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I know it's a 'holiday' right now, but I have a question.

Does something bad happen if someone doesn't go to school? I've been given to understand that it's obligatory, or necessary in some way, but that's not what I'm asking.

I just want to know, is it my choice or not?


Aug. 25th, 2016 08:30 pm
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C’mon, Peter. There are no take-backsies when it comes to Boogie Boogie Battlefield.

[The camera tips and wobbles slightly before focusing on the face of one Peter Parker. He looks fairly put upon, and the ribbing from behind the camera probably isn’t helping. The view tilts to one side as the cameraperson decides to take a more artistic stance.]

I can’t believe you said “take-backsies” with a straight face. Or “Boogie Boogie Battlefield.” What are you doing with your phone?

There needs to be video evidence. Just follow the script.

No, I mean--in portrait mode?

[With one last thwarted-videographer sigh, Peter brandishes an ink-covered napkin in his hand, takes a breath to speak, then cuts himself off.]

Do I really have to--

Absolutely yes. Think of the children. And portrait looks great, shh.

[Peter rolls his eyes to the ceiling, sighs, holds up the napkin, and in a long-suffering monotone reads:]

“I, Peter Benjamin Parker, do hereby declare on this date of August 25th, 2016, that Cindy Moon is the greatest Boogie Boogie Battlefield player--”

[He has to fight off a smile before continuing. It’s possible he’s not quite as put out by all this production as he’s acting.]

“--of all time, in this universe or any other where the game exists. She has crushed her enemies, seen them driven before her, and heard the lamentations of their friends, families, and significant others, of whatever gender identification or sexual orientation--”

Stick to the script, Parker! Though I appreciate your inclusivity. That should be enough anyways.

Fine, great. [He holds out his hand palm-up and waggles it.] Now give me my wallet back, you blackmailer.

[Okay, no, still a bit put out.]


Aug. 20th, 2016 04:35 pm
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[There's a shot of the sky, the edge of a building, then Silk's foot. Finally, she turns the camera on herself, scratching at her cheek under her trademark red scarf.]

Okay, so I know it's just a knock-off, and the little monsters don't look the same at all, plus the names are kind of dumb but... I'm addicted. I don't even have the excuse of nostalgia since I'm from another universe! It still just... feels the same.

Maybe I already bought some of the stuffed toys.

Anyways, what I'm trying to ask is, is anyone else playing MonMon Walk? You'd better be on the zappy team.

...Also, if the devs see this, please make it so I can hatch eggs while I'm swinging. Please?

[There's a long pause, before Silk gives an awkward wave and shoots out a webline, the video cutting out just as she steps off the building.]
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[It's quiet for a moment as the person making the request isn't completely sure how to say what he wants; he's used to staying to the shadows and working from there, so reaching out so publicly goes against most of his training. Still, he has questions, and it's not like his enemies from home can find him here. ...Probably. So he concentrates, stilling himself and throwing a casual tone into his voice that he's not actually feeling considering he just wound up on a world he's never heard of. His day had already been going weird, but this is the icing on the cake of crazy.]

So I'm looking for some people, and I was wondering if any of them are here or if anyone's seen them. Steve, Sam, uh- Scott. And Wanda. We were kind of all together back home and if I'm here, maybe they are, too, so if they are I want to track them down again. See if we can figure out what's going on, that kind of thing. If you know them, can you tell them I'm looking for them?

[The choice to leave out their last names is deliberate, but except for Scott they are his friends, some of the people closest to him in his life. And a group like that, first names are really all that's important, other details can wait.]

[But whoops, he forgot something. And this time he will use a surname.]

Oh yeah - I'm Clint, Clint Barton. Thanks, and see-

[He's interrupted in signing off by a bark off to the side. There's another brief pause, and then Clint speaks up again with a bit more confusion in his voice.]

Did anyone in, uh, Heropa lose a dog? I've had this guy following me around for at least half an hour now, looks like some kind of chocolate lab mix and he seems like he's been trained but he isn't wearing a collar. Do you think I have hamburgers or something?


Jun. 12th, 2016 03:18 pm
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Hey, everyone!

[Cue Max! She's dressed in pretty casual clothes, with one difference - she's wearing a square academic cap and a huge grin on her face.]

Guess who's officially a high school graduate? This gal! [And here, she jerks her thumbs back towards herself.] I can't believe I actually did it. This feels awesome! It took a lot of pushing from Professor Callaghan to get me to stop slacking, but I'm glad he never gave up on me.

