there are a lot of strange parallels. [Rincewind taps at a notebook with one hand, feeding the turtle a bit of lettuce off his fork with the other.] I mean, that's not to say there aren't major differences, of course - this world is round, for one, and as far as I can tell it doesn't seem to rely on magic or Narrativium at all to run.

Only, look, I know about nineteen to twenty languages on the Disc, depending on whether or not you consider orangutan to be a language (I would) and you'd think they wouldn't transfer here, but they do! Or at least - [a glance at his notes] - at least twelve of them do, that I've found. To some extent. Again, not accounting for orangutan.

Anyway, they all have different names here - you lot call Klatchian Arabic, and Quirmian French, for example - and some of the vocabulary is a bit different or extended, but otherwise it's mostly the same. Odd, isn't it? Like, the fact that I'm speaking to you right now and you understand me - I know this language as Morporkian where I'm from, but it's English here, isn't it?

And some other things, too. The man in this one - [he taps the The Odyssey and stabs at a bit of cucumber, which the turtle eyes hungrily.] - Odysseus? He's someone who really existed on the Disc. We know him as Lavaeolus, and it was the Ephebians and the Tsorts who fought and did the bit with the wooden horse, there was nothing to do with these "Trojans", but otherwise it's word for word.

[Rincewind straightens proudly, and his fork strays just close enough for the turtle to snag the wizard's cucumber with deft precision.]

He's an ancestor of mine, you know, Lavaeolus. [smugly.] Not everyone can say they've got an ancestor.

Anyway, I'm droning on, but you get the idea, right? Has anyone else noticed strange parallels like that? Things that are sort of the same but not quite? I can't be the only one.

[Rincewind's teeth clack down on empty metal instead of crisp vegetable, and he shoots the turtle an astonished, accusing look.]

Oh, you cheeky git.

[the weight of this insult seems lost on the reptile.]
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[the code this time is ATBASH if you're like me and just wanna get to the goods! coded replies will be atbash by default, and noted in the subject if it's something else.]
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[Prior to making this post, Adrien spent some time trying to decide how to go about making a post to this network. Carefully rehearsing what he wanted to say before he ensures that Plagg is going to remain out of frame for the duration of the recording. Luckily the Kwami is happy enough to stay busy stuffing himself with cheese as opposed to bothering Adrien while he makes a post.

In the end, however, he decides to simply post with text. It feels easier than forcing a smile while he talks to a bunch of strangers.

Hello, my name is Adrien Agreste. I'm new to this world, to this whole situation, and unsure of where to go from here. I've read over the pamphlet but it's only the tiniest bit helpful.

I expect you, the general imPort populace, get a lot of new people with similar questions and I'm just going to be adding to the heap. For that, I apologize. But I'm curious and if there's anyone who doesn't mind responding I'd be grateful.

1. What do you do if you come from a world in which superpowers are limited to comic books and you really have no interest in being a hero? Not that being a hero is a bad thing, or anything, it could be kind of cool, it's simply a skill set I do not possess.

2. Is registering worth it in the end? Why do you think it is or isn't depending on your stance?

3. Would it be better to attend this Xavier school rather than the school for the general populace?

4. Does anyone fence? Or does anyone know of any good fencing schools/instructors?

I suppose that's enough for now. Thank you in advance for your responses.


Mar. 29th, 2016 02:21 pm
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Okay, okay - whoa, don't move so much, Demon Box! I've got to get it steady.

[rustle rustle, whisper whisper - and then the audio switches to video. There is what appears to be the world's tallest nine-year-old on some ocean-side cliff, waves crashing behind him and the wind whipping past (perfect for dramatic effect, of course). His hat is three sizes too big for him, his clothes are dirty, and the red cape he's fashioned around his shoulders (stitched with sequined stars and glittery, gold words like 'WOW' and 'AMAZZING') isn't winning him any fashion prizes either.]

HELLO! [he raises his arms] I AM - !

[- he drops the phone. As he scrambles down to get it, it quickly becomes clear that he's not freakishly tall, just standing on top of the Luggage. In fact, it becomes clear that he's scrawny enough one of those stiff ocean breezes could probably bowl him over and into the water. (Although maybe that would at least wash some of the dirt patches off his face - this kid clearly hasn't seen a bath or a house for a few days.)]

