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[Hello network, have an at best only vaguely familiar face, since this is the second time he appears and he hasn't been entirely active as an imPort in general. He looks kind of tired.]

I made the mistake, on arriving here, of assuming that I was given a job at the department store because of my experience in running a shop. I feel now that this was somewhat naive, but do try to be charitable.

[Well, that sounds like... nonsense. Does he have a point? It appears he's not finished, at least.]

It is now obvious to me that this decision was instead based on the fact that I have experience if war, and of being a professional soldier. [He levels a wry smile at the camera.] I was not aware just what the holiday season entails around here, or exactly what lengths people during this time of the year. In particular, don't let's even go near the whole 'Black Friday' thing again... although it did not really get much better from there.

[Being done with this rant, he seems to relax somewhat, and his unimpressed look is changed for something closer to amusement. He leans back somewhat, showing off more of clothes that look a lot less Victorian and significantly more fashionable than the ones he arrived in, if still somewhat... eccentric. And very colorful.]

With that I of course wish to have said that this is the reason why I've not made that many attempts to reach out toward the imPort community or actually do what I was taken here to do. It would have been somewhat easier if someone had warned me.

So, that being said, any advice and warnings concerning this more modern world would be appreciated. I seem to be almost two centuries behind on developments, and I'm assuming there have been people other than me in the same situation.
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[Oliver's sat in what looks to be a quaint little coffee shop, holiday decals drawn in chalk paint on the window, lights strung up on the storefronts across the street, and somewhere in the distance, on the corner, is a more than modest tree set up and glinting in the twilight.]

Happy Holidays. [His tone is light and conversational, his smile practiced and easy, and he takes a sip of his latte and makes a rather pleased face.] Haven't been to Florida much, back home. [His beach trips back home tended to take him to Mexico, Brazil-- Europe. Or death islands in China.] So I can't say if its a universal constant, but Heropa does have good coffee.

[The latte - in a fancy looking green mug and everything - is set down with a soft clnk against the table.]

My name's Oliver Queen. And in the last month I've- [He pauses, and there might be some annoyance flickering across his face.] ... I've discovered that there are more than a few people here who know me from other worlds.

[Okay, make that a definite amount of annoyance.] If the names Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, or Sara Lance are familiar to anyone, I'd- appreciate us getting in contact. Otherwise, it would be safe to assume I have absolutely no idea who any of you are.

[He takes a moment to have another long sip of his latte] For everyone else, is anyone looking to hire someone with [extremely limited] business experience? My assigned job isn't quite a fit. It turns out I'm... not that great of a lobbyist.
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[ Hey-ho, there's a martian on the network again! Except this one is green and a short haired redhead. She's also been kind of MIA for the past 2 weeks, but that's her own business. (And the Porter's.) ]

This is probably a really lazy way to go about this, but ... Is anyone hiring? Not really feeling the whole part time journalist anymore.

And, um. If anyone's seen Impulse lately, can you let me know? He's pretty short, brown-red hair, talks faster than a bullet... I haven't seen him around, lately.

[ She's tried his communicator and come up with nothing. This is an easier way of getting it onto the network than shoving bad news on everyone. ]


Nov. 30th, 2014 07:46 pm
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[ Minho is practically caked in mud. The worst is on his shoes and pants (sorry for ruining your hard work, Kanaya), but from what the general populace can see in this video? His shirt didn't fare a whole heck of a lot better. This is literally all he owns, he doesn't look pleased. It doesn't help there are clear tears in one part of his shirt, and while the bruises haven't started forming yet, he still looks pretty beat up and ruffled at the moment. ]

There's something seriously wrong with the kids that are brought here.

[ Sounds like someone's not happy about having gotten his ass handed to him by a twelve year old. ]
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So how many of you think you can handle some friendly fighting? One or two spar partners aren't going to help anything when our powers are so different. If you're interested in having some fun just let me know here and we can work out the time and place.

There are some conditions:
1. I'll decide who's worth my time to fight. Even if I want to fight a lot of people it doesn't mean I won't have standards.
2. No foul play. It's all in good fun right? Trying to kill me or do anything messed up wouldn't be fair.
[Otherwise he'll kill you is what he wants to say, but that probably wouldn't do well on the network.]
3. Tell me how far you're okay with being hurt.