Anyway, I have some people I'd like to thank. Professor Callaghan, of course - I'm sure I would have graduated without your help, but I wouldn't have done such a good job. I'm gonna miss having you as a professor. Thanks for helping me. And Clara, who also pushed - really hard. [Yeah, she does that.] And the Doctor - you're the best! [You're just going to be Space Grandad forever, deal with it.] Also, last but not least, Chloe. You're amazing. I can't even put much more than that into words.

I've still got some time to think about college; I think I'm going to take the week off to relax and celebrate. Anyone with me?

[ooc: If you want to hand wave your character being there, go for it!]


Jun. 2nd, 2016 01:40 pm
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[The feed opens up with a nice shot of Komasan sitting comfortably on the N5 couch for those who recognize it. It's all cleaned up and everything for the video, not a single feather in sight. But if you think the sofa is spiffed up, then get a load of Komasan. He's wearing a surprisingly nice suit despite the fact that it's tailored for a small dog, as well as a pair of sunglasses that somehow manage to stay on his stupid round face.

In one of his paws is a champagne glass, filled with what's probably grape juice. He swirls it a bit before taking a sip from the silly straw that awkwardly pokes out from it.]

Ah. So you're finally here, Komasan girls, zura.

[For whatever reason, he speaks in a lower, more leveled tone. The kind of tone where you know someone's trying really hard to pretend they're much cooler than they really are.

...Incidentally, it's at this point that it becomes apparent someone is recording him, a soft hitch in the audio not a moment after that, as if a little bit of static came through--wait, no, that’s someone’s voice, isn’t it? It’s soft, and clearly sounding like it’s trying to hold in what sounds like laughter.]

That’s so painful…

Well, I've got good news for you, zura. I want you and everyone else to know that I've started running for imPort... [He pauses, looks at his palm, then back into the feed.] ...hambassador, zura.

If you've ever wanted someone monge~ to represent you, you've come to the right youkai, zura. All I want is for everyone to be happy, the kind of happy you get after your first lick of soft cream, zura. We could do this, we could do it together, zura. Let’s make everyone’s soft cream dreams come true, zura!

”Soft cream dream?” [The accent’s almost a dead giveaway for anyone who knows Nonah 05 by now. Kaneda can hardly believe what he’s hearing, mostly from how ridiculous it sounds. But hell if he’s going to stop Komasan from his ‘soft cream dream’ himself, continuing to hold the camera as level as he possibly can.]

But if you don't want to vote for me, that's okay too, zura. You will always be my Komasan girls, zura.

[There's another pause, but he doesn't appear to be doing ...anything. In actuality, he's winking, but...he's also wearing sunglasses. So it's just...the most awkward few seconds before he throws the shades off and starts to act normally again, his voice back to being its usual baby-like tone.]

How was that—

[[ooc: Although he was super stealthy, it's quite possible to get tagged by Komasan and/or Kaneda as well. They clearly make a great, supportive team.]]


May. 31st, 2016 07:13 pm
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[The video feed cuts in to Inanna sitting on a rooftop retreat somewhere in the city, the evening sky laid out behind him for a backdrop. He flashes the camera a winning smile—it almost looks like he sparkled for a moment.

Maybe he did.]

Hi there! I thought it was about time to make a proper introduction for myself. I'm Inanna, The Morning and Evening Star, etcetera. But please, just call me Inanna.

I've met a few imPorts already, but I'm curious—what's it been like for those of you who've never had powers before? I wonder if it's anything like my experience was.
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[Wanda has been back for a day, but hasn't made a network post since her return from being ported back into her home universe for a year and several days in that world's time. It was only two days time here.]

Well, that was my first jarring experience of a porter glitch to go back home for a time that was much longer than my absence here was. I returned here yesterday, but kept mostly silent to just take a day off, so sorry if anyone else was wondering where I was. I was gone for a year and some days, as far as time in my universe was concerned. There was what you might call a civil war among my friends and whatever. [Well, mostly her friends. Tony is still not her friend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So.] Honestly, I'm glad to be back considering what I just left again. So, if I missed anything particularly noteworthy in my two days absence, anyone please fill me in.

[And she ends it there.]