Whoops. Er, here we go. I'll hold it better. [and his hat, since it's trying to blow away on him.] HELLO! I AM RINCEWIND THE SUPER MAGICAL!

[he pauses patiently for applause.]

As a Great Wizard, me and my Demon Box want to let everybody know that we're here to help everybody with whatever they need! We can kill monsters and bad people, or demons, or whoever! You don't even have to pay us. ...Although a snack might be nice. But you don't have to if you don't have one! Great Wizard heroes always help, no matter what!

And we're both real fast, so it doesn't even matter where you -

[there's a hard wind and Rincewind trips backwards, about to go over the cliff - !

Only he doesn't, because he's suddenly snagged behind the back by a huge, mahogany red tongue from the Luggage. The little wizard just laughs once he has his balance again, giving the box a rewarding pat on the lid.]

That was a close one. But anyway, yeah, I'm Rincewind! So just call out if you need saving by a Great Wizard, okay? I'm here to help!


Mar. 16th, 2016 07:43 pm
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[This voice suggests someone who is not even remotely American. South African is a good guess, though incorrect. British or Australian is right out.]

Tell me a secret.

If all else fails, then at least tell me a story.
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[Sabriel looks exhausted but cheery now that the Seminar is over. She's in her apartment, surrounded by grocery bags.]

You know, I liked it when swear-ins only lasted a day- they get a little repetitive otherwise. [And Sabriel moves out of screen, putting her groceries away.

So since things will... hopefully be a bit more normal now that the seminar is over, I might as well practice my cooking- you know, I never had the chance to learn how until I came here. [Sabriel pauses, thoughtful] Perhaps I'll hold a dinner party. Or just bake a few things and hand them out to my friends. It'll be a nice distraction, anyway.

Mirrornet: Text: Locked from Kitty Jones and her merry band of collaborators

[Unlike her video, which was publicly available, this message posted through the mirrrornet about half an hour later.]

The Russians have managed to get into people's heads, but I think I can fix that, the same way I fixed what the Hornets did to people. I just need to get them somewhere private.

I don't know everyone they managed to get to, so if someone you know is suddenly singing Russia's praises, TELL PEOPLE. We need to get people back to their right minds before they do something they'll regret.
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Hooooooo, boy! Things have sure been interesting around here lately, huh? I sure hope everybody made it to safety without any trouble! Sure has been... Unnerving, back there.

It's almost enough to make you paranoid! Goodness gracious, who could've possibly foreseen something like this? A hostile takeover? In this day and age? [there's a short noise, like he's blowing a raspberry. he can do that now! mouths are great!]

So, what're some other conspiracies we've gotta watch out for? I mean, hey! If the Red Scourge has just been biding its time, what else should we be worrying about? Have airplanes been dropping chemicals on us? Is the president really a lizardman with a clever human disguise? Or maybe some kind of unknowable cosmic nightmare, stuffed into a human skin! [GOSH, he sure is cheery.]

My money's on a faked moon landing. People trying to travel through the endless, unforgiving void of space? Ha! They'd pop like grapes. Several grapes, come to think of it. Or maybe just really big grapes? Point is, it wouldn't be pretty.
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Well, golly! Isn't technology a swell thing? I can just talk right into this like a phone, but it goes to everyone! And it has video features. Handy!

Howdy, everyone! I'm ASGORE. It sure is nice to meet you all. I would love to get to know all of you. Maybe I should start with a question? Hmm.

Why don't you tell me your favorite beverage? I'm awful fond of hot chocolate, but Golden Flower tea is my favorite! I can't wait to hear what your answer is.
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As seen in local and national newspapers via press release:
There's a new musical taking Broadway by storm. It's called Franklin!, and is a musical portrait of the Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. No children are allowed; the lead actor is nude for the majority of the show.

The first performance was dedicated to imPort Kitty Jones, who happens to be one of director Miranda Lynne Manwell's favorite people.

As seen reblogged on Rumblr, Instagraham, and Bwitter:
Photos of ImPorts in various mundane or silly circumstances or poses tagged with #weapon are spreading from rumblr to other social media platforms in response to the war Russia declared on the United States. The Government released a recent broadcast to the network that hinted that it only viewed imPorts as ‘weapons’. With the success of the imPorts' recent mission, and the idea that they had the fewest amount of casualties seen in a mission op, are they really weapons? Or are they people?

