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[A smooth, low voice comes over the feed. So he doesn't have his own show anymore. So he can't, legally, call himself a reporter in this world. But he has this network, and it's better than nothing.]

We seem to have some sort of friendly epidemic on our hands. Some of you are once again experiencing the joys of childhood, while others have been granted a glimpse into the ravages of age.

[A wistful sigh. The incident hasn't affected him, sadly. He wouldn't mind a return to his youth. Even a vision of his future body would have been interesting. He does wonder about the state of his hair in ten years.]

If you're upset about this situation, then I say--don't be. Try to enjoy it! If you're young, take advantage of your freshly empowered body. Run around for hours. Traipse in the dirt. Come home and eat ten hot dogs, with little to no digestive consequences. Drink a gallon of soda, and revel in your body's ability to somehow turn so many empty calories into useful energy. You'll miss that when you're back to your old self.

And for those of you who went the opposite way -- hey, there's nothing wrong with that, either! See how distinguished you've become. Shout at people on the streets. Get discounts. Preview the pains and illnesses that will bring you closer to sweet, gentle death.

And, hey. I'm sure this will all sort itself out soon enough. Things always do, don't they?

[His voice drops an octave.]

In the end, they always do.
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Why does no one consider that the government are lying to us? There have been some who've talked about it, yeah, but no one really seriously thinks about it. But we know they've got the ability to change memories, haven't they? They can make people forget their lives here, or at least SOMEONE can. So why do we all think they haven't just done that? There's never been a group of people in power who didn't love to see their populace docile and harmless and quiet. They've got every reason to alter our memories and our thoughts so that we're nice and obedient to them.

Why are we swallowing what they tell us? Why aren't we questioning them? Why aren't we challenging them? We've got the power to make them scared, so why aren't we? We're powerful, and we'll fight for what's right if we've got the chance, so why AREN'T we doing that? We've got to organize. We've got to make change.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 06:11 pm
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You know, this isn't the first time the government's kept files on me, but I think it might be the first time they've let me read them.

[ Bruce isn't looking at the camera when he speaks. The view's askew, too, device propped up on the desk at which he's sitting and a little obscured by a small stack of papers in the foreground.

He removes his glasses before casting a glance towards the screen, offering a very small smile that's a match for his patient, gently amused tone. He seriously doubts the files he's read are the full ones; that's the joke, though he doesn't elaborate.

If you're a kid or an amateur scientist, or both, let me know what you're interested in learning about. Otherwise, you're in for my best attempt at a kid-friendly explanation of the fourth dimension. That should be relevant to everyone's interests, at least.

Job-related question, by the way. Not just asking because I love to talk about science. But on that note— if you work for a company with an R&D department, consider this an official job inquiry.


Feb. 1st, 2015 05:54 pm
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[Oh, he's nervous. He's so terribly anxious; he can feel his blood shaking and his bones popping. Which is an odd sensation, because he knows, he is somehow intrinsically certain that he possesses neither bones nor blood; that, in fact, he is an ethereal being whose body has advanced to just so many bubbles. Therefore any sensation otherwise must be due to the pains of his disguise and this planet's environment, which he has already internally declared hostile. Unlike his own world, which is full of gentle breezes and soft corners and, conveniently, very little gravity.

Here, he feels the literal weight of the world pressing down on him, like he's liable to shatter into a million pieces at the lightest touch. His skin -- something else he typically doesn't have to deal with -- is thin glass, unable to tolerate the harsh handshakes and suffocating hugs of this planet. He nearly hyperventilates at the sight of a young mother lifting her child out of a stroller.

My unknown but surely numerous gods, he thinks. I have come among a reckless people.

But still. He has a job to do. Doesn't he?

He clears his throat; steadies his voice. He's pleading; ingratiating. Somehow, perhaps, strangely convincing.]

Ah, if you'll excuse me -- can I ask, who leads you? I have come from a distant world, and my people are eager to establish a peace treaty. I must speak to a person of authority. I have documents.
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[Clara is staring at a cup in front of her. Her brows furrowed in a sort of confused determination. All around her are post-it notes that say different things like "the king" "my father" "kingdom, "Doctor" and so on.]

So I think I've gone mad. Lots of people have started going mad lately. Like an epidemic.

[She gently takes the cup and slowly rotates it in her hands.]