May. 9th, 2016 11:20 am
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[And cue Max! She's looking more cheerful, and her hair's grown a bit longer, but apart from that, she's still the same old dorky hipster people know and love. Well, mostly.]

Hey, guys! I've been M.I.A. for awhile - you know, work and stuff. But I got a lot done last month! I learned more Russian and ASL, went ghost hunting, snapped some pictures. The usual. [Blame the Doctor for her ghost-hunting shenanigans.] We just got done with a huge Mother's Day rush at work, so hopefully things will be less hectic over there.

Also, I think I'm slowly taking an interest in photojournalism. I'm already really passionate about photography, and this way, I can really help people. It's just a thought, though; I don't actually know if I could really do something like that. [Because she's a loser.] And I still haven't gotten my ears pierced. Major wimp alert.

Anyway, how have you all been? I missed you! [Well, some of you - LOOKING AT YOU, CRANE.]


Apr. 5th, 2016 09:06 pm
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[This post starts off with the sound of a man clearing his throat.]

Uh, hi. I'm Jamie Madrox, and this is my first time travelling to an alternate universe.

[A pause. And an awkward chuckle.]

That was for all of you to go "Hi, Jamie!" I hope at least somebody caught on, or this bad joke works even less than it already did.

Support group cracks aside, I've looked over all the provided reading material and given the network a quick once-over, and my keen detective skills tell me we are well and truly screwed here, right? And I don't mean that just because we're a bunch of super-powered people trapped in an alternate universe. That's bad, but being stuck working for the government - and take it from someone who has been there - never turns out well, even without taking into account that the Cold War is, somehow, still happening? Has anyone figured out why that's a thing? I'm not a historian, but that seems like a problem worth looking into.

And hey, speaking of looking into things- [What a pro segue there.] - the detective skills line wasn't just another attempt at a quip. I am an actual licensed private investigator, both here and in my home reality. Technically, the paper I got from Uncle Sam says I only investigate...let's say "marital indiscretions", but as far as I'm concerned you can consider X-Factor Investigations ready and open here in Nonah for anyone who needs a PI. If any of my associates are trapped here too, then let me know. X-Factor...X-ssemble? Wait, no, that's terrible. Forget I said it.


Mar. 28th, 2016 09:31 pm
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[Oh hey, on the screen is everybody's favorite(?) bubblegum fairy girl! Er, except she looks quite a bit different. For one thing, she's got bat wings instead of dragonfly, and for another, she's wearing significantly less than usual. For the third, her body language is completely different--she's lounging like she's trying to look as alluring as possible.

She may look like Megan Gwynn on the surface, but otherwise she comes off as a totally different person.]

Hey scrubs!

[She twirls a lock of her hair, smirking.] Not that I don't appreciate the free digs and everything, but what's with the ambiance, huh? How's a girl supposed to get any action in, like, suburbia hellhole? It's so squeaky clean around here I bet you can't even kill a guy. What's there to do here that's fun?

[Her grin widens and she licks her teeth, which should give any viewers a decent impression of her idea of fun.]

Anybody who feels like living it up a little give me a yell, 'kay? Nightmare out.


Mar. 23rd, 2016 10:24 am
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[ The sound of glasses being passed around and chat in the background offers an uniform, muffled hum. It's not a busy night. ]

Okay, help a girl out here. I've been reading but yeah... it hasn't helped much. Also, it's confusing as fuck.

[ Jessica doesn't do small talk. She's less salty about the whole being kidnapped thing, but she's far from fine. ]

The Cold War... is still happening? Didn't happen? It's what, the fucking Hot War now?

[ It's like someone only read the titles of a history book while drunk and high. ]

And why do they need us exactly? They seem to be waging wars just fine without us. Because I'm sure as hell not buying the whole story about them not being able to control their little interdimensional kidnap robot.

...and did the Russians seriously invaded us?

[ You can hear her shake her head. So much. ]

Anyway, I'm Jessica. Jessica Jones. I do detective work, if someone needs that. Spread the word, I don't know. Also, I own a bar. Kinda. First drink on me if you're stuck here, whatever.

[ Heavy sigh, barely audible curse. That's all, folks. ]
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[Hello, Network. You are being treated to a text post with an ID of “????”. Yes, it just consists of actual question marks.] I’ve been thinking: coming here could be an opportunity for a new start. I’ve spent a lot of time under legacy mantles and I don’t regret it, but maybe it’s time to try something new. I’m just spitballing here, but:

The Gray Ghost. Pros: sounds cool, very few people would remember what it's from. Cons: stupid-looking goggles.