That's about it. Don't worry about asking me to go easy on you. It's probably better if you do.

Oh, but one more thing! Gon and I are playing in a big fundraising basketball game this Friday, so everyone should come by and watch. I'll let you know where it is if you're interested.

[OOC: And if he gets any interested hits, I can put up a log! Just let me know if you'd be interested. Log is set up over here! As volunteers come I'll set up threads (slowly).]


Oct. 28th, 2014 04:43 pm
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I know that we're all kind of in the same boat here about the kidnapping and things, but do any of you have someone back home who matters to you a lot that you wished were here with you? It's sort of a selfish thing to want I think, because my super special friend would hate it here with every fibre of his being. But I know that I'd really feel a lot better. Besides, it's not really that bad here.

[His optics glow with sudden excitement as the most awesome question ever pops up in his mind.]

Oh, oh! I've been meaning to ask you organics! What's your favourite food? Organics do have favourites right?

[He's been an organic for months but fuck if he knows much about them.]


Oct. 14th, 2014 07:21 pm
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All this talk of oh no what if there'll be a war. Super cheerful, isn't it? Real inspiring.

So let's say these [don't say meatbags] unevolved primitives [nailed it] do end up breaking out into a full on war with each other. Would you stay and fight?

If you do, I can only wonder why.
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[ kanaya's in the garage again, but the door's open, sunlight pouring through it. she's in a green tank and black leggings, a bandanna tying back her hair, various paint splotches on her arms hinting at what she's busying herself with today. on her workbench is a brush and easel, all of the colors monochrome and drab.

unlike her previous addresses, she's already put out her cigarette rather than in the middle of it. that should cut down on unwanted lectures. though the content of her message may bring them in an entirely different form.

You see, this is something I will never quite understand. Here we are, sitting at the brink of war, and all anyone can talk about is voting rights. Very typically American of you. [ not that some of the people loudest about it are even american. but america, democracy, she tends to conflate the two. ] The question shouldn't be why unsettled imPorts can't vote, but why can the registered? I am a registered imPort, but I'm not an American citizen, I'm not even a citizen of Earth! Merely a resident.

Think about this, we are temporary immigrants to this world. When more permanent refugees come to live here on escaping their native lands, they have long, complicated processes to undergo before they are allowed the benefits of citizenry. Should any of us be given better treatment of those? Should I be allowed to make decisions that may affect this nation's future when these are not allowed it, when I may not even be here to experience the full consequences of those decisions? I don't think I should, neither do I think any of you should. Wherever you have come from, we are all of us aliens to this world. That isn't something we should be forgetting. You should get used to the fact that you don't belong, like some of us have always known.

I'd much rather our attention be directed to the blockade threatening Alaska. The rest of this is little more than a distraction.

But if distraction is what you're after, as the world must continue should it not abruptly end, we are all aware of the season upon us. Ghastly ghouls are all about these days. So, should we not have all died by the time Halloween is upon us, perhaps you might join us monsters at the Devil's Nest in Maurtia Falls to celebrate.

[ she gets up to move the camera, and it shifts as she holds it, spinning around to face the wall. stretched out across it is a massive sheet of paper, painted simply in grey brick, only half dingy. she's still detailing. on the floor are a few paint cans and rollers. ]

I'm working on the decor now.

Drinks are 10% off, should you arrive in costume, and there will be a drinking contest with a $100 prize, for those who pay the $10 entry fee. But just imagine how much you may potentially get from that $10, even if you shouldn't win!

[ she turns the camera back around, in a sort of awkward selfie angle. ] Our hours will be 3pm to 6am, so come early and stay all night, as you please. We hope to see you there on the 31st.

Good luck in the meantime.


Oct. 8th, 2014 08:50 pm
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[A dark face with bright, golden eyes peers out over the network. Considering his situation, he seems almost criminally happy, with his wide smile and obnoxiously cheery attitude. Who is this stranger? Well, Wing himself is about to tell you.]

Greetings, friends! My name is Wing and I'm afraid that I'm new here! I'm Cybertronian, ordinarily, but it would seem that this world of yours has given me a new form! Fascinating! If someone could give me the bare basics in how to operate this body, I'd be very greatful. I look forward to seeing things from your perspective. It'll be an educational experience, without a doubt.