I've got to be careful. I think this is poisoned. The cleric is trying to poison the king and he's been like a father to me. Watched over me since I was young and was the one who encouraged me to become a knight. I've got to protect him.


[She frowns more deeply, like she's unsure of the thoughts running in her head.]

But I know that the only time I've ever been knighted was on a planet called Ekard. And it was by a queen. I'd traveled through time and space to get there with my friend. The Doctor was his name. He's also an alien.

[A beat. She stares deeper into her own reflection into the cup before back at the camera.]

So I think I'm mad because the memories about being a knight conflict with mad memories about traveling in space. And aren't you supposed to be sane to recognize what's madness and what isn't it? Isn't that the idea behind a Catch-22

If any of you have an idea if I'm a mad lady knight or a mad space traveling girl, I'd appreciate the clarification. Or if you have any other possible suggestions. Might as well get them all out on the table.
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[Buckle in, folks. Edgeworth's got a long agenda today, if the paper in front of him is any indication.

A few items of business.

First, the criminal calling himself Lucifer is still at large. If you encounter him, do not approach him. Instead, notify the authorities. He is to be considered extremely dangerous; if you engage him, you do so at your own peril and very likely death. Again, if you see him, report as much to the authorities, but do not engage.

[And with that grim warning out of the way - ]

Second, if anyone has either been given the power to influence thoughts, behaviors, and memories, or had such a power at home, please kindly speak to me. There's a puzzle I could use a bit of help on, and would appreciate it if you would consult.

Now. I also have a bit of a request - and I am perfectly aware of my phenomenal hypocrisy in making this request, since I should be the first one to follow my own advice. Still, please hear me out, and feel free to mock at me heartily afterwards.

As a prosecutor, I see a great many cases in which people have been murdered or injured because of an altercation stemming from an unkind word. I would not at any moment blame those who give insult for their own deaths; no; the fault lies squarely with the person who would take someone else's life. Yet at the same time, a loss of life could have been avoided if both people had just taken the time to be civil.

This is what I want to beg of all of you: be civil. It seems as though every day, people begin arguing viciously on the network. Every day, someone undertakes to be unkind for no reason other than to be unkind. And I truly do understand: all of us here are frightened, and homesick, and angry, and lonely. All of us want to revenge the wrong that's been done to us, and we so often turn to the nearest target to do so, and the nearest target is so often one another.

But it costs nothing to be kind to one another. There is no disadvantage in decency. We're all here in the same circumstances; we're under equal pressure; and none of us, with very few exceptions, want to see suffering or unhappiness amongst those around us. We're all just trying to get along - and we can all get along a bit better if we spare fewer unkind words for one another.

There are few things I can think of that would be worse than seeing your files cross my desk. I don't want to prosecute anyone's murder. And so I beg of you, first: please stay safe and cautious. And I beg of you second: be kind to your fellows, and try to promote harmony, so that there are no tragedies that come when the wrong person loses control.

Thank you all very much for your attention. Remember, if you ever feel unsafe or like you need help, call the authorities or a friend here on the network. We all just want to help one another.

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[ Somewhere around two in the morning: ]

stepford houses and glowing tattoos are pretty sweet deals as far as bagging and tagging goes, but it doesn't matter how well it's dressed up- nothing good ever comes from being in someone else's pocket. the dupes might have been assholes, but at least they were on the level.

but that's probably already been said on here a thousand times, right? morality this and conspiracy that, shut up already. getting to the point:

if you're registered, save the speech. if you're not, did the government keep their promise and leave you alone?

and for anyone who would rather shoot themselves in the face than talk about registration one more freaking time, i'm taking suggestions for superhero names. smoke theme required, bad puns preferred, winner earns my very sincere gratitude.


Mar. 22nd, 2014 05:49 pm
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by which I mean no, Edgeworth just has a quiet, calm, thoughtful little tirade for you all]

Good day. I'm acquainted with some of you already; for those whom I do not yet know, my name is Miles Edgeworth, and I work as a prosecutor here. I hope that you will indulge me in listening to a bit of a speech.

I understand that here, as in the previous city - and as in the homes of many of you - there is a tradition of vigilantism. I do not come today to decry vigilantes as criminals; I know that those of you who engaged in such practices almost certainly did so out of a desire to protect your homes, to fight crime that could not otherwise be fought, and the like.

But anyone who is considering returning to such practices here - who is considering becoming a vigilante and acting outside of the law - I beg you all to take a step back for just a moment and examine your actions with a critical eye.