An online rumormonger has outed locals Vanessa McInnis, arcade employee, and Pink Princess producer Jocelyn Jamison as part of the photographic culprits along with imPorts Maya Fey, girl-next-door, and alleged Vampire Queen Marceline Abadeer. But could this been nothing more than a smear campaign? Who else is involved?

As seen on BlueTube:
Have you heard about the dazzling Heropan imPort singing sensations? Two talented imPorts were spotted at a local karaoke hot spot in Heropa earlier in the month, singing like angels. Other patrons captured several videos of Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon singing and dancing their way through a number of 80s hits, and several fansites dedicated to them have since popped up in the week following. Will we hear more from this talented twosome? Their growing fanbase certainly hopes so!

As seen reported in international news and major national newspapers:
President Freemason has declared that an additional $2,000,000,000 will be invested in NASA's space weaponry expansion program to compete with growing fears of Soviet cosmic advancement. The recent Soviet aggression is not to be taken lightly, says White House spokesperson Veronica Jupiter. The United States will double down on defense efforts, beginning from the top down.

As seen listed in The New York Times Shortlist and heard on Public Radio Book Reviews:
Doctor Frederick Chilton's brand new psychiatric text The Methodical Walter White will debut on February 13th, 2016. The fascinating case study of imPort chemist turned kingpin Walter White examines how power and influence can provoke latent personality disorders -- specifically that of malignant narcissism.

"Walt was as much as a villain within a tragedy as he was the tragedy itself," said Doctor Chilton in an interview. "Narcissism has a corrosive quality to it, and eventually things that Walt sincerely cherished, things and people, began to disintegrate. Metaphorically, of course. This extended to his own perception to the point that the more control he attained, the more he felt out of control."

The Methodical Walter White can be found in hard copy wherever books are sold, or digitally for convenience.

As seen on the local Nonah news:
The city of Nonah welcomes the sudden influx of dentists with bright smiles! Over the past couple of weeks dozens of dentists and their perfectly normal families have moved into the area.

"Thank you for the warm welcome," said new resident and longtime dentist Boris Smith. "I really cannot wait to open my practice here. Nonah is like the best of all possible worlds for my family and myself, we are very happy to be here."

Mrs. Natasha Smith has already begun her beautiful homemaking. Her hydrangeas, it should be noted, are miraculous.

As seen on the 24-hour national news cycle and in brief on the international news cycle:
Secretary of Defense Janice Sublime took to primetime air on Wednesday night. Secretary Sublime officially offers the gratitude of a nation to the imPort diplomats, rescues, leaders, and warriors who had so boldly fought against Soviet hostility and brutality.

"You are all truly heroes," she said. "You have proven that swiftly and bravely. The sadistic efforts of the Soviet regime have come to naught, and they would do well to understand that imPorts are our citizens, and our friends."

Secretary Sublime reminds those who had survived the hostage crisis that crisis counselors and other health resources have been made available for imPort use, should anyone require that aid.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from TWILIGHT to DAWN, because it looks as if we are past the worst of our darkest hour, citizens!

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[ okay. she's been dwelling on this post for two days now, and if she keeps deleting and rewriting parts of it it's NEVER going to get posted. she has to say this somewhere, right? and, well - maybe this is a good thing. new beginnings, new first impressions - she can make this work!

all she's got to do is paste in the address.

Hey there, everyone!
My name's Alphys, and I'm a new imPort here.
To be honest, it's a little overwhelming.
I've never really done something like this before...

But as long as we're all working together,
I know it'll work just fine! :)

have an ooc cut for 800 words of garbage i just typed w h o o p s )
Just knock, and even if I'm not around my roommate should be able to answer!
Let's do our best together, everyone!

Oh, and don't pay any attention to the hero name.
I didn't understand what they were asking me for - LOL!

[ oh, thank god. she's finally got the address pasted in. she closes her eyes, hits the send button and immediately shut the communicator off, taking a good long breath once it's done. she'll look at it in a bit - right now, she needs some recovery time. ]
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[This is not Rincewind's first attempt at accessing the network. Shamefully, it's not even his fourth attempt, even after all the helpful advice (which he smiled brightly through and nodded at and didn't listen to at all). Obviously he's managed to get the unfamiliar technology to finally work for him though, as that's definitely his sullen face coming across the imPort channels. He's on the floor of his new room, his back against his bed and his arm slung over a large wooden chest. His broad-brimmed hat proclaims him to be a 'Wizzard'.