Nightwing. Pros: cool-sounding, no one’s using it right now. Cons: plagiarism, probably couldn’t take previous Nightwing in a fight if he shows up and objects.

Albatross. Pros: bird theme, pre-existing mythology. Cons: depressing, no one has time to explain Rime of the Ancient Mariner in the middle of a fight.

Blackbird. Pros: also bird theme, simple, great song. Cons: ????

Eagletronic. Pros: patriotic, sounds like the name of the robotic bird leader of a team of cartoon kids who Protect Humanity and Learn Valuable Lessons every Saturday morning. Cons: this is a bad superhero name.

Ghostborg. Pros: is probably the nemesis of Eagletronic. They used to be friends, but circumstances forced them onto opposite sides of the law. Cons: I'm just pitching a Saturday morning cartoon now. I think this is why the professionals don't use superhero name generators.

I now open the floor to the distinguished audience for suggestions.
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Okay, weird question. Completely important, guys. Like...Priority #1

Baseball★ or Cricket☆.

[Yes, he speaks in stars. What of it. You may hear the essence of a home run after 'Baseball', and a umpire in the background of 'Cricket'. Yeah. that happens.]

I'm not saying it's to prove a point but it's DEFINITELY to prove a point.

Baseball's totally better.
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[It's a little after noon when Chloe turns her communicator on. She's sitting on an old white plastic deck chair, and from the look of the buildings behind her, probably on a roof somewhere in Nonah. She's in a worn old white tanktop with a skull on the front, her jeans-covered legs propped up on something, her coat hanging off the back of her chair. She's spent the morning avoiding people, not answering her texts, just...brooding. There's a cigarette between her lips, and she takes a drag off it before she catches it with her other hand, her attention mostly on the phone.]

You ever think about time 'n shit? Like, how it hella doesn't make any sense here? Like, okay, back home, before I wound up here, it was 2013 right? In October.

[She leans back in her chair, resting the phone on her leg, tilted up so all the screen really catches is her face and neck and the clouds.]

Suddenly I'm here, it's three years and a couple months later. Just, wham, welcome to the future except it's a weird fucked up cold war version of the future. And I get like, it's way worse for other people, right? Pulled from other centuries or other fuckin' planets with their own weird-ass calendars but.

Three years.

[She's not even really sure what she's going on about, honestly. She'd been puzzling this over in her head all morning and hadn't gotten anywhere, so maybe she thought rambling out loud would help. It wasn't really working.]

So here we are, right? March 11th, 2016. Shit had gone different, I'd be twenty-two today.

[She hesitates, her gaze distant, up on the clouds as she took another puff off her cigarette.]

Instead, I guess I'm twenty. Sort of. Minus a couple months. Still my birthday though. [And then she smirks, pointing the two fingers holding her cigarette at the sky.] Fuck you, universe. Chloe Price made it to twenty after all.

[She scooped up the phone again, and for a second is framed in the picture again, the camera half-covered by her thumb as she reaches for the disconnect. Her voice is quieter again.]

Didn't see that comin'.

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[Wanda has already seen Steve Rogers's network post and replied to it. Touching base with The Boss (er, probably more like former boss, technically, as they're not in their world any longer) when she saw his post -- and pleasantly surprised at his presence here as well -- became first priority for her.]

Wanda Maximoff speaking.

[When she starts this video off with the introduction, her accent is Eastern European, probably unfamiliar for most to completely pin down; Sokovia also didn't get much attention in her universe, anyway (not before Ultron), so even the Sokovian accent may be unfamiliar to many from her own world as well. Though, to those with a Serbia as well in the universes from which they hail from, before they arrived in this one, they might think she sounds vaguely Serbian, but that's as close as they'll probably be able to come. Assuming they're familiar with the Serbian accent at all.

Appearance-wise, she has long and dark hair, Caucasian, mid-twenties, and the makeup on her face is mostly just dark eyeliner and red lipstick. She's changed into something a little less obvious than her Avengers outfit that she arrived here in, so no shot of a fancy costume for you people today, sorry.]

I am new here, and skipping the usual round of questions from others who have recently arrived -- [She's already flicked back a few entries on this network device, browsing through it before broadcasting this video. It's how she came across Steve's very recent post.] -- but since I have already seen one man on the network who is familiar to me, I thought I would take a 'roll' -- [English expressions for things are so weird sometimes.] -- and see if there is anyone else here who may be familiar with me. So? [That's her cue for people to introduce themselves.]