I know that it is easy to resent the law. We like to think of the government as some meddling busybody keeping us from doing what is fun. But laws are never written out of spite. They're written for protection: of you, of your neighbors. At times, they're written to protect people from one another; at times, they're written to protect citizens from the government itself.

Laws are in place to protect people. So if you choose to act as a vigilante, to break the law, what are you doing? You're trespassing against others. You're resisting things that were put in place for the protection of yourself and your neighbor. Police cannot act as freely as vigilantes, but for good reason: they're held in check so that they are answerable to the people and to they cannot do harm to the people.

So I beg of you, any who would turn to vigilantism: consider instead working with the police. Particularly given recent events, the police force here needs those who have remarkable powers to help keep the citizenry safe. You will not be able to act as freely, perhaps, but you will be helping the city - and helping it in a way where you will not run the risk of overstepping your bounds and causing hurt.

Thank you very much for your attention. I welcome any disagreement or debate, and will freely and gladly engage any who wish to speak about this.
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So we've weathered our first publicly broadcast display of violence. In this world, that is.

[ A woman is speaking. She sounds pleasant enough at first blush, soft and modulated and distinctly feminine, but beneath that there's the unmistakable tone of someone who very much enjoys listening to the sound of her own voice. ]

Honestly -- I knew our communal memory was short, but this kind of nostalgia has never been worth repeating. I'm sure you all think you're terribly special, subjected to this indignity and being called "hero" on top of it. That must be such an insult. It had better be, for you to react like such children.

You're not the first, you know, and what happened this week won't be the last incident of its kind. That's the tragedy of random selection, right? There's no telling what kind of people will come out. In the last place, let's see... there was the old military commander who unleashed vampires on the City and almost detonated a bomb in this country's capital. There was the scientist who experimented on children and made her own army of feral monsters. The psychiatrist who caused mass hallucinations at a parade. The one who summoned an immense baby to wreak havoc on New Year's Eve.

[ There's no trace of humor in her voice, even at that last one. ImPorts, man. They've seen some shit. ]

I could go on, if you'd like, but I think you understand by now. Do you know what those people all had in common? Not one is still here today. Some of them were killed [ one by her personally, whoops ] and some were imprisoned -- others lingered on to vanish into thin air, like so many before them. But none of them managed to see their work borne out in a lasting way. That was all under Lachesis, who had much less interest vested in making sure we cooperated than our current monitors. Her greatest concerns were always for herself. After all, with the power she had to command, we could all of us be replaced, and our lives renewed at her discretion. Her entertainment was a much more fragile matter. Whether that still holds true, I couldn't say -- as far as I know, none of us can, as none of us have died. But the heroes made up for her apathy, just as they'll do now. That's just how it goes, and this time around the deck is stacked in heroism's favor.

Don't misunderstand what I'm trying to say -- if you're going to make a spectacle of yourselves, I don't particularly care what happens to you. But every action has a consequence, no matter how untouchable you'd like to believe yourself. If you have any questions, of course, I'd be happy to answer. The only trait less attractive than ignorance is hubris. Let's not mix the two any further.


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[Cecil's had a rough couple of days. The giant bird attack wasn't pleasant, but hey. It happens. The near-drowning situation was a little more traumatic, but he's past that, too. He's trying to settle in.

Except -- he keeps hearing things. Seeing things. On the one hand, it's like being home again. On the other hand, it's terrible.]

Ah, hello, everyone.

[Still, he feels like he should introduce himself. For the time being, these people are his new community. If he wants to thrive here, he should get to know them.]

I hope you all managed to survive the recent holidays. If someone stole your heart, I hope you took it back and re-positioned it carefully within your ribcage. If you stole someone else's heart, you should return it. Or you should bury the heart in a cherry oak box; whatever your god slash cabal slash gardener demands --

[Carlos's voice suddenly echoes in his ears. The words are unintelligible -- something about stir fry or centrifugal motion -- but the abrupt, impossible nearness of his words makes Cecil falter.]

-- and, uh, at any rate! I'm Cecil, and I'm happy to be a compliant member of this program. If the American government requires me, then here I am. Proud to serve my country. Proud to be experimented on by my country. Proud to be detained without suggestion of release. By my country.

[His voice is deep, sonorous, warm. And, by all accounts, entirely sincere.]

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


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