[His enthusiasm gets the better of him, and he's suddenly knocked over.]

Omph, yes. Does anyone know how to control these?

[He holds the camera up high enough to show off the two large white wings sprouting from his shoulders. Haha, someone out there has a sense of humour.]

Information on that would be useful too!
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[ it's been over two years since steve had woken up in the future; he's more or less gotten the hang of modern technology now. which means that when he addresses the network via a video, there is no technical malfunction, and the feed doesn't shake, it isn't upside down, none of that. it shows steve in uniform, framed so that he's visible only from the shoulders up. behind his head, the curve of the shield strapped to his back is visible, though not immediately recognisable. ] This is Steve Rogers- though most people back in my world know me as Captain America. [ there's a hint of a smile in his expression, something rueful. ]

Where I'm from, freedom of speech is an important pillar of society, and I hope the same holds here. So I'm asking now — what are your experiences with the military, and the government?

[ there's no hesitation in the question, just a firm steadiness to both his voice and his expression. steve isn't paranoid by nature, but hydra infiltrating shield has shown how important transparency and scrutiny are for a government and for the military. so, before he goes back to a life of service for a government that isn't the one he knew growing up, he wants to have some account of what they're like. asking the government itself or turning to the media is one thing: in a well-functioning society, those are sources that will tell him the truth. in a not-so-well-functioning society, however, that's very different and steve? steve grew up in brooklyn, grew up on backalley fights and the great depression. asking the people is, in the end, the best source there is.

after a moment's pause, he adds:
] If, for whatever reason, you'd rather not talk about it via this channel, I'd be happy to meet you anywhere. And if you're afraid to talk, that tells me enough.

Thank you for your time. [ he lifts a hand, obviously to shut off the video feed, but before he does, there's a dry: ] Rogers out.
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[ It’s Clark Kent the one that talks to the network, pushing his glasses up in a nervous gesture. The file had both his names, along with a pretty basic explanation of his powers so he knows, at least, that he doesn’t have to play Cat and Mouse games with the government about who Superman really is. But he’s still going to keep things on the down low for a while.]

Clark Kent here, and I’ll already say I’m sorry in advance if you’re getting tired of new people popping up. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be the first one to complain that ‘people are waiting for me back at home’, so I won’t bother.

We’re… fairly used to weird things happening all over Metropolis by now, and Lois- Lois Lane? Anyone ever heard that name?- happens to love finding herself in the middle of it far too often for my liking. So I get it, I do, but if what they were looking for were heroes to do this whole- [A vague movement with his hand.] well, “heroical” thing they should probably have gotten somewhere for the Justice League, or the Society.

I’m just- usually the one that writes about it, this is all a bit over my head. But if there’s any way people who aren’t used to do the heavy lifting could help, I’d like to hear about it.

[There, he’s probably left enough clues that people in his world will pick up. Hopefully also someone who actually recognizes him- Clark Kent just got here, so Superman can’t risk making an appearance so soon.

Before he turns of the feed, he adds something else:]

Oh, and I’m… apparently going to be talking about fashion. Unless ill-fitted suits I can pay of a reporter’s salary are suddenly in I’m afraid I’ll need some pointers on that, as well? I’m not sure why they thought I’d be fit for that job, either…
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[ A very lanky man with messy white hair appears, raking some of the strands away from his face in agitation, only to have them fall back into place. ]

I'm going to start by saying that the displacement of my natural body is severely upsetting my energies. I hate to be "that mech", but I honestly don't know how much more of this I can tolerate. My chakras are in disarray, I itch everywhere, I keep forgetting that breathing is a thing that needs to happen, and the apartment lobby won't even allow me to offer the service of optimizing the energy flow through the building! I'm just feeling a lot of aggression here and quite honestly I'm catching a lot of very uncomfortable vibes. Outside of being physically uncomfortable that is.

[ He pushes his hair back again, fussing, attempting to tuck it behind his ear to no avail. He dismisses it again in favor of continuing. ]

That does bring me to the point that my swords are still missing. I realize at this point? Wielding them isn't realistic, what with being a fraction of my regular size. Yes, sure, I get that, but I still like to have them. They're important. So if anyone happens to see any outstandingly large swords around, chances are they're mine. I'd appreciate if you contacted me. I can't offer much as a reward. Perhaps I could offer to lead you through a meditation session? Or cleanse your focal energy passages? Anyways, the point being, swords. Big ones.