And a last general question: The information I was given has my housing in the Nonah apartment complex. If anyone could tell me their favorite places in the city -- to visit, to eat, whatever -- I would appreciate that and will accept all suggestions.

[And then she ends the video.]
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[It's a slow day here in Nonah #005. There's nothing really too exciting about March 7th. It's sunny, slightly warmer (Don't worry, Maya let them know alllll about that), and breezy. High of 50's at most. But that was just it--nothing was really happening. And when you're so used to hitting the ground running these past few months, a few hours of nothing is an eternity for someone like Kaneda.

It was too quiet.

The feed opens on Nonah 005's couch, Kaneda sitting there with his legs propped up on the coffee table, hands covering his eyes in boredom. Fingers split to peek through, looking into the recording screen, before drawing his attention elsewhere, to the spot right next to him on the couch. There sat one Maya Fey, comic book propped open on her lap and currently wrapped up in an intense battle between the Lime Light and Minestro. He should let her keep reading, she looked pretty involved in the story…

But boredom is the heaviest burden of all.]


[Not one to ‘disturb her’, he puts a finger to his lips while catching the camera’s ‘eye’, reaching over while he thinks she isn't looking to take her comm. Sneaking it past her, he flips it open, browsing through it to try and find SOMETHING entertaining.] Let's change her background...

[And that's what he does for a few minutes, cycling through random google images of everything from magic eyes to some weird chipmunk meme, lifting them up to the screen as if they could give an opinion. But then, he stops dead, eyes fixated completely on the other screen, eyes enlarging to the size of dinner plates.

Something unironically caught his attention this time.]

Cut for silly shenanigans )

[ooc: Replies can be either done on the network, or on the social media instagram proxy called "Hashtagram". You can choose to reply in whichever style you want, if you want to make it like social media, feel free!

P.S. Nonah 005 people can action this.]
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[When the feed flickers to life, on the screen is a wide-eyed girl in her late teens; she'd look pretty normal, if it wasn't for her eyes and bright pink hair. To some, she may be a familiar face.]

Oh my gosh, hi, um, Network! [Her accent is faintly Welsh.] It's been, like, a really long time since I was last here so maybe you guys won't remember me, but I was definitely here before, and I mean I can't say I really missed this place but some of you were pretty cool, so it'll be nice to see you again--

[And that's when a different voice cuts in from the background, way deeper, very not Welsh, and sounding vaguely like it's coming from someone with rocks in their throat. Because it is.] Are you making a post? Is this like a superhero Youtube thing? I wanna be in it too! [What looks like a big grey stone wall slides into frame behind the girl. At least that's what it looks like until it. Bends over. And now there's some kind of big stony head in the frame over her shoulder.] Yo! What's up, nerds? I'm Rockslide, and the weird foreign girl here is Pixie! We're with the X-Men and if you wanna like our video and subscribe to our channel--

[With that the girl shoves the strange rock-being in what seems to be the equivalent of a shoulder in an attempt to get him to move over. It goes about as well as you'd expect a teen girl shoving a strange rock-being. In fact, she barely even fits in the screen anymore.]

Santo! I mean--Rockslide! This is my video! Go make your own video! [It's no use, she's been totally upstaged.] They already know who I am, that's why I’m re-introducing myself, not just plain old introducing myself! There's a big difference!

You don't need to re-introduce yourself, everyone's gonna remember the pink haired girl with wings! It's way more important that people meet me and know how much of a cool guy I am. [Santo clears his throat to go back to his Professional Youtube Guy voice, leaning in more and thus taking up more of the screen real estate. Because he's an asshole.] And for all the single ladies out there, you can hit me up with a private message any time and we can totally set up someth--

[Yeah, Megan's completely out of frame by now, and she's not real happy about it. Plus, Santo's bulk is muffling her voice, the nerve.] I can’t believe you’re using my video to try and chat up girls!

[--And then the screen goes blank. Did she shut it off on purpose? Did one of them turn it off on accident while wrestling for focus? The world may never know.]

[ooc: Megan is pink and Santo is gray! Both of them will be responding to this post. If you prefer a specific character please make a note, otherwise we will reply at our own discretion.]


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