He is also, quite obviously, very drunk.]

Right. I think we can all agree that this is absolutely mad, right? And not even - not even all these things that are going 'round doing stuff without any sort of magic or tiny imps painting pictures inside them, that's not even what I'm talking about here, that part I could almost like, since it seems somewhat sensible, the principle of it. ...Although it still isn't, is it, because there's apparently all these powers and such, which totally throws that whole thing about being sensible right out the window. And being handed out like meat-pies or something too, with no thought as to who's getting them. M'sure that's not something that's going to blow up in anyone's face, is it? Probably literally, if I had my guess.

...Right, where was I going with this?

[there's a pause as Rincewind casts about for the tenuous line of focus that brought him here in the first place, and which he's sure to be appropriately horrified he followed when he sobers up tomorrow.

Apparently he finds it again, and slaps his hand (the one not currently holding a bottle of wine) on the wooden trunk for emphasis. The chest lifts its lid some, in grumpy protest.]
- Heroes! Heroes, that's what I was getting at - this whole business about people being fished out of their own perfectly good - well, okay, mostly good. Somewhat. ...At least familiar worlds, and then being asked to - to - to do what? Be a hero? I've met heroes, you know, quite more than I'd have liked, and do you know what heroes are?

Dangerous, that's what. [firmly.] Dangerous, utterly reckless madmen, that's what heroes are. People who have as much trouble realizing why you shouldn't go barreling into dark caves full of horrible monsters to get the gold, or rescue the girl, as they do recognizing a good thing when they have it. Which is living. ...Which they risk. ...To be heroes.

But you know the most important thing about them? [he continues, fervently] The most important thing about heroes is that - ! Well, it's that - !

...It's that I'm not one.

[Rincewind quiets, and swipes the sleeve of his robe across his nose with a miserable, dry sniff. He frowns, sighs.] Not that it matters, I suppose. Not that it ever matters.
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[ For once, Sarah's not filming herself while she's moving around. She looks tired, like she hasn't slept well in a few nights, and she can't keep the worry from her expression. ]

Hey. My twin sister, I haven't been able to get in touch with her. If anyone's seen her…

[ She pauses, trying to collect her thoughts. ]

Her name's Helena. She's got blonde hair. Bleached. We're identical, so it's really just the hair that's different. Sometimes she can disappear for a while and not say anything. Uh, what else. She really likes food and kids. She's a girl guide leader. I dunno if she's been going to work or not.

[ It's like she's talking about a missing kid or a pet, almost. Finally she sighs, her shoulders stooped. ]

I guess that's it. If you've seen her, let me know, yeah? I just wanna know she's alright.

[ She seems ready to sign off, then hesitates. When she says this last bit, it's a little awkward, like she's not sure if it's the right thing to say. ]

Uh, yeah. And happy holidays, I guess.


Nov. 29th, 2015 01:39 am
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[ so it turns out, even after being here for so long ( a year now, which is- it's a lot. it's a long time. so she's not thinking about that now! ) it's still really difficult for Teresa to feel comfortable talking to the camera, to post to the network. she's not shy, really, she doesn't mind listening in and responding to other people, but being on the opposite end is wildly intimidating, for some reason. but! far it be from her to step down from a challenge when she's got something on her mind ]

So, I understand the concept of secret identities. I understand the need to protect the person behind the superpowers, and protecting those close to them. I understand the desire to live a normal life outside of what you can do when you use your abilities. It's all- I get it. I promise.

But why here? Why, when everyone is equipped with powers of all kinds without fail, do people still go by an alter ego? I probably sound like I'm trying to make some kind of dig at those who choose to go by a superhero alias, but it's a genuine question. I mean, I highly doubt every one of you just really enjoys wearing a lot of spandex and leather every day, so... What's the real advantage of wearing a mask in a place like this?

[ she's already got a few vague ideas - it's not like she'd know, personally, but she has a couple of friends who rock costumes when they're out using their abilities. it's one thing to take a guess, and another to hear it from someone else, so. that's what this is. super curious, this one. ]

This is coming from someone whose world was full of a lot of codenames, and secrets, and a number of other carefully controlled things I won't get into, so I guess I'm just curious about this because I believe having the choice to be open about who we are and what we can do here is one of the best things about being here. No hiding, no secrets. So... Why?


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