[ He gestures, as to the size of the blades. Yes, very big. Like he was telling a big fish story or something. His hair falls back in his face and he huffs at it, growing increasingly more irritated as he attempts to arrange it again. ]

Also could someone lend me something to tie this back? Or better yet, something I can use to shave this all off? I can't stand all this fur!

[ Relenting, he shuts off the feed, and the audio cuts out mid-sigh. ]

03. Video

Sep. 9th, 2014 12:01 am
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[ Toboe has been thinking about this for a while now. To hide or not to hide. In his world, to expose himself is incredibly dangerous. when he did it once, Leara screamed and she was so scared, and so many people chased him and his pack... To keep hidden is self-defense, so he won't scare others and others won't scare him back. So he can be with humans without being shoo-ed, without being sent away. But here, he is a "hero" and the ones he has spoken to always so nice. They might be scared at first, but they eventually say it's alright. Some even pet him after or get so excited.

So a wolf comes to video. Some would think it's a dog, but in all honesty, it's way too big to be one and there is no species of dog that looks like that. Except a wolf. ]

Hello. [ that's a good way to start ] I was brought here two full moons ago, they gave me a tattoo and they said I was a hero. I don't know much about that, but they say the things I can do are "powers" [ though he was always able to do them, back home ] A lot of you have tried talking to me and I don't usually talk back because I don't want to scare anyone. But... I do want to talk to you. [ without being pushed away or screamed at ] I think that's why I'm doing this image thing. [ it's called video, Toboe doesn't remember ]

I can also do something else. All wolves can [ in Toboe's world, but he assumes every wolf can ] and that's probably a bit more scary than talking. Wolves can create an illusion, so we can look human. It helps us to mingle among you, so you won't be scared of us, and so we can protect ourselves- [ he is talking a bit fast, but at least Toboe realizes it - so he stops. He also figures it's better to show than to explain it with words.

In a blink of an eye, a boy takes the place of the wolf. You don't see a transformation; a second there is a wolf, the next second there is a boy there. Anyone used to the supernatural or to really weird stuff might be able to see the human illusion flicker, and for a couple of seconds instead of the boy, they'd see the wolf again. The boy has posted to the network before, so it's not like he is a new face. He smiles, a bit awkwardly ]
We can do this, too.

I'm Toboe.

01, video

Sep. 5th, 2014 09:54 am
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[Ted’s looking a little uncertain, as he stands outside his nice shiny new house. Granted, he appreciates the whole ‘new house’ thing, especially since his was destroyed by a giant crazy lightning bolt, but something’s on his mind. He might look a little familiar to some, but he doesn't have his cowl on. That got taken by everyone's favorite ex-boss, back in Switzerland.]

So, uh. Forgive me if I’m a little skeptical of the whole ‘secret army base and a nice shiny new house’ thing. Secret army bases in the middle of anywhere kinda tend to put a guy’s guard up. And considering I’ve just come from one of those, I’d -- well, I dunno if I can go home. But it’d be nice. [He frowns, briefly, and moves to lean against the wall of the house.]

On another note. Anyone from the Justice League here? ‘Cause I have something to tell them. ...Oh. Uh. This is Ted Kord, by the way. Hi.


Sep. 4th, 2014 11:42 pm
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Alright, so I blipped out and I blipped back and - surprise! - human! Can't say I'm, uh...excited about this development, but...well. Here we are. Don't worry though, I'm pretty sure I've got this organic thing on lock. Maybe.

That sa-aid, I've got this other....ehm....problem. Difficulty. More of a confusion. I've received my work assignment - which THAT is a complaint for a whole other day - and I need some information. About children. Don't tell me WHAT they are, I know that. They're the little pupa forms of humans. But beyond that....I dunno. Someone help me out here, what do you do with them. Are they self-maintaining? Do they have sentience or does that come later?


Aug. 24th, 2014 02:35 pm
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So, hypothetically speaking, if someone were to move into an apartment that has like...nothing- as in absolutely no things in it...

What should that person probably get? Like, are some essentials optional essentials, or...? Laundry baskets, for example. Not necessary. That's what floors are for.

-oh and assume this hypothetical person has very little money. Like, you look at their bank account and you just feel this pang of regret, that a bank account this sadly empty could exist. But also you feel grateful that it's not you.

Also assume that this supposed apartment is supposedly in a semi-bad part of town. Not this town obviously, because this is all just speculation, but just to lay some ground rules in this discussion.


Aug. 21st, 2014 12:36 am
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Is there a proper procedure or something for handling sudden species changes? A few weeks ago I was human, and before that I was Cybertronian... and now I'm Cybertronian again! I really hope I stay Cybertronian this time because it wasn't fun being small and squishy.

But hello everyone! My name is Tailgate and I'm not happy to be here at all, but I'm happy to meet new people! So. Hi! I hope that wasn't too eager.

I don't have much experience with organics to be honest, but I'm willing to learn if you don't mind teaching me a thing or two.

[Translation: Someone please be my friend.]

Are there any other Cybertronians out there? Hello?

video | one

Aug. 8th, 2014 08:14 pm
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[ when the video starts, you will all be greeted by a blonde girl who is looking a tiny bit stressed. I mean, who wouldn't be, after suddenly finding yourself in a weird alternate reality and whatnot? obviously what she's here to talk about is something extremely important. ]

Is the humidity in Florida always this awful? [ or not. ]

I've been outside for like, twelve minutes at most? And I think a colony of birds can now live in my hair it has gotten so big? Are we sure there isn't some evil villain doing something nasty to the air here? I don't think this is normal. We should definitely investigate. Who's with me?

[ there's a lengthy pause after that, as if she's contemplating turning off the feed. but then she suddenly snaps her fingers like she remembered something (which she did). ]

Oh! Right. I'm Steph. I'm new here. I am about 90% certain people I know from home are already here, so I'll find you guys later. Or you'll find me. There will definitely be some finding happening.

video; 001

Aug. 5th, 2014 05:43 pm
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[ time to get in character ]

Heeeey Florida! [Oh hey, fellow imPorts, so much for a peaceful dinner time. Because that's a rather loud, rather hyper kid with a big ol' smile on his face popping up on your communicators] And North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and just about every state between California and Maine I'm assuming but these seem like the main ones. [Is he talking too fast? He's talking too fast.]

Bart here. Bart Allen. [Bart Impulse Allen, but he bites his tongue] New visitor, new face - you're welcome - tourist in name, make, and fashion. Just missing the Hawaiian shirt and camera combo. A uh- what do you call it? Impound, impress, imPort? All those im-words.

[He's starting to wave his phone around as he talks, not even fully realizing that means anyone watching the feed's gonna probably get a little motion sickness.] You know, with all the ru- traveling I've done, don't think I've spent much time in Florida. Keystone, Central, Washington the second, Rhode Island, those are my mains. Although there is this one beach in Brazil that's totally crash.

So if anyone has any tourist tips, I'm all ears! Movies to watch, places to go, those crash teleport tubes I've heard of, if there's anyone from the Justice League here, what corner store to stay away from, places to eat, places to eat that also have a twenty-four-hour option. [He's saying all of that so quickly it basically all blends together]

So yeah, hi, nice to be here. Oh! I'm in Residence 007 hah so roommates! Pretty sweet! [Look he can use retro terminology] I call dibs on the TV tonight.
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[ Guess who's stopped pretending not to be a giant robot? If your guess was Thundercracker, you'd be right. So here he is, in full robot glory, sitting on the rubble of what used to be his home. His trademarked expression of disinterest is still there, however. ]

I want a dog. [ What a great way to introduce himself properly. ] I had one back home - her name was Buster - and if I'm going to be stuck here then I want another one. But I don't want one exactly like her, just so she doesn't think I'm trying to replace her when I do go back home.

[ Which he's assuming will happen at some point in time. ]

So I'm asking for breed recommendations that aren't puggles. I've watched a lot of shows on Animal Planet so I've got a good idea of what to expect. Just want to know what other people recommend.

Guess I also need to find a new home. Something far away from here where I can be alone and people won't blow up my house.

[ Thanks Starscream. ]

Five new TV screens once I've got a new place. I'll send you the money and the address once I know.


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